30+ Best Spaceship-Related Vocabulary In Serbian

Are you one of those people fascinated by space and want to know more about it? In this article, I will teach you all the Spaceship-related vocabulary in Serbian, so you can take a step forward in mastering Serbian. First lesson: дубоки свемир (duboki svemir) is the word in Serbian for outer-space. Keep reading below to learn more!

For centuries, man has been fascinated by space and all the secrets that lie beyond what our eyes can see. It has been the subject of studies by many great minds that have been trying to explain this big empty space that surrounds us. And if you’re interested in Serbian, then learning about the space in Serbian is basically the best match you could ever look for

I’m completely obsessed with space movies and everything that makes me feel super tiny in the universe’s immensity. It makes my problems seem insignificant and gives me a sense of peace, despite knowing that it can be overwhelming to think how big the Universe is and that it is constantly growing. I love this topic so much that I’ve learned how to say a bunch of words about space in several different languages, including Serbian!

Fundamental Spaceship-Related Vocabulary In Serbian: Must-Learn!

First, let’s learn some words that come in handy when discussing space in Serbian.

EnglishSerbian PronunciationSerbian TranslationSound
BlackholeCrna rupaЦрна рупа
Dwarf planetPatuljasta planetaПатуљаста планета
Mother shipMatični brodМатични брод
Red GiantRed GiantРед Гиант
Shooting StarShooting StarСхоотинг Стар
Solar SystemSunčev sistemСунчев систем
Space shuttleSpejs šatlСпејс шатл
Space StationSvemirska stanicaСвемирска станица
SpacecraftSvemirska letelicaСвемирска летелица
Space-stationSvemirska stanicaСвемирска станица
Spaceship-Related Vocabulary In Serbian

Other Space-Related Words In Serbian

Let’s complete even more your vocabulary with some other Serbian words related to space!

EnglishSerbian PronunciationSerbian TranslationSound
Big BangVeliki prasakВелики прасак
Outer spaceDuboki svemirДубоки свемир
Rocket LaunchRocket LaunchРоцкет Лаунцх
Shooting StarShooting StarСхоотинг Стар
Space suitSvemirsko odeloСвемирско одело
Space technologySvemirska tehnologijaСвемирска технологија
Spaceship Serbian

Basic Phrases Space-Related in Serbian

So much information flowing through your brain, and so much excitement to use this information in real-life! I get it, and I’m exactly like you! With all these words and other basic words and phrases in Serbian that you can learn in our Ling blog, you can now engage in a full conversation about the space in fluent Serbian!

Just to get you started, here is a list of a few examples of phrases using space-related words in Serbian.

EnglishSerbian PronunciationSerbian TranslationSound
I would love to talk to you about space! I’m a space lover!Voleo bih da razgovaram sa vama o svemiru! Ja sam ljubitelj svemira!Волео бих да разговарам са вама о свемиру! Ја сам љубитељ свемира!
Do you believe aliens are among us?Verujete li da su vanzemaljci među nama?Верујете ли да су ванземаљци међу нама?
Can you imagine there is another world beyond the Earth?Možete li zamisliti da postoji drugi svet izvan Zemlje?Можете ли замислити да постоји други свет изван Земље?
I stayed awake until 4 AM yesterday to see the shooting stars. It was beautiful!Ostao sam budan juče do 4 sata ujutro da vidim zvezde padalice. Bilo je divno!Остао сам будан јуче до 4 сата ујутро да видим звезде падалице. Било је дивно!
I would love to go to Mars one day. Maybe we will see that before we die.Voleo bih da odem na Mars jednog dana. Možda ćemo to videti pre nego što umremo.Волео бих да одем на Марс једног дана. Можда ћемо то видети пре него што умремо.
Just to think there are millions of billions of galaxies just like ours is overwhelming. It makes us feel very small!Samo pomisliti da postoje milioni milijardi galaksija poput naše je veoma neodoljivo. Čini da se osećamo veoma malim!Само помислити да постоје милиони милијарди галаксија попут наше је веома неодољиво. Чини да се осећамо веома малим!
The sun looked very beautiful at the time of setting in the evening.Sunce je izgledalo veoma lepo u vreme zalaska uveče.Сунце је изгледало веома лепо у време заласка увече.
“Starwars” movies are filled with spaceships.Filmovi “Ratovi zvezda” puni su svemirskih brodovaФилмови “Ратови звезда” пуни су свемирских бродова

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