50+ Easy Spanish Business Vocabulary For Newbies

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are traveling to Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries for business-related purposes, you are relocating to Spain to look for job opportunities or start a new job. Or maybe you are just a curious person learning Spanish and wondering about the common Spanish business vocabulary to keep handy. Whatever your reasons, this article will cover some common business words and phrases that can help you get by in Spain.

Is Spain And Other Spanish-Speaking Countries Good For Business?

Being the fourth most spoken language in the world with more than 500 million speakers and 21 countries having Spanish as their official language, most emerging companies are coming from Latin America, and it is only ideal to be equipped with the necessary business vocabulary in case you find yourself in one of those companies soon.

Spain, on its own, has a powerful economy with over USD 1.3 trillion USD as GDP, most of them coming from tourism and SMEs. Growing rapidly, the business opportunities in Spain are booming by the second, and over 82 million tourists visit Spain annually. In addition, Spain is known to be in the top 20 global exporters of commercial services and also secures its 12th position based on infrastructure and services. No wonder Spain is currently leading the revolution of Information Technology, and there are a lot of tech companies springing up from Latin America

It is beyond doubt that Spain has a large global market, and it is a fertile ground for businesses of all kinds ranging from technology, logistics, petroleum, tourism, drugs and medicine, cars, and so much more.

Business Spanish Vocabulary

meeting people at work

Daily transactions in the Spanish-speaking world are carried out in Spanish instead of business English, and knowing the common words and phrases will come in handy in the long run. Here are some Spanish words to pay attention to.

Lay offDespedir
Marketing DepartmentDepartmento de marketing



Basic Business Spanish Conversations

business in spanish

It is inevitable to carry out some business transactions in Spanish and knowing some of these Spanish phrases can be useful in the long run.

So, let’s take a look at some:

  • When can we meet – ¿Cuándo nos podemos reunir?
  • Are you the secretary – ¿Eres la secretaria?
  • I look forward to your response – Quedo atento a su respuesta.
  • It is a pleasure to do business with you – Es un placer hacer negocios con usted.
  • Let’s start the business meeting – Comencemos la reunión de negocios
  • I have a meeting with… – Tengo una reunión con…
  • Do we have an agreement? – ¿Tenemos un acuerdo?
  • There are currently no job interviews – En estos momentos no existe ningún puesto vacante.
  • Our company is looking for a business partner – Nuestra empresa está buscando un socio comercial.
  • The company is five years old – La empresa tiene cinco años.
  • Can you please sign the contract? – ¿Puedes firmar el contrato, por favor?
  • Our headquarters are in America – Nuestra casa matriz se encuentra en América.
  • This is my letter of resignation – Ésta es mi carta de renuncia.
  • Can you start the presentation – Puede comenzar la presentación.
  • We are targeting high-end clients – Esto va dirigido a clientes de clase alta.
  • We will get about 9 million profit. – Obtendremos cerca de 9 millones de ganancias.

Spanish Vocabulary For A Job Interview

words for job interview in spanish - job interview

Job Interview Phrases

Most jobs still incorporate Spanish into their daily transactions and it is no surprise because these businesses are based in Spanish-speaking countries. It is only ideal for you to get familiar with the job interview Spanish phrases that you may likely hear or say during a job interview. Also knowing the popular Spanish question words will help you understand the interview process better.


My name is…Mi nombre es…
I graduated from…Me gradué de…
I have experience inTengo experiencia en
Why I want to work with your company is…La razón por la cual quiero trabajr en su empresa es…
What I love doing isLo que amo hacer es
Some of my strengths areAlgunos de mis puntos fuertes son
Thank you for your timeGracias por su tiempo
I hope to hear from you soonEspero oír de usted pronto



What are your work experience?¿Cuál es su experiencia laboral?
Why do you want to work for us?¿Por qué quiere trabajar para nosotros?
Can we know more about you?¿Podemos saber más acerca de usted?
What are your weaknesses and strengths?¿Cuáles son sus fortalezas y debilidades?
Do you have any other questions?¿Tiene alguna pregunta?
Why do you want this job?¿Por qué está interesado en este trabajo?


Other Useful Interview Phrases

I have an interview by 9amTengo una entrevista a las 9
The interview was fineLa entrevista estuvo bien
Would you, please repeat the question¿Podría por favor repetir la pregunta?
I hope I get the jobEspero que consiga el trabajo


How To Keep Learning Spanish Business Vocabulary

We know that this is not an inexhaustible list of Spanish business vocabulary, but this article has highlighted some of it. So, it is important to keep learning more business vocabulary to stay afloat. One of the best ways is to constantly listen to business news and keep up on current business events. Before you know it, you will have caught up with a lot of business vocabulary to use in your daily conversations. Want some more Spanish Knowledge? Check out the Ling App.

Learn Spanish With Ling

learn spanish with ling

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So, what are you waiting for? Download the Ling App today to learn Spanish.

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