30+ Easy Lao Words For Pastries

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Are you a food lover looking to expand your culinary vocabulary? If so, you’re in for a treat! In this blog post, we will be exploring easy Lao words for pastries. After all, Lao cuisine has gained popularity worldwide for its unique flavors and mouthwatering desserts, so why not expand your vocab about this right? Ready? Let’s dive right in and uncover some essential Lao pastry terms!

Must-Try Lao Pastries For Travelers

Many Lao pastries you can get from street vendors, restaurants, or home-cooked by Lao people have been part of the Lao traditions for ages. Here are some of the most popular dishes when talking about pastries from Laos:

Coconut Rice Cakes (Khao Nom Kok)

These bite-sized desserts are a mixture of rice flour, coconut milk, and sugar, resulting in the right blend of sweetness and creaminess. They are traditionally cooked in small, dimpled pans, known for their crispy exterior and soft, slightly chewy center.

Coconut Pancakes (Khanom Krok)

These coconut pancakes are prepared using rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, and sometimes a bit of pandan leaf extract for the green color. The batter is cooked in a special pan with small, round wells, making the pancakes crispy outside and soft and coconutty inside.

Sweet Egg Puffs (Khanom Khai)

These sweet treats in Lao cuisine are like mini-doughnuts. They are made from a batter of rice flour, eggs, sugar, and coconut milk.

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Lao Words For Pastries

Here are the basic but most important Lao words for pastries you must remember to easily familiarize yourself with the taste and ingredients of their food while practicing your Lao language skills:

Types Of Pastries In Lao

Lao cuisine boasts a wide variety of pastries that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Let’s take a closer look at some popular types of pastries you can find in Laos:

EnglishLao ScriptLao Pronunciation
Cakesຄີສ (Khisa)Khisa
Tartsຕາຕານ (Ta than)Ta than
Puff pastryສັງດົນຮ້ອງ (Sang don hong)Sang don hong
Shortcrust pastryສັງທີ່ຕໍ່ຳ (Sang thi tom)Sang thi tom
Choux pastryສັງສາມ (Sang sam)Sang sam
Filo pastryສັງຟີ້ລໍມ (Sang filo)Sang filo
Croissantsຂຣະສຽງ (Kha siong)Kha siong
Flaky pastryສັງດົນຈອກ (Sang don chok)Sang don chok
Danish pastryແຄນດິດສະຫນາກ (Khan did sanak)Khan did sanak
Mille-feuilleມີລະເບີ (Mi lao bue)Mi lao bue
Profiterolesປຣອກຟິທີເລສ (Prao fi thi les)Prao fi thi les

Lao Ingredients For Pastries

Here are the main ingredients used in many local pastries and traditional Lao desserts:

EnglishLao ScriptLao Pronunciation
Flourສົ້ມ (Som)Som
Coconutຫມູ (Maak)Maak
Sugarສົ້ມຫຼັງ (Som lerng)Som lerng
Eggsນ້ໍາ (Nam)Nam
Pandan Leaf Extractອົ້ມນາ (Am na)Am na
Chopped Taroຂອງສະຫວັນ (Khong sa wan)Khong sa wan
Crushed Iceນ້ຳນົກ (Nam nok)Nam nok
Lime Leavesຜົມບົດ (Phom bod)Phom bod
Chocolateຊອກໂກ່ງ (Sok kong)Sok kong
Pumpkinຜັກກອງ (Pak kong)Pak kong
Rice Flourສົ້ມເຂົ້າ (Som khao)Som khao
Grated Coconutຜົມກວາງຄ້າ (Phom khwāng khā)Phom khwāng khā
Fried Bananasຕົ້ນມາກົວ (Ton ma koua)Ton ma koua

Cooking Techniques

These techniques are typically employed to whip up the most delicious treats:

EnglishLao ScriptLao Pronunciation
Steamedແຂງ (Kheng)Kheng
Boiledແກງ (Khang)Khang
Deep Friedເກີ້ດສະຫນາກ (Ked sa wanak)Ked sa wanak
Bakedຕະໂຕ (Ta to)Ta to
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Stories And Legends Related To Lao Pastries

Lao culture is steeped in stories and legends, and even their pastries have their own fascinating tales to tell. Here are a few intriguing stories and legends related to Lao pastries:

  • The Legend of Khanom Thuai: According to Lao folklore, the creation of Khanom Thuai, or sticky rice cakes, is attributed to a young girl who possessed extraordinary culinary skills. It is said that she combined the right proportions of glutinous rice flour and coconut milk to create the perfect texture and flavor, resulting in the beloved Lao dessert we know today.
  • The Tale of Mhan Suhn: Mhan Suhn, the crispy Lao pancake, is not just a treat for the taste buds but also carries a symbolic meaning. Legend has it that these pancakes symbolize the sun’s rays. As the pancake is cooked on the hot griddle, it is believed to capture the essence of sunlight and bring good luck and prosperity to those who consume it.
  • The Myth of Khanom Ber: Khanom Ber, the Lao pancake, is said to have mystical origins. Legend has it that a mythical creature named “Naga,” a water serpent often depicted in Lao mythology, taught a Lao woman how to make the pancake. The recipe was believed to have been passed down through generations, creating a connection between the delicious pastry and the mythological creature.

While these stories and legends may be rooted in folklore, they add a touch of enchantment to Lao pastries. Exploring the traditional tales behind these pastries not only enhances our understanding of Lao culture but also adds depth to the enjoyment of these delightful treats.

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