Lao Moods And Emotions: 15 Best Examples

This Lao moods and emotions vocabulary list is perfect for those of you who want to take your learning to the next level. It is good to have a firm footing in more concrete terms like colors in Lao and hobbies in Lao, but eventually, if you want to make a profound and long-lasting connection with someone, you’ll need to be able to explain how you feel. To start with, the two most basic emotions are Happy (mikhuaamsuk) ມີຄວາມສຸກ and Sad (osk sao) ໂສກເສົ້າ

Ling has everything you would want from a language app, including a giant Lao course that takes you from beginner to intermediate to advanced. So whether it’s describing physical pain or being able to describe emotions, we have content for you.

Lao Moods And Emotions Vocabulary

This list is a good way to describe negative emotions, positive emotions, and anything in between.

EnglishLaoLao Script
Sadosk saoໂສກເສົ້າ
Surprisedpalad chaiປະຫລາດໃຈ
Depressedsum saoຊຶມເສົ້າ

How Happy Are Lao People?

Laos currently ranks 100 out of 156 countries on the global happiness index. The global happiness index surveys citizens of every country globally and asks them to rate from 1-10 how happy they are on everything from government to economic opportunities to air quality.

Laos is not doing great compared to other countries in the area. Thailand ranks at 54. Vietnam ranks at 79 and Cambodia at 106.

Lao moods and emotions

What Are Some Reasons Lao People Might Be Unhappy?

  1. Natural disasters. According to the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, Lao is exposed to disaster risks. The main problem Laos faces is floods. The rainy season is unpredictable, becoming even more so with climate change, and one year it can be comparatively light, and the next can be a deluge. This problem is compounded because 64% of people are employed in the agricultural sector. That means if the crop fails, many farmers face the real possibility of going hungry
  2. Government. The Laos government is run along Marxist-Leninist lines, one of the only left remaining in the world. Freedom of speech is severely limited, and the media is under state control.
  3. Poverty. Undeniably the biggest problem many Lao people face is the amount of poverty. That being said, they have made significant progress over the last 25 years since they opened up to the free market(although there are fears Coronavirus will send that progress backward). It’s worth going into the statistics to show just how much the poverty rate has fallen. Between 1993 and 2019, it went from 46% to 18%, and in that time, the gross domestic product grew annually by 7.3%. However, although the poor are richer, the rich are much richer. Wealth inequality has risen significantly.
  4. Pollution. Globally, air pollution is estimated to kill 7 million people worldwide. In Laos, it kills 10,000 people per year, which astonishingly amounts to 20% of total deaths in the country. That equates to 100 million days of illness and costs 15% of GDP. The most significant contributor to bad air in Laos is the use of solid fuel for cooking, slash and burn farming, and vehicle emissions. A recent report from the World Bank applauded Laos for addressing some of its problems. In 2019 it launched a national Green Growth strategy that has become a crucial part of its strategy to progress beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.
lao moods and emotions

Mental Health In Laos

Mental health treatment in Laos is abysmal. It is estimated that 41,000 Lao people have untreated mental health issues. Further research indicates that out of these mentally ill people, 33% suffer from anxiety and 19% with schizophrenia. Those numbers are a lot to deal with when you consider Laos only has two mental units in the whole country. (It makes you think how much worse it could be if specific emotions weren’t identified in mindfulness practice. Laos is a Buddhist country with a tradition of meditation).

This tends to be a story often repeated in lower-income areas. First comes physical health and then mental health. Unfortunately, mental illness tends to come along with economic development.

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