50+ Essential Gym Vocabulary In Serbian To Stay Fit


Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a novice, a trip to the local gym is a great way to stay in shape. And a bit of cerebral stretching with some basic gym vocabulary in Serbian is the ideal way to warm up. This comprehensive guide will equip you with the necessary words and phrases to navigate the gym environment, understand workout instructions, and engage in fitness discussions with confidence. So, let’s stretch it out, strap in, and get started.

Basic Gym Vocabulary In Serbian

To start your Serbian gymnasium vocabulary journey, it’s crucial to understand the fundamental terms you’ll encounter during your workouts. Here are some Serbian language essential words and phrases:

GymTeretana[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Teretana[/Speechword]
ExerciseVežba[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Vežba[/Speechword]
WorkoutTrening[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Trening[/Speechword]
PlayIgra[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Igra[/Speechword]
SportsSportski[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Sportski[/Speechword]
TrainerTrener[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Trener[/Speechword]
EquipmentOprema[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Oprema[/Speechword]
WeightliftingPodizanje tegova[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Podizanje tegova[/Speechword]
CardioKardio trening[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Kardio trening[/Speechword]
StretchingIstezanje[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Istezanje[/Speechword]
RepetitionPonavljanje[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Ponavljanje[/Speechword]
SetSerija[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Serija[/Speechword]

By working out these basic terms, you’ll be able to communicate effectively and understand instructions during your gym sessions.

Body Parts And Exercises

To get the most out of your gym experience, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the translation of names of different body parts and exercises in Serbian:

Body Parts

HeadGlava[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Glava[/Speechword]
ChestGrudi[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Grudi[/Speechword]
BackLeđa[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Leđa[/Speechword]
ArmsRuke[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Ruke[/Speechword]
ShouldersRamena[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Ramena[/Speechword]
LegsNoge[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Noge[/Speechword]
AbsStomak[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Stomak[/Speechword]
GlutesZadnjica[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Zadnjica[/Speechword]


Push-upsSklekovi[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Sklekovi[/Speechword]
Sit-upsTrbušnjak[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Trbušnjak[/Speechword]
SquatsČučnjevi[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Čučnjevi[/Speechword]
LungesIskoraci[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Iskoraci[/Speechword]
DeadliftMrtvo dizanje[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Mrtvo dizanje[/Speechword]
Bench pressPotisak šipke[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Potisak šipke[/Speechword]
Bicep curlsSavijanje ruku[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Savijanje ruku[/Speechword]
PlankDaska[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Daska[/Speechword]
TreadmillTraka za trčanje[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Traka za trčanje[/Speechword]
Elliptical machineElipsoidni trenažer[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Elipsoidni trenažer[/Speechword]

Understanding these terms will enable you to follow exercise routines and engage in conversations about specific workouts.

Gym Vocabulary In Serbian

Gym Phrases And Instructions

To fully immerse yourself in the Serbian gym environment, it’s essential to listen to and understand trainers or fellow gym-goers providing instructions or a word of encouragement. Here are some common phrases and instructions to help you navigate the gym in Serbian:


How many repetitions?Koliko ponavljanja?[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Koliko ponavljanja?[/Speechword]
Can you spot me?Možeš li me nadgledati?[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Možeš li me nadgledati?[/Speechword]
Are you using this equipment?Koristite li ovu opremu?[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Koristite li ovu opremu?[/Speechword]
What’s your fitness goal?Koji je tvoj fitness cilj?[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Koji je tvoj fitness cilj?[/Speechword]
Let’s warm up firstPrvo se zagrejmo[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Prvo se zagrejmo[/Speechword]
Good job! Keep it up!Dobar posao! Nastavi tako![Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Dobar posao! Nastavi tako![/Speechword]


Lift the weight slowlyPodiži teg polako[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Podiži teg polako[/Speechword]
Breathe in and outUdahni i izdahni[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Udahni i izdahni[/Speechword]
Breathe rhythmically!Diši ritmično![Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Diši ritmično![/Speechword]
Adjust the seat heightPodesi visinu sedišta[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Podesi visinu sedišta[/Speechword]
Keep your back straightDrži leđa ravno[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Drži leđa ravno[/Speechword]
Don’t forget to stretchNe zaboravi da se istegneš[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Ne zaboravi da se istegneš[/Speechword]
Lift!Diži![Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Diži[/Speechword]
Look forward!Gledajte napred[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Gledajte napred[/Speechword]
Inhale – ExhaleUdahni – Izdahni[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Udahni – Izdahni[/Speechword]
Do one more repetition!Odradi još jedan ponavljanje![Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Odradi još jedan ponavljanje![/Speechword]

By familiarizing yourself with these phrases and instructions, you’ll be able to communicate effectively with trainers and fellow gym-goers.

Gym Facilities And Equipment

To feel at ease in a Serbian gym, familiarize yourself with the names and learn to pronounce gym facilities and equipment:

Exercise machinesMašine za vežbanje[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Mašine za vežbanje[/Speechword]
TreadmillTraka za trčanje[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Traka za trčanje[/Speechword]
Elliptical machineOrbitrek[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Orbitrek[/Speechword]
Step machineSteper[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Steper[/Speechword]
BicycleBicikl[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Bicikl[/Speechword]
WeightsTegovi[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Tegovi[/Speechword]
BenchKlupa[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Klupa[/Speechword]
BarbellBar[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Bar[/Speechword]
Resistance bandTraka[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Traka[/Speechword]
VolleyballOdbojka[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Odbojka[/Speechword]
BoxSanduk[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Sanduk[/Speechword]
PoolJavni bazen[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Javni bazen[/Speechword]
Playing fieldSportsko igralište[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Sportsko igralište[/Speechword]

Exercise Terminology

To effectively communicate during workouts, it’s essential to understand common exercise terminology and its pronunciation in Serbian:

ExerciseVežba[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Vežba[/Speechword]
Warm-upZagrevanje[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Zagrevanje[/Speechword]
PracticeTrening[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Trening[/Speechword]
Repetition / RepPonavljanje[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Ponavljanje[/Speechword]
RestOdmor[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Odmor[/Speechword]
BreathingDisanje[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Disanje[/Speechword]
BreakPauza[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Pauza[/Speechword]
StretchingIstezanje[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Istezanje[/Speechword]
Cardio trainingKardio trening[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Kardio trening[/Speechword]
StrengthSnaga[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Snaga[/Speechword]
ResistanceOtpor[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Otpor[/Speechword]
Gym Vocabulary In Serbian

Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are a popular way to stay motivated and engaged. Here are some Serbian terms commonly used in group fitness settings:

Group trainingGrupni trening[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Grupni trening[/Speechword]
PilatesPilates[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Pilates[/Speechword]
YogaJoga[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Joga[/Speechword]
ZumbaZumba[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Zumba[/Speechword]
SportSport[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Sport[/Speechword]
DancePlesati[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Plesati[/Speechword]
AerobicsAerobik[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Aerobik[/Speechword]
Functional trainingFunkcionalni trening[Speechword voice=”Serbian Male” isinline]Funkcionalni trening[/Speechword]

Gym Etiquette

While learning your Serbian gym vocabulary is important, understanding gym etiquette is equally essential. Here are some tips to ensure you have a positive gym experience with your new friends in Serbia, and in any gym for that matter:

  • Respect personal space and equipment.
  • Follow the gym rules and regulations.
  • Avoid excessive noise or distractions.
  • Offer help if someone appears to need assistance.
  • Clean the equipment after use.
  • Dress appropriately for the workout you intend to do.

Adhering to these top tips will foster a positive atmosphere and help you build connections within the Serbian gym community and make new chums.

Mastering the Serbian gym vocabulary is a valuable asset for anyone pursuing fitness goals in Serbia. By understanding the basic gym terms, body parts, exercises, and common phrases, you’ll be able to communicate and discuss effectively, understand instructions, and explore meaningful fitness discussions.

Additionally, respecting gym etiquette will further enhance your exercise experience. So, get yourself pumped with this comprehensive guide, step out of the changing room with confidence, and make every rep count. Srećno! (Good luck!)

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