Korean Dating Culture: 5+ Must-Know Facts

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Dating seems too perfect in Korean dramas, but is it the same in real life too? In this article, you will find out all about the Korean dating culture and some most prominent things that Korean couples do. So let’s get started!

Dating In Korean Culture

Dating in Korean culture is fun, but it might come with certain surprises and challenges if you are a foreigner. Korean culture is quite distinct from American or British culture. This is because Korean people have their own traditions when it comes to dating and their own likeness etc. We’re not telling you this about Korean dating culture to scare you, but, instead, to prepare you about what to do and what not to do in a relationship with a Korean person. Without further ado, let’s get started!

How Does Dating Start In South Korea?

Dating in South Korea happens similarly to in any other country. Korean people might be dating their classmates or colleagues. It could even be a guy who held them in the bank. Or maybe a girl whose dog needed help. Or maybe a girl who was mean to them. It’s all about fate.

But one of the ways of dating in South Korea is through a blind date. If there’s a single friend among a group of people who are engaged already, they would want them to mingle as well. They would always try to set them up with other people. For this reason, they would send them on a lot of dates. And those dates are blind dates which means that they have not seen each other before.

Do the Family members know?

There are different types of Korean parents and families in South Korea. Despite so much advancement in the country, many people tend to have orthodox and conventional ideas about the marriage of their children.

But these are not a lot in number. Most of the parents in South Korea have been modernized. They know that the youth these days likes to get married once they are sure of each other.

Matching Outfits

Korean dating culture

Matching the outfits of the people that you’re dating is quite common in South Korea. Most girlfriends want their boyfriend to match their clothes with them. This is also why you see so many pictures on Pinterest in which the girlfriend and boyfriend are matching each other.

Having similar/matching clothes is like a semi-flex on other people that we are dating and this is my person. This is also for some aesthetic reasons since it might look cool and cute.

Just the role of social media is huge in South Korea, therefore they always post each other’s pictures online. The couple who dresses up the best often gets most of them. Getting more likes urges them to match again and as it goes on.

Even if someone doesn’t post most people just do it for themselves. They like their person to look like them and therefore they match with each other. It could be matching the color or the pattern of the dress like checks, or even the couple shoes/couple shirts, etc, but there is always something.

This is not as much of a phenomenon in western countries. If nothing else, every couple will get matching rings just to show that they belong to each other.

What about public displays of affection?

Korean people do not mind showing affection in front of other people. Korean people might give a peck on the cheek or hug their partner in front of other people. But when it comes to kissing or making out they might not do it in public. That is not necessarily because they are shy. The main reason behind this is that they respect the privacy of other people.

They knew that there could be people around them who might not want to look at that display of intimacy. There could be an older woman or man, who is just throwing a fit saying “go get a room” or something similar.

To avoid getting embarrassed in the public and invading the privacy of others, they would try to keep their intimate relations private. They might even try to find a corner if they want to make out that bad but they would never do that in public. At least not in front of an extremely old or young generation.

People generally show certain hand gestures like finger heart or even arm heart if they are overwhelmed by emotions for their partner. That is quite acceptable in public and even considered cute.

If you date a South Korean person and that too in South Korea then try to get a little intimate with them but don’t take things to a steamy point since that is not the level of Public displays of affection (PDA) acceptable in South Korea.

Importance Of Communication

One tip to make your relationship work with a Korean person is by keeping open communication. The more communicated that your Korean partner will feel the better their chances of them sticking with you. In Korean dating culture, communication is given due importance.

There are countless chatting apps to stay in touch with each other and the Korean couples take the best out of it. Korean people, ensure that they do send some nice messages like good morning or good night to their partner. Have a proper conversation about your moods and emotions every now and then.

Communication is also considered a sign of having a serious relationship in Korean dating culture. Sending a nice and sweet message before going to sleep can make your Korean partner’s day. Most Koreans even interpret not sending messages as disinterest in the relationship and thus might get mad and insecure.

For easier communication, start learning Korean on your own.

Is it easy to have a Korean girlfriend?

Korean dating culture

Korean women are extremely gorgeous and caring. Therefore, most people are often attracted to Korean women. They can handle the responsibilities of both the house and the workplace. For some reason that makes them more attractive. However, the question is do Korean girls find the guys the same. Is it easy to have a Korean girlfriend? The answer is no it’s not easy. It might be in some cases but in most cases it is not, and here’s why.

Might Misunderstand You

Korean women love the idea of dating, but with foreigners, their attitudes can be different. Before we explain further, we would like to mention that it is a general idea and not all Korean women might be like this. You need to compliment her in a way that does not come off as flirting.

To most Korean women, the people who look like foreigners or people from the west might seem like playboys. This is because in the west things are rushed too soon, while in Asian countries especially South Korea things might look a bit slow.

The guy and the girl declared each other boyfriend and girlfriend too soon, however, the pace that they took to become that is a bit long. To make it easy for you to understand it might take them some time to get to the point of dating, but once they have their first or second date they do not prolong and instantly get into a relationship.

Slightly Unapproachable

Korean women are not easy to date because they do not want to look easy to approach. Korean women want their trust to be earned. That makes them feel special. Attracting Korean women is kind of harder than attracting American women because Korean women are afraid of getting their trust broken. A Korean woman pins all her hopes on you and they do not want their hopes to be broken.


Dating a Korean girl might give you anxiety and a lot of pressure. Do not worry, we don’t mean it in a negative way. Social media is humongous in South Korea. We all know the importance of social media but in South Korea, it is especially important.

People are sharing every minor detail of their lives on social media. This creates competition between every individual in the society since they’re connected and know everything about each other. You might want to do the best for your woman so that she doesn’t feel insecure or sad if someone else’s boyfriend is doing so.

This does not mean that Korean girls are mean, it simply is because it’s a natural thing. Everyone wants to be cared for and the same goes for Korean women. If she gets a Korean perm, notice that! You will have to get your Korean lady, a lot of gifts and always keep on showering them with praises, because if you don’t someone else might.

You can never take your Korean woman for granted because you are not the only man around her. She will be with you only because she loves you and not because you are her only option. So always try to give her the best! Learning some phrases for conveying love in Korean will definitely make the difference.

Korean Dating Apps

Korean dating culture

Now that you know a lot about the Korean dating culture, you might as well need some insight into the most frequently used dating sites by the Korean people. Cheers to the new beginnings!

There are many Korean Dating Sites but we would like you to know about the top 3 dating sites in South Korea. Here is a brief guide for you on that.

Korean Cupid

Korean cupid is a site that is used by most people in South Korea to get their potential partners. It is extremely easy to get any blind date on the Korean cupid. The cupid media network has created this application for all unmarried people.

It was created in 2004 but has more than one million users by now. Korean people simply sign up and give their basic information, including the Facebook page. Just like any other dating App people have to tell about themselves a little bit and include any video messages etc that would make others get a better idea of them.

This App is extremely safe for so many reasons. Reason number one is that people under the age of eighteen years are not allowed on this application. Reason number two is that you are supposed to add your photo to the App if you want to join. Reason number three is that you can only post your own pictures and not anyone else’s pictures to avoid any sort of confusion.

You must provide your ID verification so that it can be ensured that you’re not a spam account. And finally, the App ensures that no acts that could ethically harm anyone else like nudity or being over-sexual (sexual harassment) with anyone are allowed.


Would you like an application to find the best potential partner for you? Well, guess what, Korean people already use it. eHarmony is an application that uses a 32-dimension capability test. This test assesses your personality and then points out most of the features present in your personality with other people. Once they find the best compatible partner for you, they match you two up.

It is used by almost all communities and is generally safe to use. You need to mention all about yourself and by all, we mean all. All the things that are important to you and might be important to someone else, like your religion, name, thoughts about having children and career goals, etc.

What makes this application unique from the other applications is that it gives you a chance to virtually date each other before you guys meet each other. You might not want to share your personal information with someone like your Instagram ID because if you don’t like them, they might start stalking you.

Well, eHarmony presents the best solution for that. The only drawback to this is that it is only for premier members, if you do not have enough money, you do not get to have these perks.

International Cupid

The International Cupid is like another version of the Korean cupid, just an international version. It has over one million users. It provides you an easy registration, but you need to give a detailed account of your identity. There are countless people from different countries all across the globe.

You can match publicly and anonymously by sliding into each other’s direct messages. Signing up is free, and you need to give the basic information. Feel free to use your Facebook account to sign up, but you can do it without that as well. It has both free and paid offers to choose from according to your choice or preference.

Wrapping Up!

Teuida Review_Ling app_Learn Korean

Now you must be aware of the dating culture in South Korea. It is easy to find yourself a Korean partner and maintain a relationship. Being in a relationship with a Korean person can become extremely hard if there are language barriers.

The Ling app is there for you and has easy access to a plethora of easy and useful Korean lessons.

Happy Learning!

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