Master List Of 100+ Animal Names In Dutch

Can you say any animal names in Dutch? Do you know what sounds the Dutch believe animals make? Different cultures actually have different sounds for each animal, especially farm animals.

Here, you will learn how to say animal names in the Dutch language because knowing how to say cat, dog, pig, cow, and even wild animals, too, is a useful skill to have when learning a new language.

We’re here teaching you the Dutch animal names so you can use these in conversation with new people and friends while you visit Dutch-speaking nations worldwide.

We’ll also look at common words for animals in Dutch that are native to The Netherlands too.

Are you ready to learn Dutch? Let’s go!


What Is The National Animal Of The Netherlands?

The national animal of The Netherlands is… ROAR!

A lion!

Why Is The Lion A National Symbol Of The Netherlands?

Netherlands animal symbol

A fair question, because there are no wild lions in The Netherlands and there never have been. It all comes down to local history.

During the 16th century when Spain was on its path to colonizing the world, it attempted to conquer what is today, The Netherlands. The Spanish were fervent Catholics while the Dutch were equally fervent Protestants and they pushed back strongly and strategically against the Spanish during an 80-year ‘war’.

Over this period, the Dutch region became the most powerful of the time and in 1648, after turning independent states into a single alliance, finally overcame the Spanish and a new country was born!

So that doesn’t quite answer the question of why the lion is so revered, so let’s find out.

During these rather tumultuous years, one particular figure rose to fame. His name was Willem van Oranje-Nassau and he was the leader of the resistance party against the Spanish. On his family coat of arms were two lions and this became the symbol of courage and power that has latest until today.

Today, lions are seen on the coat of arms of The Netherlands and live on with the national soccer team which has the nickname, the orange lions.


Which Animals Are Native To The Netherlands?

When you go to a new country you expect to see some unique creatures. As The Netherlands is located in Northern Europe, you could see some of the animals below. Many of the animal names you’ll no doubt recognize, but if you see European in front of an animal’s name, you can bet it’s way larger in size than a regular version of it.

All right, so what animals can you expect to see when you visit The Netherlands?

Mammals Native To The Netherlands

Many of these animals you’ll no doubt recognize! The most interesting native animals are below.

Mammal animal names in Dutch
BadgersDassen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]dassen[/Speechword]
BoarsBeren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]beren[/Speechword]
CowsKoeien[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Koeien[/Speechword]
DeerHert[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Hert[/Speechword]
FoxesVossen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Vossen[/Speechword]
GoatsGeiten[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Geiten[/Speechword]
PigsVarkens[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Varkens[/Speechword]
Red deersEdelherten[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]edelherten[/Speechword]
SheepSchaap[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Schaap[/Speechword]
WolvesWolven[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Wolven[/Speechword]

Native Birds

If you’re into bird watching (which is a hugely popular pastime by the way), then you’ve got a few pretty cool birds to get out there and find!

Wild bird names in Dutch
Atlantic puffinsAtlantische papegaaiduikers[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Atlantische papegaaiduikers[/Speechword]
ChickensKippen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Kippen[/Speechword]
Common buzzardBuizerd[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]buizerd[/Speechword]
DucksEenden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Eenden[/Speechword]
Eurasian eagle-owlsEuraziatische oehoe[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Euraziatische oehoe[/Speechword]
GeeseGanzen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]ganzen[/Speechword]
ParakeetsParkieten[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]parkieten[/Speechword]
White storksWitte ooievaars[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Witte ooievaars[/Speechword]

Native Sea Animals

Here are some animals you’ll want to see! Except for the jellyfish probably. Watch out for those along the north coast at the beaches.

Sea Animal names in Dutch
Gray sealsGrijze zeehonden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Grijze zeehonden[/Speechword]
JellyfishKwallen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]kwallen[/Speechword]
Risso’s dolphinRisso’s dolfijn[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Risso’s dolfijn[/Speechword]
Weever fishPieterman vis[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]pieterman vis[/Speechword]

Native European Animals

These are animals that have a slight variation to them, enough to designate them native to Europe, and also The Netherlands. Often the versions of these animals are slightly larger to much larger in size.

Endangered Animal names in Dutch
Central European boarsMidden-Europese beren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Midden-Europese beren[/Speechword]
Eurasian ottersEuraziatische otters[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Euraziatische otters/Speechword]
European haresEuropese hazen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Europese hazen[/Speechword]
European hedgehogsEuropese egels[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Europese egels[/Speechword]
European minksEuropese nertsen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Europese nertsen[/Speechword]
European molesEuropese mollen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Europese mollen[/Speechword]
European Roe (Deer)Europese reeën[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Europese reeën [/Speechword]

Snakes Native To The Netherlands

Here are some slithering lovelies you will likely not see on your journey. Apparently, snakes are such a rare sight, some people think they’re a myth!

Snake names in Dutch
Common European vipersGewone Europese adders[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gewone Europese adders[/Speechword]
Grass snakesRingslangen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Ringslangen[/Speechword]
Smooth snakesGladde slangen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gladde slangen[/Speechword]

Other Wild Animals In The Netherlands

These are other animals that live here that didn’t quite fit into the other categories.

English Singular/PluralDutch Singular/PluralPronunciation
Boar/BoarsZwijn/Beren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]zwijn[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]beren[/Speechword]
Hare/HaresHaas/Harea[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]haas[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]harea[/Speechword]
Mongoose/MongeeseMangoest/Mangeese[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]mangoest[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]mangeese[/Speechword]
Snail/SnailsSlak/Slakken[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]slak[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]slakken[/Speechword]
Snake/SnakesSlang/Slangen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]slang[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]slangen[/Speechword]
Squirrel/SquirrelsEekhoorn/Eekhoorns[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]eekhoorn[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]eekhoorns[/Speechword]
Weasel/WeaselsWezel/Wezels[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]wezel[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]wezels[/Speechword]


Which Animals In The Netherlands Are Considered Endangered?

Endangered animals in the Netherlands

Should you get a chance to see any of these beautiful creatures, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! A few of these we’ve never even heard of before so we’ve linked to images so you can see what these animals actually look like. Of course, we’ve also included the Dutch animal names for each just in case you think you see one and want to ask someone.

  • European Hamster (Europese hamster) [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Europese hamster[/Speechword]
  • European Rabbit (Europees konijn) [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Europees konijn[/Speechword]
  • European Turtle Dove (Europese Tortelduif) [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Europese Tortelduif[/Speechword]
  • Sociable lapwing (Gezellige kievit) [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gezellige kievit[/Speechword]
  • Angelshark (Engelhaai) [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Engelhaai[/Speechword]
  • Common blue skate (Gewone blauwe schaats) [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gewone blauwe schaats[/Speechword]
  • Atlantic sturgeon Atlantische steur) [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Atlantische steur[/Speechword]
  • European mink (Europese nerts) [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Europese nerts[/Speechword]
  • Basking shark (Reuzenhaai) [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Reuzenhaai[/Speechword]
  • White-headed duck (Witkopeend) [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Witkopeend[/Speechword]
  • Pallas’s fish-eagle (Pallas’ visarend) [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Pallas’ visarend[/Speechword]
  • Bramble shark (Braamhaai) [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Braamhaai[/Speechword]


List Of Common Animal Names In Dutch

Now that you’ve learned more about animals in The Netherlands, let’s go over the list we’ve made of different animal names in Dutch and their meaning! Each list is divided into categories making it easier to find and learn the Dutch language and target the words you want to learn.

Zoo Animal Names In Dutch

Should you visit a zoo such as the Royal Amsterdam Zoo, you can expect to see the zoo animals below and many, many more!

Zoo animal names in Dutch
English Singular/PluralDutch Singular/PluralPronunciation
Baboon/BaboonsBaviaan/Bavianen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Baviaan[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]bavianen[/Speechword]
Bear/BearsBeer/Beren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]beer[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Beren[/Speechword]
Buffalo/BuffalosBuffels[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Buffels[/Speechword]
Camel/camelsKameel/Kamelen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Kameel[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]kamelen[/Speechword]
Chimpanzee/ChimpanzeesChimpansee/Chimpansees[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Chimpansee[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Chimpansees[/Speechword]
Crocodile/CrocodilesKrokodil/Krokodillen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Krokodil[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Krokodillen[/Speechword]
Elephant/ElephantsOlifant/Olifanten[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Olifant[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Olifanten[/Speechword]
Giraffe/GiraffesGiraffe/Giraffen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Giraffe[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Giraffen[/Speechword]
Gorilla/GorillasGorilla[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gorilla[/Speechword]
Hippopotamus/HippopotamiNijlpaard/Nijlpaarden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Nijlpaard[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Nijlpaarden[/Speechword]
Hyena/HyenasHyena[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Hyena[/Speechword]
Iguana/IguanasLeguaan/leguanen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]leguaan[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]leguanen[/Speechword]
Jaguar/JaguarsJaguar/Jaguars[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Jaguar[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Jaguars[/Speechword]
Kangaroo/KangaroosKangoeroe/Kangoeroes[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Kangoeroe[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Kangoeroes[/Speechword]
Leopard/LeopardsLuipaard/Luipaarden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Luipaard[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Luipaarden[/Speechword]
Lion/LionsLeeuw/Leeuwen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Leeuw[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Leeuwen[/Speechword]
Monkey/Monekys (ape/apes)Aap/Apen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Aap[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]apen[/Speechword]
Panther/PanthersPanter/Panters[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Panter[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Panters[/Speechword]
Porcupine/PorcupinesStekelvarken/Stekelvarkens[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Stekelvarken[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Stekelvarkens[/Speechword]
Rhinoceros/RhinocerosesNeushoorn/Neushoorns[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Neushoorn[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Neushoorns[/Speechword]
Tiger/TigersTijger/Tijgers[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Tijger[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Tijgers[/Speechword]
Turtle/TurtlesSchildpad/Schildpadden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Schildpad[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Schildpadden[/Speechword]
Zebra/ZebrasZebra[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Zebra[/Speechword]

Farm Animals In Dutch

The Netherlands was once a traditional agriculture economy and farms are spread out all over the country where you can see these guys!

Farm animal names in Dutch
English Singular/PluralDutch Singular/PluralPronunciation
Bull/BullStier/Stier[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Stier[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Stier[/Speechword]
Chicken/ChickensKip/Kippen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Kip[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Kippen[/Speechword]
Cow/CowsKoe/Koeien[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Koe[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Koeien[/Speechword]
Donkey/DonkeysEzel/Ezels[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Ezel[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Ezels[/Speechword]
Duck/DucksEend/Eenden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Eend[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]/Eenden[/Speechword]
Goat/GoatsGeit/Geiten[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Geit[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Geiten[/Speechword]
Horse/HorsesPaard/Paarden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Paard[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Paarden[/Speechword]
Lamb/LambsLam/Lammeren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Lam[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Lammeren[/Speechword]
Mule/MulesMuilezel/Muilezels[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Muilezel[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Muilezels[/Speechword]
Ox/OxenOS ossen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]OS[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]ossen[/Speechword]
Pig/PigsVarken/Varkens[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Varken[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Varkens[/Speechword]
SheepSchaap/Schapen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Schaap[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]schapen[/Speechword]

Amphibians In Dutch

Most likely to be seen while out in the woods or in a zoo. For instance, crocodiles and alligators don’t exist in the wild.

Amphibian names in Dutch
English Singular/PluralDutch Singular/PluralPronunciation
Alligator/AlligatorsAlligator/Alligators[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Alligator[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Alligators[/Speechword]
Crocodile/CrocodilesKrokodil/Krokodillen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Krokodil[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Krokodillen[/Speechword]
Frog/FrogsKikker/Kikkers[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Kikker[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]kikkers[/Speechword]
Newt/NewtsSalamander/Salamanders[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Salamander[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]salamanders[/Speechword]
Salamander/SalamandersSalamanders/Salamanders[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Salamander[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]salamanders[/Speechword]
Toad/ToadsPad/Padden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Pad[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Padden[/Speechword]

How To Say Pet Names In Dutch

Many people have pets in Dutch-speaking countries and so you may want to know how to say the names of common house pets.

Pet names in Dutch
English Singular/PluralDutch Singular/PluralPronunciation
Beetle/BeetlesKever/Kevers[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Kever[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Kevers[/Speechword]
Cat/CatsKat/Katten[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Kat[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Katten[/Speechword]
Dog/DogsHond/Honden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Hond[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Honden[/Speechword]
Guinea pig/Guinea pigsCavia[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Cavia[/Speechword]
Hamster/HamstersHamster/Hamsters[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Hamster[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Hamsters[/Speechword]
Mouse/MiceMuis/Muizen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Muis[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]muizen[/Speechword]
Rabbit/RabbitsKonijn/Konijnen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Konijn[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]konijnen[/Speechword]
Rat/RatsRat/Ratten[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Rat[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Ratten[/Speechword]

Bird Names In The Dutch Language

Here are some more birds to learn how to say so you can be that person getting excited and pointing, “Look! There’s a ….!”

bird animal names in Dutch
English Singular/PluralDutch Singular/PluralPronunciation
Bird of prey/Birds of preyRoofvogel/Roofvogels[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Roofvogel[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Roofvogels[/Speechword]
Blackbird/BlackbirdsMerel/Merels[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Merel[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Merels[/Speechword]
Duck/DucksEend/Eenden[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Eend[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Eenden[/Speechword]
Goose/GeeseGans/Ganzen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Gans[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]ganzen[/Speechword]
Ostrich/OstrichesStruisvogel/Struisvogels[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Struisvogel[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Struisvogels[/Speechword]
Owl/OwlsUil/Uilen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Uil[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Uilen[/Speechword]
Parrot/ParrotsPapegaai/Papegaaien[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Papegaai[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Papegaaien[/Speechword]
Penguin/PenguinsPinguïn/Pinguïns[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Pinguïn[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]pinguïns[/Speechword]
Pigeon/PigeonsDuif/Duiven[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Duif[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Duiven[/Speechword]
Seagull/SeagullsZeemeeuw/Meeuwen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Zeemeeuw[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Meeuwen[/Speechword]
Sparrow/SparrowsMus/Mussen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Mus[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Mussen[/Speechword]
Swan/SwansZwaan/Zwanen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Zwaan[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Zwanen[/Speechword]
Woodpecker/WoodpeckersSpecht/Spechten[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Specht[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Spechten[/Speechword]

Sea Animals In Dutch

Here are some common sea animals in Dutch.

Wild Sea animal names in Dutch
English Singular/PluralDutch Singular/PluralPronunciation
Dolphin/DolphinsDolfijn/Dolfijnen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Dolfijn[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Dolfijnen[/Speechword]
FishVis/vissen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Vis[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]vissen[/Speechword]
Killer whale (orca)/Killer whales (orcas)Orka[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Orka[/Speechword]
Otter/OttersOtter/Otters[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Otter[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Otters[/Speechword]
Sealzeeleeuw[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]zeeleeuw[/Speechword]
Shark/SharksHaai/Haaien[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Haai[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Haaien[/Speechword]

Dutch Animal Names For Insects

These are some commonly found insects. The one to watch out for is the nasty tick, which can give you Lyme Disease, which, trust us, you don’t want to get.

Insect names in Dutch
English Singular/PluralDutch Singular/PluralPronunciation
Ant/AntsMier/Mieren[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Mier[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Mieren[/Speechword]
Bee/BeesBij/Bjen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Bij[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]bijen[/Speechword]
Butterfly/ButterfliesVlinder/Vlinders[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]vlinder[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]vlinders[/Speechword]
Caterpillar/CaterpillarsRups/Rupsen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Rups[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Rupsen[/Speechword]
Fly/FliesVlieg/Vliegt[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Vlieg[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]vliegt[/Speechword]
Mosquito/MosquitoesMug/Muggen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Mug[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Muggen[/Speechword]
Spider/SpidersSpin/Spinnen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Spin[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Spinnen[/Speechword]
Tick/TicksDe teek[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]De teek[/Speechword]
Wasp/WaspsWesp/Wespen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Wesp[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Dutch Male” isinline]Wespen[/Speechword]


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