5 Genius Hacks For Traveling In Lithuania

5 Genius Hacks For Traveling In Lithuania

Traveling in Lithuania is an underrated adventure that more folks should have on their bucket lists. I’m guessing the tiny Baltic country hasn’t made it onto your list of must-see European destinations – am I right? When most people plan a trip to Europe, they usually think of hitting up London, Paris, and Rome. But take it from me that Lithuania deserves a spot right up there with those popular hot spots!

The truth is that Lithuania remains a bit under the radar for lots of travelers, even this 2024. But that’s exactly why you should visit now before the secret really gets out! This country has everything you could want from a European vacation, just without the massive crowds.

In this travel guide, I’m dishing on everything you need to know to plan an amazing trip, from transportation tips to offbeat sights. You’ll learn how to explore Lithuania like a local. I’ll also share a few useful Lithuanian phrases and words to level up your tour.

Why Travel To Lithuania?

I know what you’re thinking, why on earth would I travel to Lithuania? What does this little European country I probably can’t point to on a map have to offer me? Well, let me give you some darn good reasons to give Lithuania a shot!

In case you aren’t familiar, Lithuania is one of the three Baltic states situated along the Baltic Sea. It’s the southernmost and biggest of the three, for a little geographic context. Lithuania has a rich history going back literally thousands of years. I’m talking medieval castles, pagan rituals, gorgeous Baroque architecture – the works!

Beyond its epic history, Lithuania wows visitors with its bountiful natural beauty. I’m talking thick green forests, glistening lakes, quintessential quaint villages… not to mention a spectacular golden sand beach resort that could rival any Caribbean island!

And there’s nothing stuffy or boring about this place. The country manages to perfectly blend its ancient history and traditions with hip, urban vibes. The capital, Vilnius, has a thriving cafe, restaurant, and brewery scene that pretty much guarantees a good time. But you can get your partying out of the way during the weekends to leave plenty of time for scoping out castles, churches, and cool nature stuff during the week!

Honestly, I think Lithuania is just what American travelers need – something that takes them off the beaten path from typical European destinations but still has that romantic charm. And since tourism hasn’t totally taken off yet there, you can enjoy everything Lithuania has to offer without fighting through annoying crowds.

Vilnius - Traveling In Lithuania

Traveling In Lithuanian Like A Pro

Traveling in Lithuania isn’t quite as seamless as some hotshot European destinations. You aren’t going to find tons of global hotel chains or hop on lightning-fast bullet trains. And not every chain accepts credit cards, so stocking up on cash is key!

But don’t let that deter you, a little insider knowledge is all you need to travel Lithuania in serious style. In this section, I’ll fill you in on everything from cool and unique accommodations to lesser-known natural wonders and all the logistics in between.

Hack #1: Stay At A Hostel To Save Money

I know fancy hotels and resorts are nice, but one of the keys to stretching your budget in Lithuania is to consider more affordable lodging options. By staying at hostels, you can channel more of your funds into incredible food, attractions, tours, and those emergency extra rounds at your new favorite pub.

Hostel dorm beds here are crazy cheap – we’re talking as low as 13 EUR a night! Now, that may mean sharing a room with up to 11 other people, but that’s part of the fun. Hostels let you meet fellow travelers who can give you the inside scoop on what to see and do.

And it’s not all creaky bunk beds and grimy bathrooms. Many Lithuanian hostels have upgraded to stylish and modern communal spaces with free perks like self-catering kitchens, game rooms, libraries, and gear storage.

Nearly all hostels offer free WiFi, breakfast, and linens, with private rooms available for only 30 EUR if you need a little extra privacy. Plus, they throw awesome nightly events like group dinners, pub crawls, and movie nights.

Picture of a bus when Traveling In Lithuania

Hack #2: Take The Bus To Get Around Lithuania

Instead of fumbling with rental cars or expensive taxis, use Lithuania’s reliable and affordable buses to get around with ease. Public transportation here is quick, clean, and user-friendly for travelers.

City buses are cheap no matter where you are, just 90 cents in Vilnius will get you a ticket good for an hour of unlimited rides. You can purchase tickets right on board or at little kiosks dotting busier streets. There’s no need to figure out complicated maps or schedules, either. Apps like Trafi provide real-time route planning plus tickets on your phone!

For longer trips between cities, intercity buses offer convenient routes across Lithuania for incredibly low fares. We’re talking just a few euros to crisscross between popular spots like Vilnius, Klaipeda, or Kaunas. Intercity buses feature cushy reclining seats and free WiFi so you can soak in the lovely Lithuanian scenery in comfort.

Hack #3: Seek Out Lesser-Known Attractions

Sure, Vilnius and Klaipeda deserve spots on your Lithuania itinerary, but this country holds so many unique attractions beyond the well-trodden tourist track. So, let’s shine a light on a few fascinating and unusual sites you should hit up while visiting. We’re talking mystical pagan shrines, otherworldly art installations, eerie Soviet bunkers frozen in time… and did I mention a legit hill of witches?!

  • Hill of Crosses: A hillside covered in over 100,000 crosses left by Catholic pilgrims over the years. It’s a moving and otherworldly sight.
  • Hill of Witches: A funky sculpture park recreating characters from Lithuanian folklore and pagan legends. It’s whimsical and photo-worthy.
  • Grūtas Park: A sculpture garden featuring old Soviet statues and monuments. Quirky and educational for history buffs.
  • Devils’ Museum: This weird and wacky collection of over 3,000 devil statues and sculptures. Perfect for fans of the odd and bizarre.
  • Ninth Fort: A sobering former concentration camp turned museum outside Kaunas. Important for understanding Lithuania’s devastating wartime past.
Wild camping when Traveling In Lithuania

Hack #4: Try Wild Camping

For the ultimate budget travel move, I recommend trying some wild camping during your Lithuania trip! One of the best parts about visiting is that wild camping is 100% legal and safe across public lands here. Talk about getting back to nature without blowing your budget.

Pitch your tent among the lush pine forests near Ignalina and enjoy stunning lake views with zero crowds. Wake up to epic golden Baltic sunrises at the Curonian Spit, then spend your day bounding across those iconic sand dunes.

There are no permits (assuming you are staying in an official camping spot, of course!), fees, or hassles involved with wild camping – just embrace your inner explorer! It’s just you, Mother Nature, and happy Lithuanian trees providing prime Instagram backdrops.

And since summer temps here are mild, you likely won’t even need much gear beyond a standard backpacking tent, sleeping bag, and bug spray. Just remember to practice common sense “no trace” ethics by clearing any trash and not damaging the area.

Hack #5: Bring Cash No Matter What

I can’t emphasize this Lithuania travel essential enough, make sure to always carry cash! Now I know we’re all used to seamlessly whipping out plastic to pay for everything. But here in Lithuania, cash is still king outside major hotels and tourist shops.

Most restaurants, cafes, small vendors, attractions, and transportation kiosks only accept solid currency. And I promise the last thing you want is to be stranded hungry at that cool-looking milk bar with no litteras or eurus to pay! Not to mention those tempting fruit stands along the coastal roads.

Be sure to grab local currency from any ATM once you arrive in the country. Larger cities have ATMs available 24/7 that accept all major bank cards. But pro tip – withdraw extra because machines get sparse once you leave urban areas.

Easy Travel Phrases In Lithuanian

Despite growing English fluency, learning a few key Lithuanian phrases goes a long way in endearing yourself to locals. And impressing new Lithuanian friends at the bar! Even just mastering “thank you” shows good faith effort on your part.

Thank you.Ačiū.
You’re welcome.
There’s nothing (to thank for).
Nėra už ką/ Nėra ko
Can I pay by card?Ar galima susimokėti kortele?
How much does this cost?Kiek tai kainuoja?
Can I have the receipt/check?Ar galėčiau gauti čekis?
Let’s go!Eikime!
Thank you for the ride!Ačiū už važiavimą!

See, that wasn’t so hard! Locals will beam with pride at visitors who make the effort to parlay some Lithuanian. Even just mastering the pleasantries opens doors to way more memorable travel interactions.

Learn Lithuanian With Ling!

Hopefully, this travel guide has shown you how fun and easy it can be to explore the many sides of captivating Lithuania. By taking buses, staying in hostels, and getting off the tourist track, you’ll see countryside castles, funky art exhibits, and golden Baltic beaches without breaking your budget.

And while you certainly don’t need to be fluent to enjoy Lithuania, it never hurts to brush up on basic Lithuanian phrases and vocabulary to help immerse yourself in the culture. That’s where the Ling app comes in handy!

Ling offers free bite-sized Lithuanian language lessons designed specifically for travelers. Learn essential words and conversational sentences with their intuitive flashcard system. Test yourself hands-free with lessons you can take from anywhere.

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