#5 Amazing & Quirky Facts About Kerala You Must Know!

facts about Kerala

As I sat down to write some interesting facts about Kerala for this particular blog, a number of things started jostling for attention in my mind! From being known as the ‘land of elephants’ to being the state that celebrates the most number of festivals in India, there are so many things about Kerala that one can discover!

One trip to this south Indian state last year got me hooked on discovering as much about its culture as possible. Did you know that about 7700 sq km of cultivated area in Kerala is used for coconut tree plantations? That’s how the state got its current name. In Malayalam, Keram (കേരം) means coconut, and Alam (ആലം) means abode, and together they form Keralam (Kerala) – the land of coconut trees.

Now, did I get your interest piqued to explore many more interesting facts about Kerala? If so, then grab a big bag of banana chips and get ready to traverse through the backwaters of amazing information, dear voyager!

facts about Kerala

Fascinating Facts About Kerala

Kerala, often referred to as ‘God’s Own Country,’ is a captivating state located in South India, more precisely on the southwestern coast of India. Kerala, known for its abundant natural beauty, offers a picturesque landscape of emerald backwaters, lush greenery, and pristine beaches.

This culturally vibrant land is steeped in history and traditions, with its classical dance forms, music, and festivals showcasing its rich heritage. It is a destination that enchants travelers from around the world with its unique blend of natural wonders, diverse culture, and warm hospitality. So, come, let’s see some unique facts about Kerala.

facts about Kerala

#1 The Spice Bowl Of The World

Kerala has been holding its historical significance as a major spice trading center for centuries now. The state’s strategic location along ancient trade routes attracted merchants from ancient civilizations like the Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Romans when the region was known as Muziris (and later as Malabar).

The region’s tropical climate and fertile soil create ideal conditions for the cultivation of various spices like black pepper (Kurumulak – കുരുമുളക്), cardamom (Elam – ഏലം), cloves (Graamboo – ഗ്രാമ്പൂ), cinnamon (Karuvapatta – കറുവപ്പട്ട), and nutmeg (Jaathikka – ജാതിക്ക) for centuries. Even today, Kerala continues to be a major producer and exporter of high-quality spices, earning its well-deserved title as the spice bowl of the world.

facts about Kerala

#2 The Home Of Ayurveda

Ayurveda (Ayurvedam – ആയുർവേദം), an ancient medicine system that originated in India thousands of years ago, finds its strongest presence and practice in Kerala. The state’s abundant biodiversity, including a wide range of medicinal herbs and plants, provides the necessary resources for Ayurvedic treatments.

This Indian state is home to many Ayurvedic hospitals and wellness centers that offer authentic Ayurvedic therapies and treatments, making it a renowned destination for healing and rejuvenation. So much so that visitors jostle to book an Ayurvedic resort instead of a hotel room. It is one of the biggest economic vehicles for the state economy.

facts about Kerala

#3 Largest Backwater Lake In The World

Kerala’s backwaters (Kaayalukal – കായലുകൾ) are truly unique, offering a mesmerizing and serene experience. These intricate networks of canals, lagoons, and lakes stretch almost along the entire west coast of Kerala, providing a picturesque landscape of tranquil waters fringed by lush greenery. The largest and most famous backwater in Kerala is the Vembanad Lake, spanning several districts. It hosts vibrant boat races and festivals.

The backwaters of Kerala – connecting 5 lakes – serve as a lifeline for local communities, offering transportation, livelihoods, and a glimpse into the peaceful rural life of the region. Exploring the backwaters by traditional houseboats or canoeing is an unforgettable experience.

These backwaters, along with tea, coffee, and spice plantations on the Western Ghats, numerous national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries, have helped Kerala bag a continuous spot on Nat Geo’s list of the best family holiday destinations in the world. Believe it or not, Lonely Planet thinks the same!

facts about Kerala

#4 Home To The Richest Temple In The World

Kerala is home to the richest Hindu temple in the world, the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple (ശ്രീപദ്മനാഭസ്വാമി ക്ഷേത്രം) in Thiruvananthapuram. The temple houses a vast treasure trove of gold, precious stones, and antique artifacts that were discovered in its vaults in recent years. Estimates suggest that the total value of the temple’s wealth exceeds billions of dollars, making it one of the wealthiest religious institutions globally. The opulence and historical significance of the temple, along with its hidden treasures, have made it an iconic symbol of Kerala’s cultural and spiritual heritage.

#5 Land Of Unique Villages

According to the National Sample Survey Office, the village of Aruvikkuzhi holds a peculiar record of witnessing the highest number of twins in the world, which has intrigued scientists and researchers for years. The village of Kottayam is known for its unique festival called Meenachil Nattarivu (മീനച്ചിൽ നാട്ടറിവ്) where live fish are used to treat various ailments.

The town of Marottichal gained fame for its transformation from a hub of gambling and addiction to a chess haven. The residents of the town turned to chess to combat these vices, and now it boasts a remarkable number of accomplished chess players, around 70% of the population, earning it the nickname ‘Chess Village.’

facts about Kerala

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