14 Best Things To Do In Jeju Island You Don’t Want To Miss

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If you’re wondering what are the best things to do in Jeju Island, located south of mainland South Korea, let me fill you in. This volcanic island, formed from volcanic eruptions 2 million years ago, is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites. We’re talking seriously epic stuff here, fellows.

This is not your ordinary boring travel guide because I’m about to tell you Jeju Island’s best spots—the ones you gotta check out. Get ready for some serious adventure, learn useful Korean phrases thrown in for good measure, and even a little unexpected fun. This Jeju trip is going to be awesome!

1. Become A Sunrise Legend At Seongsan Ilchulbong

Listen, even if mornings make you want to crawl back under the covers, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak is gonna change that. We’re talking about fiery explosions of color as the sun hits this 600-foot-tall volcanic crater—a whole “picture perfect” situation begging for your camera.

Pro tip: Avoid the swarms of tourists at the main viewing platforms like the plague. Instead, hit up that little coastal trail to the left—same stunning sunrise, minus the selfie-stick madness.

2. Explore The Underworld In Manjanggul Cave

Channel your inner explorer because Manjanggul Cave is next-level. This place has a massive lava tube, one of the biggest on the planet, formed by volcanic eruptions over 300,000 years ago!

Imagine walking into a rippling tunnel almost 100 feet wide, crammed with bizarre rock formations, glittery minerals, and this absolutely ginormous 23-foot-high lava column at the end. It’s a straight-up alien landscape right here in Jeju.

Bonus: Enough of those sweaty summer days—this cave is a refreshingly cool escape.

Things to do in Jeju Island - A photo of Haenyeo Divers.

3. Get Schooled By The Badass Haenyeo Divers

You don’t wanna miss this one when visiting Jeju Island! Imagine fearless grandmas in wetsuits diving deep, armed with just a knife and a basket, hauling up octopus and other 海の幸 (umi no sachi – seafood treasures). That’s Jeju’s Haenyeo, the legendary “women of the sea.”

These tough ladies, some in their 70s and 80s, hold their breath for insanely long times. They have daily demos near Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, so prepare to be blown away. You might even be tempted to join their ranks—who wouldn’t, honestly?

4. Conquer Hallasan National Park: South Korea’s Highest Peak

Calling all hikers! Hallasan Mountain (Yeongjusan Mountain), a UNESCO World Heritage site, is where it’s at. Volcano views, crater lake, wildflowers—this peak has the whole package! But listen, it’s no walk in the park. This mountain stands tall at 6,397 feet, so come prepared.

The Seongpanak Trail is the most popular, challenging 9.6-mile round trip that’ll reward you with insane summit views. Pack like a pro—water, snacks, and warm layers (mountain weather can change on a dime). And check the weather in Korea for forecasts because nobody wants to get caught in a snowstorm on top of a volcano!

A photo of a woman's red shoes in Jeju Island's Loveland.

5. Get Kinky At Jeju Loveland

Warning: Jeju Loveland is like a seriously NSFW art exhibit, with 140+ statues that basically give you a full anatomy lesson, no textbooks required.

Think of exaggerated body parts and animals going at it. You get the picture. It’s like wandering through the mind of a very… creative individual. But hey, there’s also a surprisingly educational side, with plaques about Korea’s history of sex stuff, from ancient rituals to today’s views.

So, grab your boo (or open-minded friends) and prepare for some laughs, blushes, and maybe some “should-I-really-take-this-photo?” moments. Leave grandma at home, though—unless she’s secretly super wild.

6. Melt Your Troubles Away At Sanbangsan Carbonate Springs

All that adventure and, uh, statue-gazing can leave a person sore. So, let’s ditch the clothes (don’t worry, it’s separated by gender!) and soak those tired muscles in Sanbangsan Carbonate Springs. Think fizzy hot tub, courtesy of Mother Nature.

It’s tucked away at the base of Sanbangsan Mountain, so you get those mystical vibes while those magical bubbles work their magic. Splurge on a private bath for maximum relaxation, or be brave and join the locals in the communal pools—great for people-watching and cultural exchange.

A photo of Korean BBQ grilling.

7. Devour Jeju’s Famous Black Pork (You’ll Never Want Bacon Again)

Still a fan of those standard BBQs the whole Korean peninsula has? In Jeju, it’s all about 흑돼지 (heuk dwaeji – black pork belly.) These special pigs get fed this special diet that makes the meat insanely tender and flavorful.

Head to one of the little BBQ joints in Jeju City and prepare for pork heaven. They’ll grill it up at your table, turning that fat into a crispy, caramelized dream. Don’t skip the lettuce wraps, spicy sauce, and cold Korean beverages for the full experience. This stuff is so good it’ll ruin regular bacon for you forever.

8. Prepare To Be Wowed By Jeju’s Waterfalls

Jeju doesn’t just have one epic waterfall—it has two! First up: Jeongbang Waterfall. This isn’t your average waterfall—it crashes directly into the ocean! Picture a 75-foot beauty, mist swirling around, waves crashing—it’s wild and dramatic. Scramble down to the rocky beach for a front-row view (and yeah, you’ll probably get a little wet—all part of the experience!).

Next up: Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls. We’re shifting vibes here, folks. Think enchanting forests, gentle cascades, and butterflies fluttering around like confetti. It’s a little slice of paradise; as a bonus, it costs nothing. Mother Nature seriously spoils us sometimes.

A photo of Seongsan Ilchulbong.

9. Seongsan Ilchulbong: Your New Favorite Instagram Spot

Remember that jaw-dropping sunrise spot earlier, the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak? Well, surprise, it’s gorgeous all day long. This volcanic stunner, rising from the sea, is begging to be your Insta feed’s star.

Dramatic cliffs? Check. Ocean views? Check. Perfect cone shape? Mother Nature knows what’s up. Sure, the sunrise hike is a must, but come back later, too—explore the trails, find secret viewpoints, and snap those photos! And hey, don’t forget those lucky stone statues! A good nose rub is a tradition… plus it makes for a hilarious photo op.

10. Get Your Adrenaline Fix (Sustainably!) At Ecoland Theme Park

Sometimes, you just need to ditch the zen and let loose. If you’re visiting South Korea, Ecoland Theme Park is your answer, but it does things differently. Think rollercoaster thrills with a view of the forest and heart-stopping drops (prepare to lose your voice because you’ll scream!).

But the coolest part? This place actually cares about the planet. South Korean people here are serious about solar power, epic recycling, and even yummy local Korean food. Guilt-free thrills? Heck yeah!

A photo of statues in Jeju Island Stone Park.

11. Get Your Mind Blown At Jeju Stone Park

So, do you think rocks are boring? Think again! Jeju Stone Park is about to change everything. This place is basically an open-air art gallery where the sculptures are made of actual volcanic stone!

Picture giant creations, whimsical animals, and shapes so weird they’ll make you go, “Huh?”. It’s like those rock-balancing experts on steroids.

Walk through the gardens and watch the sunlight dance on that porous rock—it’s a natural light show! Bonus: You can get super hands-on with some of the art that tells the story of Jeju island’s rich cultural heritage.

Ever wanted to climb inside a giant stone elephant? Here’s your chance (just mind your head!). But the real stunner is the lake with floating stone figures—a total mind-bender and perfect for those artsy Instagram shots.

12. Escape To A Tropical Paradise At Hallim Park

Get ready to wander through flower explosions, towering palm trees, and themed gardens that make you feel like you’ve traveled the world! Hallim Park is a 27-acre paradise showcasing all of Jeju’s best plants in one dreamy location.

Stroll through a fragrant rose garden like you’re British royalty, or channel your inner Frida in the colorful cactus house. And the seasonal flower shows? Prepare to be wowed! Think pink cherry blossoms in spring, fields of purple lavender in summer, and fiery fall leaves… picture perfect.

Plus, all that walking is great exercise, but luckily, there’s an epic Korean sauna on-site, too. Soak those tired muscles and leave feeling like a million bucks.

Things to do in Jeju Island - A photo of yachts on clear waters.

13. Feel Like A Celeb On A Luxurious Yacht Tour

Want to see Jeju from a whole new angle? Hit the high seas on a private yacht tour! Here, you’re sipping bubbly on the deck, watching the sunset paint the sky. It’s breathtaking.

Most tours leave from Seogwipo port and stop at Jeju’s most gorgeous spots: crystal-clear waters, dramatic cliffs, and some playful dolphins! Okay, yeah, it’s pricey. But hey, if you want to splurge on the ultimate “pinch-me-I’m-dreaming” experience, this is it. Don’t forget your best “look at me, I’m so fancy” pose for those Instagram shots.

14. Travel Back In Time At Jeju Folk Village

I love Jeju’s modern side, but its history is seriously fascinating. Get ready for the OG Jeju experience at the Jeju Folk Village. This place is like a walk through a traditional Jeju village, with old-school houses, temples, everything! It’s cool to imagine how people lived back then without fancy gadgets or anything.

But the real fun is watching how stuff is made—basket weaving, diving tools, the whole nine yards. You can even try your hand at making traditional Jeju dishes—talk about an authentic experience! Plus, everyone wandering around in those traditional outfits (hanbok) makes for amazing photo ops.

Useful Korean Phrases For Exploring Jeju Island

Do you think you can enjoy the best things to do in Jeju Island without knowing at least a little Korean? I don’t think so! Don’t worry, though. I’m not about to leave you hanging.

And if you want to master the Korean language in a fun and easy way, try the Ling app! Now, here are some super helpful Korean travel phrases to make your trip even more awesome:

Ready To Explore All The Best Things To Do On Jeju Island?

We’ve just covered volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, and everything in between—talk about a jam-packed Jeju adventure! When it comes to amazing things to do in Jeju Island, this place seriously delivers, and now you’ve got the insider scoop to experience it like a pro.

Don’t forget those Korean travel phrases when you visit Jeju Island—they’ll open doors and make your trip much more fun. So, what’s next? Time to pack your bags, start practicing your Korean, and get ready to fall head over heels for Jeju Island!

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