Say Good Night In Serbian With These 5+ Best Ways

Learning Serbian will be a wonderful approach to make the most of your trip if you intend on doing some traveling to Serbia. Learn how to say good night in Serbian to end a great day in Serbia or with Serbs.

In addition to a good night in Serbian, let’s learn to say good morning and good afternoon in Serbian. Take a deep dive into some basic words and phrases and have a great conversation with native speakers.

Serbian is almost the only European standard language whose speakers are completely digraphic, utilizing both the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. It is Serbia’s official and national language and one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s three official languages. If you want to understand this language, you can use the Ling app. This language learning app will assist you in understanding some greeting words, Serbian phrases, and other sentences like in the Serbian dictionary.

Good night is a combination of two words that are used before sleeping. To say “Good night in Serbian,” the term “лаку ноћ” is most usually used. It means ‘have an easy night’ or ‘good night’ in English. It is pronounced as “laku noć.” You say these words while going to bed at night to family members.


Different Ways To Say Good Night In Serbian

There are several ways to say good night in Serbian. You might be wishing it to your child or your loved one. Depending upon the scenario, use the more literal translation in the Serbian language. Following are some common ways to end your day with some comforting words.

For Your Partner

To wish your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend sweet dreams, Use these sentences.

EnglishSerbian TranslationPronunciation
Good night, My love.Лаку ноћ, љубави моја.Laku noć, ljubavi moja.
Good night, darling.Лаку ноћ драга.Laku noć draga.
Have an easy night, sweetheart.Лаку ноћ, душо.Laku noć, dušo.

If you want to show great love and care to a person, use this suitable translation “Лаку ноћ и лепо спавај”. It means “Good night and sleeps well” in the English language. It is the same thing as above but with more care and love.

For A Child

For saying Good night to a child, we often use polite words and wish them a relaxed night. It means to drive away scary dreams and expect them to have good dreams.

EnglishSerbian TranslationsPronunciation
Dream with the little angels.Сањајте са малим анђелима.Sanjajte sa malim anđelima.
I wish you a good night and sweet dreams!Желим вам лаку ноћ и слатке снове!Želim vam laku noć i slatke snove!

Good Night In Serbian For Friends Or A Group Of People

If you have dinner with your friends and leave home at night, it is very polite to wish them a good night. You can say “Лаку ноћ свима вама” pronounced as “Laku noć svima vama”. Its meaning is “Have a good night to all of you” in the English language.  You can also use the “Laku noć, čvrsto spavaj” phrase, which means “Good night, sleep tight.”


Other Greetings In Serbian

 1. Good Morning (Dobro jutro)

After drinking your first-morning coffee, you prepare yourself for going on a job or work. What is the first word you say to your colleagues? The answer to this is pretty simple. Of course, you say “Good morning!”. In Serbian, you will say, “Dobro jutro!” means good morning. That’s quite a great way to start your day safely. If you are a dog walker, you might be needing this phrase more often.

2. Good Afternoon (Dobar dan!) And Good Evening (Dobro veče!)

If you are going on lunch in Siberia, you can say “Dobar dan!”. It means good afternoon in English. You can tell this to your buddies, colleagues, family, and even to the restaurant workers. Likewise, you can say “Dobro veče!” while meeting someone in the evening. These are the common greeting words you say to wish a good day (Dobar dan!) to your friends, family, and even strangers.


Other Common Phrases You Might Be Needing While Visiting Serbia

EnglishSiberian TranslationPronunciation
My name is Ana.Моје име је Ана.Moje ime je Ana.
How are you?Како си?Kako si?
I am glad you are fine.Драго ми је да си добро.Drago mi je da si dobro.
I do not understand what you are saying.Не разумем шта говориш.Ne razumem šta govoriš.
Have you had your morning coffee?Јесте ли попили јутарњу кафу?Jeste li popili jutarnju kafu?

I hope you can now say good night in Serbian. Besides good night, you have now learned to say good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good day in the Serbian language. After learning some greeting words and phrases, you can have a small conversation with the natives of Serbia. But, knowledge of these words is not enough to speak Serbian like native speakers.


Learn Serbian With Ling App

Good Night In Serbian

There is an app called Ling app developed by Simya Solutions. This language learning app can access you through various features that will help you learn Serbian or any other language quickly. Its game-based system, chatbot, mini-games, and puzzles are the coolest features of the app. You will know and enjoy the language without any stress. Take quizzes and solve exercises to become a pro at your target language.

If you want to have a broader knowledge of Siberian, you can read our blogs on “I love you in Serbian” and “Easter greetings in Serbian.” Search our Ling web on google or Ling app on google play store and start your language learning journey today!

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