Hobbies In Lao: 15 Best Examples

Learning words related to basic hobbies in Lao is an essential step for any language learner. The great thing about hobbies is that they’re universal, which means that the words you can learn in this post can be used in various situations. At the end of that day, everybody loves doing something in their leisure time. You could turn up in Vientiane tomorrow, find someone you’ve never met, and bond with them over a hobby. Some popular hobbies are reading (kan an) ການອ່ານ cooking (pung aetng a han) ປຸງ​ແຕ່ງ​ອາ​ຫານ and shopping (su kheuong) ຊື້ເຄື່ອງ

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Hobbies In Lao

EnglishLaoLao Script
Fishingkan hapaການຫາປາ
Swimminglony noaລອຍນໍ້າ
Readingkan anການອ່ານ
Cookingpung aetng a hanປຸງ​ແຕ່ງ​ອາ​ຫານ
Travellingkan doeng thangການ​ເດີນ​ທາງ
Shoppingsu kheuongຊື້ເຄື່ອງ
Skateboardingsaked bodສະເກັດບອດ
Chessmak hukໝາກຮຸກ
Bowlingoth pad sauaaໂຖປັດສະວະ
Bloggingkan khianbokການຂຽນບລັອກ
Hikingnyang paຍ່າງປ່າ

Meditation In Laos

Because of its history with communism, Laos is not as Buddhist as Thailand, but it still retains a sizeable Buddhist community, as does much of southeast Asia. The best thing about meditation is that you can do it whether you believe in Buddhism or not. 

Laos and Thailand practice a type of Buddhism known as Theravada, but within that, there is a meditation technique known as dhammakaya. This style was introduced to Thailand by a meditation teacher called Luang Po Sodh Candasaro.

Hobbies in Lao

Practitioners of this form of Buddhism claim it is the same method used by the Buddha to attain enlightenment. What makes it different is the particular focus paid to the body’s center. There are even those among the community that believes the practice can lead to superhuman abilities.

A famous story revolves around World War 2. The practice’s founder claimed that the allied powers were planning to drop an atomic bomb on Bangkok because it was the base of Japanese operations in the area. Along with his followers, they used dhammakaya meditation to change the mind of the army generals.

Yoga Retreats In Laos

Many westerners come to Laos to recharge their batteries and learn the ancient art of Buddhism. These are often not as ascetic as you might think. A top-quality resort is Namkhan Ecolodge in the ancient town of Luang Prabang. A 5-day course costs about $400 and includes seven yoga and meditation classes per day and three vegetarian meals. I can’t think of a better way to spend your time in the Lao people’s democratic republic. Get in touch with your inner self as small birds fly around you and you watch the Mekong river flow by.

Dancing In Laos

Lao people love to dance, and it’s bound up in the country’s culture. Classical dance is linked with theatre, which in turn was connected with the royal court. Dances often show scenes from the Phra Lak Phra Ram, which tells the story of one of the buddhas previous lives. 

Lao Art

Lao’s art is different from the western concept of art. Lao people are famous for textiles, wood-carving, basket weaving, and ceramics. Experts in Southern china and Northeast Thailand would recognize the same style.

A lot of this art is ancient and highly prized for its historical value. Archaeologists from Laos and Australia work on these sites to uncover hidden treasures. For example, one site in Vientiane dates backs to the fifteenth century. Some of what they found there included glazed sandstone, jars, vases, pipes, and pottery.

Another valuable Lao art form is textiles. Weaving dates back centuries in Laos. Common themes that seem to repeat are mythical water animals such as the naga, a kind of serpent, and mythical land animals such as the lion elephant or the magical swan. There are also many plant designs and religious iconography, such as Buddha images.

Hiking In Laos

Laos is a landlocked country with unspoiled jungles and beautiful rural areas perfect for hikers who want real adventure. A favorite with many hikers is the trek to Tad Lo Village, 85km from Pakse. Some highlights on the trek include waterfalls where you can swim and climb. This is particularly popular with backpackers, where it feels like the stress of the modern world melts away.

Hobbies in Lao

Learn Lao With Ling

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