Good Night In Serbian: 10+ Lovely Ways

Before we take a deep dive into Serbian conversations, let’s cover some of the basics first. This blog post will teach you how to say good night in Serbian and few other useful phrases such as when to say good morning or good evening in Serbian. 


How To Say Good Night In Serbian

To say good night in Serbian, you would most commonly use the phrase 'Laku noć', which literally means to have an easy night or 'good night' in the English language.  In terms of when we would say laku noć (good night in Serbian), most people would use it when they are going to sleep. This is considered as a polite evening farewell.


Other Ways To Wish Someone A Good Night In Serbian

Say  "Laku noć i lepo sanjaj!" which means "Good night and sweet dreams!" or "Good night and sleep well!" This phrase is a friendly command and a great way to wish someone a good night in Serbian. In this form of the phrase, the combination of the verb and adjective 'lepo spavaj' is conjugated informally.

Use this conjugation when you're speaking to family members or friends with whom you're on familiar, casual terms.


Sending Someone To Bed

Wishing someone "Želim da imaš slatke snove" is always a good idea if you are talking with someone you love. This phrase is generally understood to mean "sweet dreams," although the literal translation is something like "that you might have sweet dreams."

This phrase is typically only used for children – occasionally for younger siblings or significant others.

Since the phrase is only used with people you are familiar with, you only need the familiar conjugations of the verb 'imaš'. You should use 'imaš' if you're addressing one person, and 'imate' if you're addressing several people.

You also can shorten the phrase and simply say "slatki snovi" or "sweet dreams."


How To Say Good Night To A Child

Try to say "Želim ti laku noć i lepe snove!" when you are speaking to children. In Serbia, adults often wish good night to children with this sentence, because it is believed that in that way, ugly or scary dreams are driven away and beautiful ones are invoked.

Also, you can use "Sanjaj sa anđelima". This phrase, typically only used with children, means "dream with the little angels."

This phrase uses the verb 'sanjaj' (to dream), which is conjugated irregularly. However, since it's only used for children, the familiar conjugations are the only ones you need to know: 'sanjaj' (singular) and 'sanjajte' (plural).


Saying Good Night To A Loved One (Spouse, Partner, Boyfriend, Girlfriend)

With your spouse, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend, in addition to saying "I love you" or "I miss you", you can say good night in a beautiful and romantic way to show your love.

If you want to know how to say good night to them, you can just use the phrase "Laku noć ljubavi!" which means " Good night my love!".

The other way to do exactly the same thing is to say  " Good night darling!". In Serbian, this would be  "Laku noć dragi!" if you are talking to a man or "Laku noć draga!" when wishing a good night to a woman.

As you may have already noticed, unlike English, there are 3 genders in the Serbian language- male, female, and middle (child) or muški, ženski and srednji rod.


How To Say Good Night When You Are With Multiple People

If you're at dinner with friends or in a bar and speaking to a group of people, say "Laku noć svima", which means "Goodnight everyone" or "Good night all".


Wishing Someone Good Night In A Formal Way

If you are speaking with someone who is older than you or holds some position of authority, you should say "Želim Vam laku noć" or "I wish you a good night". You need to use the formal pronoun 'Vam' when wishing good night to someone in a formal way.

This would also be the form to use if you're talking to someone you don't know very well, such as a shop clerk or a friend of a friend who you have just met.


Other Serbian Greeting Phrases

Good night in Serbian and the other greeting words and expressions are the basic things you should know if you want to spend some time in the beautiful country of Serbia or to "hang out" with some Serbians (you can also say Serbs).


How To Say Good Morning In Serbian

You have the opportunity to say good morning in Serbian the minute you open your eyes. The most common thing to do in the morning is to say "Dobro jutro" to family members or friends.

After your first morning coffee and /or cigarette, you would say ‘dobro jutro!’ to your neighbor, a dog walker, or a local grocer.


When To Say Good Afternoon In Serbia

The phrase ‘Dobro jutro‘ is usually only appropriate to say until 9 AM or 10 AM.  After that time, you should say ‘Dobar dan‘, which means ‘good day’. That is a more literal translation, however.  ‘Good afternoon’ would be a more suitable translation for the English language.

Even though it’s still morning and we know that the afternoon starts as the word says – after the noon – native speakers use the phrase I mentioned before.

So, until 10 AM, you should use ‘good morning’ in Serbian and after that, just like native speakers, you should use “Dobar dan”.


And What About Good Evening...

To say ‘Good Evening’, you should use the phrase ‘dobro veče’. When can you start using that greeting? It depends on the season. When it starts to get dark,  you can say ‘Dobro veče’. In the winter season, that would be about 5 PM or 6 PM. During the summer, you can safely start saying ‘good evening’ after 7 PM or 8 PM.


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