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Xin chào! I love to share with you everything about Vietnam, my home country, from the Vietnamese language, Vietnamese culture, and so on. I also like traveling and vlogging. Hope you enjoy reading my articles!
Viet Woman at a desk learning to write the Vietnamese Alphabet with Ling app
#1 Easy Guide To Vietnamese Alphabet

Learning the Vietnamese alphabet and how to write it correctly is one of the main elements of learning the language. Unlike other neighboring languages such

Vietnamese Colors
15+ Useful Vietnamese Colors And Their Meaning

Learning Vietnamese colors helps you describe everything around you in Vietnamese and make your stories more interesting. In addition, in different countries, colors have different

Vietnamese Dialects
Vietnamese Dialects: 5 Easy Ways To Learn

When learning the Vietnamese language (Tiếng Việt), you may hear that there are different Vietnamese dialects. The dialects are spoken in different regions in Vietnam.