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Malay Words for Gardening- Featured Ling App

Gardening can be a therapeutic activity for those who love to watch plants grow as time goes by. If you’re someone who’s been staying in Malaysia for a while now, you’re probably intrigued by what’s in their garden. Here are some interesting Malay words for gardening you need to know!

In Malaysia, gardening isn’t just about planting stuff and watching it grow. For many, it’s like a little escape, a patch of green in the middle of the hustle and bustle. You see, gardens tell stories between those tropical downpours and sunlit days. They’re about weekend family gatherings, grandpa’s prized orchids, or that chili plant everyone swears is the spiciest. Are you ready to meet these interesting Malay gardening words?

Useful Malay Words For Gardening

Ah, where do we begin? The basics! Did you know that “Garden” is called “Taman” in the Malay language? It sure is an interesting word. Read further to discover more fundamental Malay terms and their English counterparts.

Malay Words for Gardening- Ling App

Plants – Tanaman

A garden would be incomplete without plants, right? It would be hilarious if you called your backyard a garden and it didn’t have these green and fresh-looking plants. Here’s a fun fact about this word: it came from the root word “Tanam,” which means “To plant” or “To sow.” Adding the suffix “-an” at the end makes its meaning “Results of being planted,” which generally correlates with “Plants.” It’s such a complex yet interesting word, right?

Fertilizer – Pupuk

If you want to make sure that your plants grow well, treating them like kids is an interesting approach. Pupuk is the Malay word for fertilizer; it’s pretty much like baby food, but make it a “Plants’ version.”

Malay Words for Gardening (Tools)- Ling App

Essential Tools In The Malay Garden

Can you imagine yourself digging soil with your bare hands or weeding out your garden without these essential tools? You’re a bold one for taking this approach, but stop being stubborn and check out their translations in the Malay language. We get that speaking a different language is intimidating, but with a bit of practice, you’ll get the hang of it.

EnglishMalay Translation
Pruning SheersGunting Pokok
Watering CanPenyiram
HoseSelang Air
Ground StakePaku Bumi
Gardening GlovesSarung tangan berkebun

Common Malay Plants For Gardeners

Everyone has a favorite plant in their bountiful garden, and every country also has its special plant that you’ll commonly find in almost every household. Here, we’ve listed the most frequently spotted plants in a Malay garden.

1. Hibiscus – Bunga Raya

The hibiscus, particularly the “Bunga Raya” variety, is a commonly observed flower in Malaysia. Not only does it thrive in our tropical climate, but it also holds significant cultural significance. The national flower symbolizes unity and embodies the fundamental values of our nation. Additionally, this particular plant’s remarkable visual appeal and effortless maintenance have earned it a cherished status among numerous gardens and parks in Malaysia.

2. Jasmine – Melur

Do you also love the sweet and addictive scent of “Melur”? Thanks to the country’s sunny tropical vibes, it grows like a champ in Malaysia. Beyond its sweet scent, it’s a big deal in the Malaysian culture. Think weddings, prayers, or any big family get-togethers, and you’ll probably find some Melur around.

Moreover, these flowers aren’t just about their smell; they also remind people of loads of memories – from festivals to family moments. Plus, they are a breeze to grow. No wonder it’s a favorite for many of us in Malaysia!

3. Lemongrass – Serai

Lemongrass, fondly known as “Serai” here in Malaysia, isn’t just another plant for locals; it’s the zesty backbone of countless traditional dishes. From giving that aromatic kick to our spicy rendang and tom yum soups to doubling up as a refreshing tea, Serai is a staple in almost every Malaysian kitchen. Beyond the kitchen, they even turn to it for natural remedies, proving it’s not just about flavor but also a touch of traditional wellness. It’s one of those little things that, without it, Malaysian cuisine just wouldn’t taste the same.

Malay Words for Gardening (Plants)- Ling App

4. Pandanus amaryllifolius – Pandan

In Malaysia, if there’s one scent that’s instantly recognizable in native kitchens, it’s the sweet and fragrant Pandan. They might even call it their unofficial “vanilla.” From wrapping their beloved nasi lemak to infusing those soft layers of kuih and adding that distinctive flavor to our desserts, Pandan is Malays’ go-to magic ingredient. It’s not just a flavor enhancer; it’s a whiff of nostalgia and home, connecting generations through taste and tradition. Now, it won’t be surprising to find it in their gardens. Their desserts are incomplete without it!

5. Bird’s Eye Chili – Cili Padi

You and your friends are probably one of the bravest people I know if you dare to get a taste of the Cili Padi. This small yet fiery ingredient brings out the boldness of dishes in Malaysia. Some may even find their gardens incomplete without them! Hands down to people who can take it because this is surely something I would be terrified to see on my plate.

6. Curry Leaves – Daun Kari

In Malaysian gardens, the unmistakable Curry Leaves, or “Daun Kari,” hold a special place. More than just greenery, they’re a signature aroma in many local dishes. For many households, a curry leaf plant symbolizes tradition, hinting at cherished family recipes and the essence of authentic Malaysian cooking. Without these leaves, one might argue that both the garden and the kitchen are missing a touch of soul.

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