5+ Up And Coming Malay Songs From Malaysia’s Hottest Singers

What are the hottest Malay songs on the internet today?

Malaysia’s music scene is bursting with talent; there’s never been a better time to discover new artists and songs. Artists all over the country continue to create hits that are getting tons of attention online! This blog showcases some of the hottest up-and-coming Malay songs from Malaysia’s most exciting singers.

From catchy pop tunes to heartfelt ballads, these songs will surely get you grooving and singing along. So, whether you’re a longtime fan of Malay music or just getting into it, read on to discover the latest and greatest from Malaysia’s music scene.


The Best Malay Songs You Need To Hear Today

Amaran – Siti Nordiana & Bunga

The Malay word amaran means “warning” in English – which is what this song is about! Amaran joins the ranks of songs that empower women, and it deserves its slot.

The song is about an older woman warning a younger one about a man’s womanizing ways. In it, the song tells that younger woman to be strong for herself and avoid drama as much as possible because she’s worth more than it. The video is also a rockin’ tribute to women and their strength! The lyrics even reference the kancil, a popular children’s folk tale.

Amaran is a collaboration between Siti Nordiana & Bunga. The former is one of Malaysia’s most famous personalities. She started her career at 15 with six albums under her belt. The latter, Bunga, is a popular rapper/singer in Malaysia, who once dreamed of becoming a politician, but ended up focusing on her music!

Best Line Of The Song

‘Cause a cheat stays a cheater, they’ll always stay the same
Too much pretending, they’re filled with drama
Drama? Yes, drama, drama!
How much will you mess with my head?
I’m done with it! (ha, two, three, let’s go!)
‘Cause a cheat, stays a cheater dan kau masih yang sama
Banyak sangat wayang, penuh dengan drama
Drama? Ya drama, drama
Kepala semak nak berapa banyak?
Serik dah ku tak nak (ha, two, three, leggo)

Sumpah – Naim Daniel

Sumpah by Naim Daniel is one of the most popular songs in Malaysia. Once you understand the lyrics, you’ll get precisely why. The word means “swear” in English. The song is about a man pining for a woman and being crestfallen about her departure. Yep, we’ve all been there, Naim Daniel.

Naim Daniel is a master lyricist and singer from Kuala Lumpur who has penned many Malay songs that became hits nationwide. The content he produces speaks to the sadness many of us feel, which allows his songs to hit just that harder. This is one of those songs that make you realize how pain in music is universal – no need for translation!

Best Line Of The Song

I hope you hear
What I have whispered all this time
Without you, life is meaningless
If the moon stops glowing
Please light the darkness up, even just a little
‘Ku harap kau mendengar apa yang
‘Ku bisikan selama ini
Tanpamu seluruh nyawa tak bermakna
Andai rembulan tidak lagi mampu bercahaya
Terangilah gelapku walau dalam gelita

Kau Ilhamku – Man Bai

Kau Ilhamku translates to “You’re My Inspiration” in English, and Man Bai has managed to deliver one of the best songs about love, loss, and gratitude through it. The song speaks about someone declaring gratitude towards those who gave them the strength to keep going. Man Bai pays tribute to the people who inspired his music in the video.

The song has been a mainstay in Malaysia’s karaoke bars, blasting from speakers from every street corner. Its popularity has been attributed to its simple yet heartfelt lyrics; we see why! The song was released with a new version in 2020 to celebrate its longevity as one of the best Malay songs ever.

Best Line Of The Song

Thousands of stars in the sky
Have started to disappear
I lost my grip in the dark
The full moon
Is looking so dim now
Like my inspiration
That has started to fade away.
Beribu bintang dilangit
Kini menghilang
Meraba aku dalam kelam
Rembulan mengambang
Kini makin suram
Pudar ilhamku tanpa arah

Sakit – Achey

When we chanced upon this gem in search of the best Malay songs, we didn’t initially know how to feel. But eventually, Sakit (“pain” in English) won us over. It wasn’t just the heartfelt singing, the 80’s inspired guitar solos or the video – it was the whole package. The song is one significant comment against people who judge others based on their hobbies!

The song is about someone acknowledging that they’re incompatible with someone they thought they loved. But while that’s simple enough to understand, the video takes it to another level. Just watch it, trust us. Achey’s producer is Seventeen Eleven Music, one of Malaysia’s top indie labels.

Best Line Of The Song

You don’t need to say
That you’re not the best for me
You’re trying to be
The best for him
Tak perlu kau ucap
Kau bukan terbaik buat diriku
Sedang kau cuba menjadi
Yang terbaik untuk dirinya

#AwakKatMane – Taufik Batisah

Awak kat mane means “where are you” in English, and this song is about exactly that! It tells the story of a guy getting irritated by how often his girlfriend calls him to ask where he is. The guy responds by gaslighting his girlfriend and asking her to trust him. Scummy, we know – but sometimes music has its bad genres, too.

But the song still has 8.6 million views on YouTube, and if you get over the problematic lyrics, you end up with one of the boppiest Malay songs in this list. The data doesn’t lie: the song mixes fun samples, easy-to-follow lyrics, and a fun melody to bounce to! Sometimes, music isn’t about the song lyrics – it’s about the feeling those songs give you!

Best Line Of The Song

Where are you, where are you?
Where are you, where are you?
She always asks.
Awak kat mane, awak awak kat mane?
Awak kat mane, awak awak kat mane?
Di tanya tanya lagi

Santai – Faizal Tahir

Out of all the love songs here, this is the first one about familial love instead of romantic love – and we’re all about this type of content! Not only is this a bop, but it’s also a loving story about a dad wanting his daughter to slow down when finding a boyfriend – there’s no need to rush. She should santai (relax!)

It’s one of the most famous Malay songs on YouTube, with over 4.5 million views on YouTube Music. The video is hilarious and pokes a bit of fun at Malaysia’s dating culture and how dads can be overbearing when their daughters turn into women. Overall, Faizal Tahir created a great comment about how a dad always wants the best for his daughter – be it in Malaysia or other parts of the world.

Best Line Of The Song

Relax, my love
Follow me, trust me
This old horse may not be fast
But it’s steady and solid
Santai-santai lah, sayang ku
Ikat aku, usah ragu
Kuda tua mungkin tak laju
Masih steady, masih padu

Kong Kali Kong – Floor 88 & Namie

Kong Kali Kong (time and time again) is a fun, pop-rocky number that has a deeper underlying meaning, once you start to understand the lyrics. It tells the story of the struggles of workers in Malaysia: having a low salary, dealing with the rising cost of living, and even heavy car traffic.

The music video betrays its underlying meaning by showing off its fun visuals. Still, if you pay close attention to what they’re singing, it’s actually a commentary against the capitalist sentiment that many Malaysians have to face every day. This is perhaps the most badass way to protest ever!

Best Line Of The Song

The cost of living and soaring
The salary is not enough
I have so much work piled up!
Kos hidup melambung
Gaji tak untung
Kerja aku banyak bertimbun timbun


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