10+ Important Lithuanian Disaster Words To Learn Now

This world is a beautiful place to be. Mother nature has given us all that she can with her utmost love, from seas to mountains, lakes to gardens. But, nothing in this world is predictable! Disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, or even the slightest flood can occur at an unprecedented moment. As a traveler, we must learn some Lithuanian disaster words to better understand news forecasts and to express ourselves better during situations like this. Along with basic natural disaster (stichinė nelaimė) vocabulary, this blog will also cover facts and stories that might satisfy your eager soul. So, let’s get started.

Natural Disaster In Lithuania

While we may be more worried about our attires and the Instagrammable backgrounds for our pictures, safety must always be a priority. One common mistake that first-time travelers often commit is the fact that they do not prepare themselves with the most basic word and expressions before venturing out to a new country. While English is a universal language, we cannot deny that not everyone can speak or are comfortable enough to use the language. For this reason, learning some expressions and translations in the native language can come in handy in order for one to connect better with the locals and leave no room for misunderstandings due to the language barrier. 

Fortunately, Lithuania is considered one of the safest countries in the world. The studies of the World Economic Forum found that the toll of massive evacuation, death, crime, and terrorist attacks are at the lowest in Lithuania as compared to other countries around the world. In fact, they have marked Lithuania to be one of the best countries for seasoned tourists and first-time travelers to visit. Nevertheless, we do not know when emergencies and disasters may strike. 

At present, Lithuania is known to have the least number of major disasters. However, there are other things that you should know about before visiting the country. For instance, Lithuania has a problem with beggars. Most beggars, who are not really that poor, are found lingering around tourist spots which might make one uncomfortable at certain times. Also, another major problem that is seen mainly in Lithuania is road accidents. Reckless and ruthless drivers are often encountered, which requires the tourists to be careful.

Nonetheless, Lithuania accounts for almost zero terrorist activities and massive calamity conditions. Such a status of the country and the strength of the government makes it relatively safe for tourists to enjoy their vacation around the beach and landscapes. So, learning a few disaster vocab and phrases will only help you acquire some additional facts and emergency tactics that may come in handy in unexpected times.

Lithuanian Disaster Words

Lithuanian disaster words

Now, let us discover some Lithuanian translations related to calamities along with some facts. Further ahead, we will see some phrases in the Lithuanian language that will come in handy in emergencies.

1. Žemės drebėjimas (Earthquake)

Talking about disasters, the first and the most common disasters we keep seeing on the news are deadly earthquakes. However, Žemės drebėjimas in Lithuania is not much of a serious matter. Surprisingly, there has never been a record-breaking type of earthquake that led to a devastating impact on human life here in Lithuania. Thus, it is safe to say Lithuania is free of violent earthquakes.

2. Potvynis (Flood)

Next up is the word Potvynis. While earthquakes are not much of a scene, floods can be possible. In a safe country like Lithuania, Potvynis is primarily a result of heavy rainfall or intense snowfall. However, there aren’t any extreme floods recorded to this day.

3. Uraganas (Hurricane)

Uraganas or Hurricanes in most cities are common and extreme due to low-pressure areas. But on the other hand, Lithuanians experiencing a ravenous hurricane is quite rare. Of course, there can be a mild possibility, but it hasn’t been much of a concern until now.

4. Laukiniai gaisrai (Wildfires)

Laukiniai gaisrai in Lithuania show different statistics. The risk of forest fires has been high in almost all dense forests in Lithuania, and it is one of the few everyday occurring natural disasters. Foresters keep warnings and other protection services ready to quickly warn the people living near the forest area and prevent them from becoming homeless.

5. Sausra (Drought)

While most regions of Lithuania remain safe from a disaster called Sausra, the reality of Southwestern Lithuania is different. It is the worst affected area of Lithuania that goes through massive damage caused by drought. The site is dehydrated during April and receives little to no rainfall. Sometimes, the matter reaches the government, and emergencies are alerted.

6. Cunamis (Tsunami)

Another disaster name that you should know in the Lithuanian language is Cunamis. Cunamis have been quite common in other bigger cities and states, as in countries like Japan and India. It is one of the deadliest natural calamities costing millions of lives and properties. Although not very serious in Lithuania, the officials have kept the support and warning systems ready to communicate and contact during unforeseen events.

7. Tornadas (Tornado)

Tornadas in the Lithuanian language is yet another disaster word that many of us are pretty scared about experiencing. In the period between 1950-2002, Lithuania experienced around 20-23 tornadoes, mostly occurring during the warm period. Nevertheless, it has reduced in recent years, and there haven’t been such disastrous tornado records to this day. Population evacuation or war-zone scenarios have not been issued before due to a disaster like tornadas

More Disaster Words In The Lithuanian Language

Here we will discover a list of other disaster words with Lithuanian translations and related phrases that can help you learn better.

Natural Disasters

  • Blizzard = Pūga
  • Cyclone = Ciklonas
  • Erosion = Erozija
  • Famine = Badas
  • Heat wave = Karščio banga
  • Rainstorm = Lietus
  • Sandstorm = Smėlio audra
  • Volcanic eruption = Ugnikalnio išsiveržimas
  • Whirlpool = Sūkurys

Other Helpful Lithuanian Words Related To Disasters

  • Casualty = Žuvusysis
  • Destruction = Sunaikinimas
  • Damage = Žala
  • Death = Mirtis
  • Evacuate = Evakuojuosi
  • Fault = Gedimas
  • Fire = Ugnis
  • Fog = Rūkas
  • Forest = Miškas
  • Fatal = Mirtinas
  • Fate = Likimas
  • Health = Sveikata
  • Heat = Šiluma
  • Lost = Prarasta
  • Lightning = Žaibas
  • Magma = Magma
  • Money = Pinigai
  • Magnitude = Didumas
  • Rescue = Išgelbėjimas
  • River = Upė
  • Stuck = Užstrigo
  • Shelter = Prieglauda
  • Wave = Banga
  • Underground = Po žeme

Important Disaster-Related Phrases

Lithuanian words

Although learning a new language will never be easy, you have almost covered the essential disaster words you need to know. Hence, to be more aware of the language and Lithuania’s status, here are some basic phrases you can memorize. Learning this will help you speak and talk easily during emergencies and also help you practice the language.

  • Everything is destroyed = Viskas sunaikinta
  • The cost of an earthquake is high = Žemės drebėjimo kaina yra didelė
  • Help the seniors first = Pirmiausia padėkite senjorams
  • Save the people = Gelbėk žmones
  • The water level is rising = Vandens lygis kyla
  • Take your belongings = Pasiimk savo daiktus
  • Protect your children = Saugokite savo vaikus
  • Call for help = Skambinti pagalbos
  • Do not panic = Nepanikuok
  • Stay away from the fire = Laikykitės atokiau nuo ugnies

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