No Greek On Babbel? 2 Most Powerful Apps Exposed!

Interested to find the best alternatives now that there is no Greek on Babbel? In today’s post, we will you through how the Ling App and Simply Learn can support you from transitioning from a total beginner to an intermediate or even fully advanced Greek speaker. If you are up for a fun way to master this special language, then continue reading this exclusive post today!

Language learning is not just about understanding the local phrases or mimicking how local speakers say specific words. The real acquisition involves a complete understanding of distinct language features including critical grammar points and sentence structure, the meaning of expressions based on culture and history, the tone that should be used when speaking, and the word choice. With this being said, if you are on the train to teaching yourself complex language lessons from scratch, it is always recommended that you make use of available resources.

More often than not, people suggest that the best way to learn a language is by signing up for expensive courses, getting access to a 5-star tutor with teaching experience, or traveling the world to practice with native speakers. While those may indeed help you speak a new language in no time, there are more practical alternatives that you can use for your lessons and they are honestly in part with what language courses can teach you. These free alternatives can be used side by side allowing you to learn based on how you exactly like it.

For instance, if you want to start learning the writing system of a particular language, you should consider downloading Write Me as it allows you to access comprehensive practice lessons on writing 20+ languages within your mobile device. On the flip side, you can also try out Vocly to expand your vocabulary words and learn about pronunciation (through embedded audio files). If you want all-in-one apps that teach you the basics, you can also consider Babbel, Duolingo, Memrise, and Rosetta Stone.

Perhaps by now, you are wondering why we are advocating for the use of language apps, right? Well, based on an extensive review on this matter we found out that these downloadable nuggets of wisdom can significantly supplement and complement the language learning journey by offering in-depth points that you can review anytime and anywhere. They are so easy to navigate using your phone and are equipped with specific lessons for concept repetition, challenging exercises, and AI Chabot for instant feedback.

However, as the title of this post suggests… not all of these language applications offer language lessons that you may be targeting to learn. For the case of Babbel, the apps are internationally recognized and ideal for beginners but it does not have Greek lessons under its belt. In fact, it only features 14 languages (mostly European ones)! Don’t get us wrong… Babbel is great but it falls short when it comes to its offerings.

Still interested in learning Greek for free? Worry no more, because we will feature later on the best two alternatives for learning, reviewing, and fully understanding the Greek language. But before that, let us first discuss what makes the Greek language interesting and why you should learn this.


Greek Language

Learning a language is an interesting venture may it be for personal development or upskilling for a totally new career. One of the top languages that hold a certain charm for language enthusiasts is the Indo-European language known as Greek. Unlike other world languages, Greek has a well-documented evolution and it remains popular today due to its distinct writing form which has been featured in tattoos and modern design. Despite its popularity and rampant use today, it is still one of the hardest languages to master due to its alphabet, grammar, and confusing pronunciation.

Have you ever heard of the expression it’s all Greek to me? This is because learning Greek just by memorizing the alphabet is not enough. If you want to learn this fully and practice how native speakers speak it out, then you have to set aside time to figure it all out. Add to that is the fact that it differs from Germanic and Romance languages due to its advanced grammar points.

Before you get disheartened, allow us to share with you the top-recommended Android / Apple apps that you should access now in order to smoothen out the complicated points in Greek. These applications are established to help you out in terms of learning vocabulary words and reviewing grammatical cases and pronunciation guides.


Learn Greek With Free Apps

No greek on babbel? Use These apps instead

Contrary to common belief, you can learn Greek and teach yourself to become a total pro in no time. Thankfully, you do not have to spend tons purchasing an app or a course online, just by downloading the apps made by Simya Solutions, you can guarantee a language learning journey that is fun, exciting, and truly motivating no matter what level you are in. It’s perfect for professionals, backpackers, or for family use too as it is complete with speech guides, sample sentences for model structure, challenging test after lesson, and even audio materials for review.

Want to learn and use Greek vocabulary for conversations? Be sure to check these apps out.

The Ling App – Language Learning App Complete With Greek Lessons

If you are motivated to learn a language and speak right away, this application will help you cover everything there is to know about Greek vocabulary, sentence structure, and the cultural meaning of certain words and expressions. Unlike other applications, it features a number of lessons and chatbots (with instant feedback) to help you practice and use what you have learned in different conversation situations. It’s an all-in-one app that contains mini-games, listening and writing quizzes, and bite-sized information so that a learner can squeeze in its use even during a busy day.

The Ling App is so popular and it has received amazing reviews online due to its comprehensive take on learning and updated content which are checked and developed by professional speakers of a certain language. It is so competitive that it has over 60+ languages under its belt!

Simply Learn App – Phrasebook Learning App Ideal For Different Situations

If you are more interested to speak phrases, vocabulary words, and sentences right away, then downloading the free Simply Learn App is the best choice. This modern application paves the way in allowing you to have conversations with the locals in a short period of time. Instead of classic courses, it presents different categories and features the common phrases that you could potentially hear in real-time interactions. It is ideal for travelers on the go or people included in family outings as it already contains the basic Greek phrases.


Language Learning Just Got Easier!

As we reach the end of the post, we hope that we were able to encourage you to consider learning Greek despite it not being available on Babbel. As you have learned, Ling App and Simply Learn are the best application teachers out there as it helps in giving high-quality courses and ensures repetition of learning through its challenging compilation of quizzes. Start learning a new world language today by downloading these apps!


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