How To Order Food In Croatian: 10 Best Tips & Tricks

So you’re traveling through the stunning country of Croatia and want to try out some of the delicious local cuisines, but you don’t know how to order food in Croatian? You’ve found the right place to learn in this article!

Whether you’re a language enthusiast or simply a major foodie, learning how to order food in Croatian is the best way to have an immersive experience exploring the flavorful world of Croatian cuisine. From mouthwatering seafood dishes along the Dalmatian coast to hearty meats in the continental regions, Croatia offers diverse, delicious food! So, let’s dive into the Croatian language, and soon you’ll be ordering food in Croatian like a pro!

Etiquette At A Croatian Restaurant

Don’t forget that different countries have different dining etiquette! Croatians appreciate politeness and good manners, so it’s customary to greet the Croatian staff with a warm “Dobar dan” (Good day) or “Dobro veče” (Good evening) when arriving at the restaurant. 

When getting a table, wait to be seated by the host or hostess. You can politely ask by saying, “Molim vas, mogu li dobiti stol?” (Excuse me, can I have a table?)

Table manners are also important in Croatia, so remember to keep your elbows off the table and wait until everyone is served before starting. It’s common practice to say “Prijatno” (Enjoy your meal) to people you’re dining with or even to strangers at nearby tables. 

Croatians also appreciate punctuality, so arrive at restaurants at the reserved time or inform the restaurant in case of any delays to ensure a smooth experience!

Finally, at the end of your meal, it is customary to thank the server with a sincere “Hvala” (Thank you) and leave a tip, typically around 10% of the total bill. 

order drinks in croatian

How To Order Drinks In Croatian

We all know that Croatians are known for their love of drinking! When ready to order drinks, you can politely ask the server for the drink menu by saying, “Molim vas, jelovnik pića?” (Excuse me, the drink menu, please?)

Now, what are some popular Croatian drinks, and how do you order them? If you’re in the mood for a refreshing beer, you can ask for “pivo” (beer). For wine lovers, you might want to order a glass of “bijelo vino” (white wine) or “crno vino” (red wine). 

Non-Alcoholic Drinks (“bezalkoholno piće”) To Order:

  • “Sok” – Juice
  •  “Voda s mjehurićima” – Sparkling water
  • “Limunada” -Lemonade

And if you’re looking for a caffeine boost, order a cup of “kava” (coffee). Don’t forget to specify your preference, such as “espresso” or “cappuccino,” and whether you’d like it “s mlijekom” (with milk) or “crnu” (black).

Tip: Be patient while waiting for your drinks and food, as Croatian service tends to be relaxed and unhurried! 

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How To Order Food In Croatian

Ordering food in Croatian can be an immersive and fun experience when you know a few key phrases and understand the etiquette! Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the process:

Perusing the menu: 

Take your time to read the menu. If you need assistance, you can ask the server for recommendations by saying “Molim vas, što preporučujete?” (Excuse me, what do you recommend?)


When ready to order, use other Croatian food phrases like “Molim vas, mogu li dobiti…” (Excuse me, can I have…) followed by the name of the dish. For example, “Molim vas, mogu li dobiti riblju platu?” (Excuse me, can I have a seafood platter?)

Special requests:

If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, politely communicate them to the server. For instance, you can say “Molim vas, bez luka” (Please, no onions) or “Molim vas, vegetarijanska opcija” (Please, vegetarian option).

Popular croatian food

Popular Croatian Dishes To Order

Here are five popular traditional Croatian dishes that you can order at a restaurant!

  • Peka: A delicious dish typically made with meat or seafood and one of the most common in Croatia. You can order it by saying, “Molim vas, mogu li dobiti peku?” (Excuse me, can I have peka?)
  • Ćevapi: Grilled minced meat sausages, often served with flatbread and onions. You can order them by saying, “Molim vas, mogu li dobiti ćevape?” (Excuse me, can I have ćevapi?)
  • Pašticada: A slow-cooked beef stew marinated in a rich sauce, often served with gnocchi. Yum! You can order it by saying, “Molim vas, mogu li dobiti pašticadu?” (Excuse me, can I have pašticada?)
  • Crni rižot: A flavorful black risotto made with squid ink. You can order it by saying, “Molim vas, mogu li dobiti crni rižot?” (Excuse me, can I have crni rižot?)
  • Štrukli: A traditional pastry dish filled with cheese and a local specialty. You can order it by saying, “Molim vas, mogu li dobiti štrukle?” (Excuse me, can I have štrukli?)

Remember to use these phrases when ordering your desired dish, and don’t hesitate to ask the server for any help!

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Finishing Your Meal

When it’s time to wrap up your delightful meal in Croatia, knowing how to politely finish and ask for the check will come in handy. Here are a few short and helpful Croatian phrases to use, and you’ll be speaking Croatian in no time:

  • To signal that you have finished your meal, you can say “Završio/la sam” (I have finished).
  • When you’re ready to ask for the check, you can say “Molim vas, račun” (Excuse me, the bill) 
  • If you want to pay by card, you can ask “Mogu li platiti karticom?” (Can I pay by card?).
  • To express gratitude to the staff, you can say “Hvala na usluzi” (Thank you for the service)
  • Finally, if you wish to leave a tip, you can say “Mogu li ostaviti napojnicu?” (Can I leave a tip?).

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