Common Animal Names In Serbian: 29+ Astonishing Animals

Are you wondering what the common animal names in Serbian are? If so, you have arrived in the right place. If you are an animal lover and are learning Serbian, you can’t miss knowing how to say the common animals.
Since there are many species and animal names, this article will cover the ones that are most likely to be used during a conversation.


Common Animal Names In Serbian

The first thing to learn is how to say the most common animals in Serbian. If you speak with Serbian people, you might need to know how to say cat, dog, fish, or horse.

Here are some useful animal names:

  1. Pas (Пас) / psi (пси) – Dog/ Dogs
  2. Mačka (Mачка) – Cat
  3. Konj (Kоњ) – Horse
  4. Riba (Pиба) – Fish
  5. Svinja (Cвиња) – Pig
  6. Ovca (Oвца) – Sheep
  7. Medved (Mедвед) – Bear
  8. Zec (зец) – Rabbit
  9. Lav (лав) – Lion
  10. žaba (жаба) – Frog
  11. Zmija (змија)/ Zmije (змије) – Snake / Snakes
  12. Pauk (паук) – Spider
  13. Delfin (делфин) – Dolphine
  14. Ajkula (Aјкула) – Shark
  15. Kit (Kит) – Whale
  16. Riba (риба) – Ant
  17. Soma (Som) – Catfish
  18. Pčela (пчела) – Bee
  19. Ptica (птица) / Ptice (Птице) – Bird/birds
  20. Vuk (Bук)/ Vukovi (вукови) – Wolf /Wolves
  21. Leptir (лептир)/Leptiri (лептири) – Butterfly/Butterflies
  22. Mrki medved (Мрки медвед) /Mrki medvedi (мрки медведи) – Brown bear/ Brown bears
  23. Sivi vuk (сиви вук) – Gray wolf
  24. Jelen (Јелен) – Red deer
  25. Krava (крава) – Cow
  26. Divlji vepar (дивљи вепар) – Wild boar
  27. Kokoška (кокошка) – Chicken
  28. Majmun (мајмун) – Monkey
  29. Zec (зец) – Rabbit


Related Useful Words To Know

When talking about animal names in the Serbian language, it could be beneficial also to know some related words in the associated topic, such as mammals, insects, forests, wildlife, etc.

Here is how you say them:

  • Sisara (сисара) -Mammals
  • Insekti (инсекти) – Insects
  • šume (шуме) – Forests
  • Divlje životinje (дивље животиње) – Wildlife
  • Vrste (врсте)/jedna vrsta (једна врста) – Species / One species


Serbian Dog Names

Common Animal Names In Serbian

Serbian dog names are very original, and some of them are even famous through popular TV shows. For example, Sima is a trendy dog name in Serbia. As a result, dogs’ names can be a subject of an exciting conversation.

Here are some of the most popular male Serbian dog names:

  • Luka – Luke
  • Tomo – Nickname of Tomislav
  • Oliver – Common Serbian name
  • Dejan
  • Viktor
  • Boris
  • Kosta – Nickname of Kostantine
  • Milan
  • Aleksa – Short for Alexander
  • Milos
  • Leon
  • Dima

If you are looking for female dogs’ names, they are also very original and catchy. It is not uncommon to call a pet by an Eastern Europe name.
Here are some ideas:

  • Sara
  • Mila – It signifies lovely, kind, and sweet
  • Jelena
  • Zoja
  • Jana
  • Lana
  • Una
  • Petra
  • Mia
  • Lara
  • Lea
  • Iskra


Famous Serbian Native Animals

Common Animal Names In Serbian

Serbia is the home of unique animal species typical of the country. But it is the home of also many mammal species, over 2000 butterfly types, and over 380 bird species. But some of the animals you can find are native to Serbia. Those are:

  • Wild boar
  • Brown bears
  • Gray wolfs
  • Balkan chamois
  • Catfish
  • Red deer
  • Eurasian lynx
  • Red fox
  • Butterflies

In Serbia, it is possible to find a population of brown bears that can be seen at the Tara National Park. At the same time, wild boars are visible running around the country and are known for destroying things and wandering in some of the cities at times.

Grey wolves are ordinary in Europe, but many wander through various forests in Serbia, especially in the southwest and eastern part of the country. The red deer is a native Serbian animal, and it is one of the largest species living on the planet.

Fortunately, their numbers have been increasing through the years, and it is very easy to see them if you travel to Serbia.

The Eurasian Lynx is an attractive feline living in the mountains and characteristics of the Serbian wildlife. Therefore, it is easy to find them in central and Eastern Europe. Similarly, the red fox is a common animal in Europe due to its remarkable ability to adapt to living in different scenarios.

It is common to see a red fox near Belgrade or in the forests outside the cities. In addition, butterflies are widespread to see throughout the country. You will see many variations of butterflies with many bright and flashy colors. While there are many butterflies already, their number is only planned to increase further.

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