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The mystical and enchanting land of Nepal is steeped in a rich tapestry of myths and legends that have been passed down through centuries. From the mighty Himalayan mountains to the bustling streets of Kathmandu Valley, every corner of Nepal is infused with a sense of magic and wonder that is rooted in its ancient mythology. So, are you prepared to meet new characters from the most popular Nepali mythology in Nepal?

The myths of Nepal are as diverse and colorful as the people who inhabit this fascinating country. They are a testament to the deep connection that the Nepali people have with their land and the natural world that surrounds them. These myths tell stories of gods and goddesses, demons and spirits, heroes and heroines, and the eternal struggle between good and evil.

The mythological landscape of Nepal is populated with larger-than-life characters and creatures, from the elusive Yeti to the fierce Kiratis, from the powerful Kumari to the wise Ghantakarna. But do you know what makes these tales even more fascinating? These bursts of creative literary works show the way of life for the Nepali people, they’ve woven them into their daily rituals, festivals, and traditions— it gives you a sneak peek of who they are.

4 Nepali Mythology tin Ling App.

4 Best Nepali Mythology

Exploring the fascinating mythology of Nepal brings you to a world filled with wonder, mystery, and magic. If you ever dreamed of traveling in a different realm, this is your chance, as these stories will drag you to a series of amazing stories. So, come along on a journey through the list of Nepali mythology tales, and discover the magical world that lies just beyond the veil of reality.

Nepali Mythology the Yeti in Ling App

1. Yeti (གཡའ་དྲེད )

This list of Nepali mythology won’t be complete without the most popular mythological creature like the Yeti. As kids, it probably had you wet your bed after hearing its story; it’s a popular tale to scare young children. But really, what is this “yeti” guy anyway, and why are children trembling whenever they hear its name?

This hairy creature has always sent chills over youngsters’ spines. Who wouldn’t be scared of 10-foot-tall monsters with ape-like appearances and razor-sharp teeth? This abominable snowman had a tale wherein it eats people who wanders around the highland of the Himalayan mountains, it was also said that it carried a huge rock as its weapon and whistled as it patrolled around the area. It’s simply the Nepali version of the Native American folklore, the Bigfoot.

2. Majipa Lakhey (मजिपा लाखे)

The story of Majipa Lakhey has been passed down for generations, describing a demon with long protruding teeth and supernatural powers. But hidden within this frightening tale lies a beautiful love story. The demon fell for a woman, and they wanted to marry, but her parents discovered his true identity and threatened to turn him into the king.

In order to win their trust, Majipa Lakhey made a deal with the ruler to protect the town’s children from other carnivorous demons. Despite being a flesh-eating demon, he only ate eggs and meat, earning the name Lakhey. Nowadays, the Lakhey is a beloved figure in Nepalese culture, and large Lakhey masks are used in festivals as a symbol of protection.

3. Kichkandi (किच्कन्डी)

In Nepal, there’s a spine-tingling ghost story that has been circulating for generations. It’s about the kichkandi or kichkanya, a spirit that remains attached to the part of its body that hasn’t been cremated, specifically its bones. These malevolent spirits are known for their long black hair, pale skin, and crimson-red dresses. But what’s truly chilling is that their feet face backward. Legend has it that these tortured souls met a tragic end, with some dying while giving birth or during pregnancy. They hitchhike in strangers’ cars and lead them to cemeteries or crematoriums where they suck out their life force, leaving them with nothing but skin and bones.

So, if you’re ever in Nepal and a lonely tourist offers you a ride, think twice before accepting!

4. Gurumapa (गुरुमापा)

In this Nepali myth, a gambler named Kesh Chandra faced a string of misfortunes. He lost all his wealth, lived with his disappointed sister, and even his food was infested with maggots. But when the pigeons took pity on him and left him their excrement that turned into gold, his luck turned around. However, his newfound wealth attracted a Gurumapa, a man-eating monster living in the forest. Instead of becoming his prey, Kesh Chandra made a deal with the creature to carry all his gold to his home, and in exchange, the Gurumapa would steal naughty children from their homes whenever their parents called for his name.

Despite the Gurumapa’s frightening reputation, it turned out to be one of the most negotiable mythic creatures in the story. Eventually, the townspeople convinced it to move to Tinkhya, where it could feast on food left out in the fields. It agreed and lived there in peace.


Can’t Get Enough Of Nepali Mythical Creatures?

These four well-known mythological figures aren’t the only ones you can find online. There are several Nepali mythology pieces that can scare young children. However, we figured that we must stop here, or else you might get nightmares yourself. Here’s a quick question before you doze off, did you enjoy this post? If you did, then get the Ling app today!

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