8 Easy Korean Words For Office Equipment


Are you ready to add a touch of Korean flair to your office lingo? Buckle up as we embark on a linguistic journey through the world of Korean words for office equipment! From “컴퓨터” (computer) to “펜” (pen), we’ll equip you with the vocabulary you need to impress your Korean-speaking colleagues and level up your language skills. Let’s dive in and make your office conversations truly global and engaging!

Office Equipment In Korea

In Korea, office equipment is directly translated as “사무 기기” (samu gigi) and “사무용품” (samuyongpum) for its plural form. It is an ensemble that transforms your workspace into a dynamic hub of productivity. It’s the arsenal of tools designed to enhance efficiency, communication, and organization in the modern workplace.

These office supplies are very useful for a country like South Korea, which is increasing its workforce productivity. Office equipment is instrumental, along with the Korean people’s dedication, to the quick development of Korea!

I’m sure that we can all testify to office equipment’s helpfulness. But what are these equipments called?


Common Korean Words For Office Equipment

Prepare your suit and tie, folks, as we are going to have a presentation of office equipment in the Korean language! Don’t worry; you can have all the coffee breaks you want—watch for your heart rate, though. Let’s begin to learn words!

Computer-Related Office Equipment

Computer – 컴퓨터

Ah, the trusty “컴퓨터” (keompyuteo/ computer)—your ultimate office sidekick! Picture this: It’s like having a personal wizard at your desk, turning your ideas into reality—something you can see on your monitor. From lightning-fast calculations to graphic wizardry, the computer does productivity-enhancing stuff!

No more hand-cramping spreadsheets or dusty-filling cabinets. The computer zips through tasks, tames your inbox, and even transforms your cat photos into memes during coffee breaks—all in a single piece of equipment!

Printer – 인쇄기

In the almost digital world of the office, prints are still the MVPs! Called “인쇄기” (inswaegi) in Korean, printers take those digital files and make them tangible—reports, proposals, and pie charts, oh my!

When you need a hard copy of that all-important presentation or a tangible contract to seal the deal, the printer is your go-to spellcaster.

Photocopier – 복사기

The photocopier or “복사기” (bogsagi) is simply the clone machine in the office—literally! Need 20 copies of that vital report for the team meeting? Photocopier’s got your back. Want to share the hilarious office cat memes from last night’s company party? It’ll print ’em out very soon!

So, when you need to multiply important papers or share the fun, the photocopier is your stealthy sidekick, silently making duplicates and saving the day!

Paper Shredder – 종이 분쇄기

Imagine this: You’ve got classified documents or embarrassing doodles that must vanish into thin air. That’s where the 종이 분쇄기 (jong-i bunswaegi/ paper shredder) swoops in like a spy turning sensitive info into confetti (literally).

Need to protect confidential data from prying eyes? The paper shredder is your undercover ally. Have a pile of old love letters from a now-embarrassing office romance? It’ll shred ’em to bits, no questions asked. I bet James Bond has one of these in his home.

Korean Words For Office Equipment-ling-app-woman in the office

Stationery Office Supplies

Pen – 펜

How about this, let’s say your eyes got tired of using the computer to take notes. What should you do, then? Thankfully, the conventional primary equipment, the 펜 (pen), is always by our side!

There’s more to using the pen, of course! Need to sign a deal, doodle a masterpiece, or jot down your genius ideas? The pen’s got your back. It’s like a magic wand that brings words to life on paper, making you the office wordsmith (or drawing) connoisseur!

Pencil – 연필

You got immediate brilliant ideas that strike like lightning, and you need to capture them instantly? That’s where the pencil or 연필 (yeonpil) comes into play, ready to sketch, scribble, and spark your imagination!

Need to doodle a masterpiece during a brainstorm or jot down spontaneous genius? Worry not because there is equipment that is fitting just for that! So, whether you’re crafting art during a meeting or simply sketching your next big idea, the pencil is your nimble companion, turning any paper into a piece of concepts!

Eraser – 지우개

Called 지우개 (jiugae), this is a real go-to for our mistakes! Well, at least mistakes that are caused by pencils. For instance, you’re creating an awesome design, but oops, a mistake sneaks in. That’s where the eraser steps up, making errors vanish.

Paper – 종이

Imagine this: in a digital world, you stumble upon a blank canvas ready for your ideas. That’s where paper shines, turning your thoughts into reality.

Whether you’re sketching your next masterpiece, jotting game-changing ideas, or sharing handwritten notes, paper’s got your back. In fact, every document that is needed to be tangible requires paper. An unsung hero of all the office supplies, indeed!

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