7 Best Mongolian Gifts For Birthdays


In this article, we will talk about the best Mongolian gifts for birthdays. Join us on this extraordinary journey, as we unravel the secrets of Mongolian skills, transforming your special day into an unforgettable adventure through time and tradition. Prepare to be mesmerized, for the world of Mongolian gifts for birthdays is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced—a variety of culture, history, and wonder waiting to be known!

Have you ever wondered how a birthday celebration could become a captivating journey through the heart of Mongolia? What if your birthday gifts were not just a present, but also a taste of Mongolia? Close your eyes and imagine a birthday celebration like no other, where each gift is not merely an object but a portal to a world of tradition, craftsmanship, and unparalleled beauty. It’s a place where the soft caress of cashmere fabric envelops you in comfort, where handcrafted Gutal boots carry with them the echoes of the Mongolian nomadic heritage, and where each present embodies a piece of Mongolia’s soul.

Gift-Giving Culture In Mongolia

In Mongolia, giving gifts isn’t just a tradition; it’s like sharing a piece of your heart. When Mongolians give gifts, they’re saying “thank you” or “I respect you” in a special way. However, gift-giving in Mongolia also has a meaning that is widely understood.

It is important to know that Mongolian gifts have something called an “open mouth.” These gifts have an opening on top, like a mug or shoes. This symbolizes a flourishing life, like saying, “Through this gift, I hope you have a prosperous life” On the contrary, the idea of “close-mouth” gifts in Mongolia (for example, a hat) represents the opposite. So, it is best to steer away from those.

Furthermore, the price of the gift isn’t what’s important. What really matters is the act of giving itself. When you visit a Mongolian friend’s home or a family member, bringing a small gift to show courtesy is a nice custom. Most importantly, whether you’re giving or receiving a gift, it is best to do it with both hands for respect—a subtle yet significant gesture.

Now, whether you’re in a city or the countryside in Mongolia, gift-giving is a big deal. In the countryside, they keep it more traditional, but in the city, they mix in some modern ways. But no matter where you are, the heartwarming spirit of giving, saying “Баярлалаа” (Bayarlalaa/Thank you), and showing respect shines through. It’s like a language of kindness that Mongolians cherish, where gifts aren’t just things but meaningful messages from the heart.


Best Mongolian Gifts For Birthdays

Worrying about what gift to give? I hope that you have your notebook and pen prepared because we are going to talk about a lot of good ideas! These will definitely ease your worries. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Cashmere Products

First on our list is cashmere, the plush wool from special goats, and it’s a fantastic birthday gift. Imagine your loved one opening a cashmere scarf—a warm, luxurious hug. Sweaters? Stylish and comfy clothing. Blankets? Pure coziness. Cashmere gifts say, “Wishing you warmth, style, and comfort on your special day!” Who can resist that kind of birthday bliss? Well, I can’t.

Handcrafted Mongolian Boots (Gutal)

How about footwear? They have those, too! Gutal boots are not just shoes; they’re wearable pieces of Mongolian art and heritage. Their intricate designs and vibrant colors make them a unique and stylish birthday present. Give the gift of culture and fashion with Gutal boots, a step into Mongolia’s nomadic history, and a celebration in style!


Next is Deel—a slice of Mongolian tradition perfect for a birthday surprise. This garment’s flowing design and intricate patterns make it a stylish statement and a meaningful gift that celebrates culture and individuality in one elegant package.


In Mongolia, silver isn’t just jewelry; it’s a piece of their vibrant home country and a token of good luck. That is why gifting silver is like wrapping birthdays with a little bit of sparkle and tradition. Perfect for even a wedding!

Mongolian Felt Art

Up next is something unique. Yep, that is Mongolian Felt Art. This is a material made of matting fibers, but it’s more than fabric; it’s a tactile canvas that captures Mongolia’s culture with vibrant designs. When you gift it, you’re giving a piece of Mongolia’s heart, making any occasion feel snug and special.


Thangka Paintings

Okay, hold on. I know you are wondering what a ‘Thangka painting’ is. These paintings have depictions of Buddhist deities, vibrant landscapes, and ancient wisdom. Although this may be a bit expensive, you’re offering a journey into spirituality and a piece of art by gifting it!

Yak Wool Blankets

Last on our list of Mongolian gifts are yak wool blankets—the best gift because they are so comfortable! They offer warmth and a connection to Mongolia’s heritage (and animals!), making them a thoughtful and meaningful choice for any occasion, especially birthdays.

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