10+ Essential And Easy Latvian Vocabulary For The Restaurant


Are you a fan of Latvian cuisine and looking for ways to improve your knowledge of Latvian food related vocabulary? Are you going to eat out at a Latvian restaurant and you don’t speak Latvian fluently? No worries!

You don’t have to speak Latvian fluently to find your way around at a Latvian restaurant. You just need to know the essential Latvian vocabulary for the restaurant! In this article, you will learn Latvian vocabulary and phrases that will save your life at a Latvian restaurant!

Latvian Vocabulary For The Restaurant

Let’s take a step-by-step approach to learning the vocabulary and phrases to use when in a Latvian restaurant.

1. Entering The Restaurant

First of all, you have to know what to say when you enter a restaurant in Latvia to make a good first impression as a foreigner. So, let’s start with a sveiki!

Hello! – Sveiki!

In Latvia, a friendly greeting can set a positive tone for your dining experience. A simple and commonly used greeting is sveiki! As you enter the restaurant, don’t hesitate to offer a warm sveiki to the staff, creating a friendly atmosphere.

Excuse Me! – Piedodiet!

To politely grab the waiter’s attention, use piedodiet! This phrase is versatile and can be used not only to excuse yourself but also to kindly request assistance. Latvians appreciate politeness, so employing this phrase helps in establishing a respectful interaction.

A Table For Two – Galds Diviem

When you are dining with a companion, requesting a table for two is common. Politely say galds diviem, and the staff will assist you in finding a suitable table for your party. This phrase is straightforward and ensures effective communication in a restaurant setting.

  • One person – Viens cilvēks
  • Two people – Divi cilvēki
  • Three people – Trīs cilvēki
  • Four people – Četri cilvēki

If you want to prefer a smoking or non-smoking table, you can use these sentences:

  • The smoking table, please – Lūdzu, smēķēšanas galdu.
  • The non-smoking table, please – Lūdzu, nesmēķētāju galds.
Latvian Vocabulary For The Restaurant Ling App

2. Ordering From The Menu

The first thing you should ask is whether they have an English menu available or not. You’re lucky if they have but if not no worries! You will learn all the necessary vocabulary to order food in Latvian in this article.

Do You Have An English Menu Available? – Vai Ir Pieejams Angļu Valodā Menu?

For a more convenient dining experience, inquire about the availability of an English menu by asking vai ir pieejams angļu valodā menu? This question ensures that you can easily understand the menu items, making the ordering process smoother.

You can use a similar phrase to ask for a vegetarian menu: Vai jums ir veģetārā ēdienkarte? It translates to, “Do you have a vegetarian menu?”

This One, Please – Šo, Lūdzu

When you spot a dish you’d like to order, point to it and say Šo, lūdzu. This straightforward phrase is useful when you have a specific item in mind. It indicates your choice clearly, and the staff will appreciate your direct communication.

Here are the basic words for some of the popular dishes in Latvian restaurants:

Rye BreadRupjmaize
Potato SaladKartupeļu Salāti
Smoked SalmonKūpināts Lašs
Meat StroganoffGovsērpas Stroganovs
Pork SchnitzelCūkgaļas šnitselis
Latvian Grey Peas with BaconPelēkie Zirņi Ar Speķi
Latvian Black BalsamLatviešu Melnais Balzams
Birch SapBerzu Sula
Dill Pickles Dilles Gurķi
Latvian CheesesLatviešu Sieri
Honey CakeMedus Kūka
Cranberry KisselMazākais
Barley PorridgeKruķu Putra
Latvian BeerLatviešu Alus

I’d Like To Order – Es Gribētu Pasūtīt

Expressing your readiness to order is crucial when dining out. Use es gribētu pasūtīt to convey that you are ready to place your order. This phrase is polite and effective in initiating the ordering process.

I Would Like Some Fried Chicken, Please – Es Gribētu Pasūtīt Ceptu Cūkgaļu, Lūdzu

If you’ve got a specific hankering, say, for some fried chicken, you can use the versatile sentence structure es gribētu pasūtīt ceptu cūkgaļu, lūdzu. This adaptable format can be tailored for other menu items, ensuring you get exactly what you’re craving.

For special requests, you can use sentences like the following:

I would like a large portionEs gribētu lielu porciju.
Do you have soft drinks?Vai jums ir bezalkoholiskie dzērieni?
Do you have anything without pork?Vai jums ir kaut kas bez cūkgaļas?

3. After Eating

After a satisfying meal, expressing gratitude is key. In Latvian culture, a simple paldies (thank you) does the trick, showing appreciation for your order or any assistance from the staff.

Thanks for the food: Extend your gratitude to the chef with paldies par ēdienu for a delectable dining experience.

4. Leaving The Restaurant

As you prepare to settle the bill and bid farewell, remember these phrases:

Check, pleaseRēķinu lūdzu
Let’s Split The BillDalīsim rēķinu
GoodbyeUz redzēšanos


After reading this article, you’ve learned Latvian vocabulary for the restaurant so now you know how to order food from the menu, pay the bill, and say goodbye at a restaurant in Latvia.

If you want to learn more Latvian vocabulary and phrases for your upcoming trip, you can make use of language-learning apps such as the Ling app. Ling can help you learn the most common words in Latvian in just 10 minutes a day! Download the Ling app from the App Store or Play Store for free now!

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