60+ Best Russian Names For Your Future Baby!

Russian Names

If you are looking for Russian names for your baby, this post is the perfect one for you! As parents, naming your baby is an exciting endeavor, but it can also sometimes be a challenge – not knowing what the ideal name would be or the meaning of the name.

But in this post, we will help you! We have everything listed here, from popular Russian baby names to a traditional Russian name or perhaps a classic one! Let’s get started!

Russia And Its Culture

Russia is situated around Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Having said that, it is very diverse in culture and history. This country is known for its literature, art, and charming yet scenic places. From its costumes that are filled with so much color and its tall buildings with eccentric architecture, Russia is the best place for culture meeting art.

There are also a few things Russia is known for and innate in its culture. One example of that is how much they prioritize weddings. They consider weddings a big event and something that they take the time to celebrate. It is their way of showing their love and respect to the newly wedded couple.

Apart from that, Russians value family the most. This is no surprise. They are very particular with respect and show tribute towards their parents and especially the elderly. These people are not only particular with respect towards their family members but even towards strangers or just the people that they know. It is a Russian stable to greet someone with a firm handshake, and usually, they do just that.

Russians still believe in customs and superstitions as well. To some, it might come off as weird, but in Russia’s culture, it is something that they still take part in. With all this said, it is evident that Russia’s culture is filled with so much cultural heritage and history. This is also one of the reasons why its language and name system are deeply rooted in various things, including its culture.

How Do Russian Names Work?

Russia’s name system isn’t complicated. It starts with their first name, patronymic name, and surname. A patronymic name is a name that is derived from their father’s name or their paternal ancestor. A middle name is not actually common in Russian culture. As for their surnames, it ends based on their gender, but that is for a different article so that you won’t get confused!

Now that we already know why Russians have three names, we will further learn about Russian baby names and their meanings. Usually, these names are of Russian variation or a Russian equivalent of a certain name from a different language.

In most cases, Russian names are from a Greek name or a Christian one, but it’s not limited to these two. Some of these names fall into the unisex baby name category! Not only that, but these baby names are fun and quirky, especially when you know about their meaning. If you are interested, keep on reading!

Russian names for baby girls

Most Popular Russian Names For Girls

In this part of the blog, you will learn more about popular Russian baby girl names! From the girl version of the name Alexander to names that are weirdly fitting to girls, continue reading to learn more.

AlyaDerived from Alexandria and which has the meaning of defending men
GalaCalm one
YuliaThe Russian form of the name Giulia
EvaLiving one
ChristinaFollower of God
AbihailFather of strength
ArinaGoddess of peace
LadaGoddess of love
MilaDear one
CalinaThe moon
EvaLiving one

These are just a couple of Russian names for girls that you might like. With interesting meanings and full of significance, may these names spark something in you!

Russian names for baby boys

Most Popular Russian Names For Boys

Now that we already know about the Russian name for females and its meaning, you can now delve into names for boys and the given meaning of such.

EgorFarm laborer
AlexeiA different variation for the name Alexander
DmitriEarth lover
HedeonRussian variation for the name Gideon
DimaVery strong fighter
VladimirOf great power
GlebHeir of God
IvanGod is gracious
VovaRuler of the world
SachaDefending warrior
TamrynPalm tree
AbramFather of many nations
AkimThe Lord exalts
MavraA dark individual
MaksGreatest of men
MatveyGod’s gift
GeorgeA familiar one

These baby names for boys are just a few that you draw inspiration from or something that you think would fit your future baby! Though there are a lot of famous names, the Ling app made sure that you have access to a diverse set of names.

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