University Of Delaware Business School Explores Business Culture With Ling

Press Release about the visit of students and professors from the University of Delaware Business School in Chiang Mai, Thailand Ling office

Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 16, 2024 — Ling, the language learning platform, played host to spirited students and a savvy professor from the University of Delaware’s Business School. The aim? Unveil the magic behind running a business in the vibrant setting of Thailand.

Taking the lead on this adventure was Ling’s leader and Co-founder, Kanyarat, also known as Khwan. The session was like a colorful ride into Ling’s story, starting from the ground up when she and her partner in crime, Simon Bacher, left their corporate jobs in Germany to kick-start Ling in Thailand. Khwan shared the company’s goals, promising to make language learning not just a learning app but a tool to unite the world by connecting people from different cultures.

Kanyarat Ling Co-Founder

The session unfolded with full insights into Ling’s journey and business strategies, showcasing a commitment to making language learning not just educational but an integral part of business.


  • History of Ling: The session kicked off with a dive into Ling’s backstory, a riveting tale of milestones, and the heartbeat of the company, including the love story of our co-founder.
  • Ling App Status Quo: Attendees got the lowdown on Ling’s present focus.
  • About the Company, Ling:
    • Strategy Unveiled: Ling’s secret sauce was spilled, revealing a business strategy as unique as each language it teaches.
    • Meet the Movers & Shakers (Ling team): A sneak peek into the lives of the talented individuals shaping Ling’s success.
  • Q&A: The atmosphere buzzed with questions as the University of Delaware crew got up close and personal with Ling’s leadership, uncovering the success behind the curtain.
  • Kahoot Session — Thai Culture 101 with Ling: The grand finale was a Kahoot session hosted by Tanawat from our partnership team, aka Jomm, turning learning into a game where students and professors tested their knowledge of Thai culture in a fun way.
Katherine University of Delaware student - Winner of our Ling quiz about Thai culture

(Katherine Eckerle)

But that’s not all—Jomm, aka Tanawat, from the partnerships team, had the chance to chit-chat with Katherine Eckerle, the Thai Culture 101 Queen! She is the winner and received a one-year subscription to Ling for supporting her learning. Here are some highlights:

Jomm: Are you studying in the business school at the University of Delaware?

Katherine: I am currently a student at the Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware.

Jomm: What year are you in? What is your major at school?

Katherine: I’m a senior, and I am graduating in May 2024. I am a Finance major with double minors in Economics and Business Analytics.

Jomm: Is this your first time in Thailand? How was your experience in Chiang Mai?

Katherine: My time in Chiang Mai has been filled with the most wonderful experiences, and I know I will be back soon. As the winner with the highest score, I did have some knowledge of Thai culture.

Jomm: What is your secret to having learned so much about Thai culture and the language?

Katherine: I didn’t know as much before I traveled to Thailand, but once I had the opportunity to experience Thai culture and immerse myself in it, I quickly picked it up and was able to answer the questions fast.

Ling & Delaware University: Taking language learning to new heights

At Ling, we would like to express our gratitude to all students and professors from the University of Delaware who visited our headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Additionally, we extend our thanks to the Global Academic Ventures team, Sudirman Suhairi, and Stephanie Kliber, for their continuous support in making this event a success!

The event wasn’t just about learning languages; it was about crafting experiences that linger in the heart. Ling continues to break barriers, making education fun and creating a global community of language lovers.

Professors of University of Delaware Business School
Ling mascot with University of Delaware about business culture

For media inquiries, please contact:

Tanawat Promwimanrat, aka Jomm (Business Development and Partnerships)

Email: [email protected]

About Ling:

Ling is a language learning platform that dares to be different. With a focus on making learning not just an educational game but also an easy path to mastering difficult languages, Ling aims to unite the world by connecting people from different cultures.

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