10+ Best Ways To Say Sorry In Nepali

When you are on a trip to Nepal to explore its beauty and greet new people, it is important to remain respectful and polite. However, there can be times when you have committed some mistake or accidentally bumped into someone. Here, you must know how to say sorry in Nepali.

Locals appreciate it when you apologize to them in their native language. That’s why saying basic words and phrases like “sorry” “माफ गर्नुहोस् (Māpha garnuhōs)” is essential while visiting a new place like Nepal.

While knowing the culture and traditions of Nepal, you should also learn the basics of the Nepali language. It becomes easier to communicate with people if you remain humble and kind, as there happen moments when you feel the utmost desire to speak with someone in their language. It is the time when you have to say Sorry in Nepali or to thank someone. So, be the one who knows the basics of the new language they aim to visit.

How Do You Apologize In Nepali

Formal Ways To Say Sorry In Nepali

When it comes to apologizing to someone, there are different means of doing so, but the preferable way of seeking an apology is the formal way of apologizing. Being formal, say, “I am sorry,” which translates in Nepali as “Ma du: Khī chu.” This way, you can avoid any misunderstanding while dealing with multiple people in a vast population. Learn to say sorry in the right way and end your visit to the country with a respectful goodbye.

English WordsPronunciationNepali
Sorry!Māpha garnuhōsमाफ गर्नुहोस्
I am sorry.Ma du: Khī chuम दु: खी छु
It is my fault.Yō mērō galtī hōयो मेरो गल्ती हो
Excuse me, please!Kr̥payā, malā’ī māpha garnuhōsकृपया, मलाई माफ गर्नुहोस्

Informal Ways To Say Sorry In Nepali

Let’s move on to the informal ways of saying sorry in Nepali. Being in a new country, you must greet people by saying “Hello!” meaning in Nepali “नमस्ते (Namaste).” Then, when you get in a conversation with someone, and you feel the need to apologize for some reason, you can say sorry in informal ways, as it is fine to use informal means of apologizing with close friends and native people.

If you begin learning Nepali or you want to visit Nepal for the first time, being formal is still the better option. So here are some informal ways of saying sorry in the Nepali language.

English WordsPronunciationNepali
Pardon me.Malā’ī māpha garnuhōsमलाई माफ गर्नुहोस्
My bad.Mērō narāmrōमेरो नराम्रो
Whoops! I am sorry.Ōhō! Ma du: Khī chuओहो! म दु: खी छु
Oh! Sorry.Ōha! Māpha garnuhōsओह! माफ गर्नुहोस्
Basic Phrases To Say Sorry In Nepali

Basic Phrases To Say Sorry In Nepali

You should broaden your vocabulary if you wish to learn Nepali efficiently. Here are some phrases to say sorry in Nepali to use in a variety of scenarios.

English PhrasesPronunciationNepali
I am really sorry.Ma sām̐ccai māphī cāhanchuम साँच्चै माफी चाहन्छु
I want to apologize.Māphī cāhanchuमाफी चाहन्छु
I won’t do it again.Ma phērī gardinaम फेरी गर्दिन
I didn’t mean it.Mērō matalaba thi’ēnaमेरो मतलब थिएन
I hope you forgive me.Malā’ī āśā cha ki tapā’im̐ malā’ī māpha garnuhunchaमलाई आशा छ कि तपाइँ मलाई माफ गर्नुहुन्छ
I take full responsibility.Ma pūrṇa jim’mēvārī linchuम पूर्ण जिम्मेवारी लिन्छु
I sincerely apologize.Ma hārdika māphī māgchuम हार्दिक माफी माग्छु
Oh no, Are you ok? I am sorry.Aham̐, timī ṭhika chau? Ma du: Khī chuअहँ, तिमी ठिक छौ? म दु: खी छु
Respond To Someone That Says Sorry In Nepali

How To Respond When Someone Says Sorry In Nepali To You?

Learn to forgive people, as doing this won’t down your pride. Forgiveness is the beginning of a good friendship. As you are interested in learning how to say sorry in Nepali, you should also learn to respond to sorry in Nepali and make good friends forever. The most typical apologies response is “It’s ok,” which is translated as “ठिकै छ (Ṭhikai cha).” For example, it could be helpful if someone unintentionally bumped into you on the street.

English WordsPronunciationNepali
That’s ok!Ṭhikai chaठिकै छ
No problem!Samasyā chainaसमस्या छैन
Don’t worry about it.Yasakō bārēmā cintā nagarnuhōsयसको बारेमा चिन्ता नगर्नुहोस्
I appreciate your apology.Ma tapā’im̐kō māphī kō kadara gardachuम तपाइँको माफी को कदर गर्दछु
I forgive you.Mailē timīlā’ī māpha garidi’ēमैले तिमीलाई माफ गरिदिए

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