35+ Important Vocabulary For Family In Nepali

Vocabulary For Family In Nepali

Family relationships are the most important aspects of our lives. Look at the table below if you want to learn Nepali names for family ties.

One of the essential topics to master while learning Nepali is common vocabulary. The common language is made up of terms that we use every day. In this blog, we have compiled vocabulary for families in Nepali. Here are some easy ones to get you started. Father बुवा, बाबा (Buwa)…Mother आमा (Ama)

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Vocabulary For Family In Nepali You Need To Know

Vocabulary For Family In Nepali Immediate Relations

1. Immediate Relations

Learning a language like native bonds you to the culture more deeply. The people see you as more connected to them.

The Nepali family is a complex structure. In Nepal, most people have an extended family. Even the tiniest of connections are treasured and remembered.

A paternal side and a maternal side may be generally divided. Each side has a somewhat different word for each individual. There are also special terms for your spouse’s family and other phrases based on whether you are a man or a woman.

The immediate family has the same terms for both sides of the family.

Grandfatherबाजे, हजुरबुवाBaje, Hajurbuwa
Grandmotherबज्याई, हजुरामाBajyai, Hajurama
Fatherबुवा, बाबा        Buwa, Baba
Elder brotherदाइDai
Younger brotherभाइBhai
Elder sisterदिदीDidi
Younger sisterबहिनीBahini
Vocabulary For Family In Nepali Some Other Important Relationships Terms

2. Some Other Important Relationships Terms

These tables benefit from pronouncing and translating important vocabulary for a family in Nepali from English.

Maternal Side NepaliPronunciation
Mother’s Brotherआमाको भाइĀmākō bhā’i
Mother’s Brother’s wifeआमाको भाइकी श्रीमतीĀmākō bhā’ikī śrīmatī
Mother’s Elder sisterआमाकी दिदीThuli Ama
Mother’s Elder sister’s husbandआमाको जेठी दिदीको श्रीमान्Ṭhulo Buwa
Mother’s Younger sisterआमाको कान्छी बहिनीChyama
Mother’s Younger sister’s husbandआमाको कान्छी बहिनीको श्रीमान्Buwā)
Paternal Side NepaliPronunciation
Father’s Elder brotherबुबाको जेठो दाजुṬhulo Buwā
Father’s Elder brother’s wifeबुबाको जेठो दाजुकी श्रीमतीṬhuli Ama
Father’s Younger brotherबुबाको कान्छो भाइKaka
Father’s Younger brother’s wifeबुबाको कान्छो भाइकी श्रीमतीKaki
Father’s Sisterबुबाको बहिनीPhupu
Father’s Sister’s husbandबुवा दिदीको श्रीमान्Phupa
Sibling Side NepaliPronunciation
Brother’s wifeदाजुकी श्रीमतीBhauju
Brother’s daughterदाजुकी छोरीBhadai Ni [Nī Is Optional]
Brother’s sonभाइको छोराBhadaha
Brother’s daughterदाजुकी छोरीBhatiji
Brother’s sonभाइको छोराBhatijo
Sister’s husbandबहिनीको श्रीमान्Bhinaju
Sister’s daughterबहिनीकी छोरीChori
Sister’s sonबहिनीको छोरोChora
Sister’s daughterबहिनीकी छोरीBhanji
Sister’s sonबहिनीको छोरोBhanja
Vocabulary For Family In Nepali In-Laws

3. Nepali Family Words For In-Laws Family Members

In the case of in-laws, the phrase refers to the four family member terms listed below and is used consistently. The relationship names are spread across the family members.

The spouse’s relatives are divided into two categories. Based on whether your spouse is your husband or wife, the phrase is understood to relate to your spouse.

For example, the word “younger sister or sister-in-law” in “husband’s side” refers to your “husband’s younger sister,” who is known as “nanda.” Similarly, “brother-in-law” on both sides, is pronounced as “dāju” in the Nepali language.

EnglishNepali Pronunciation
Son’s Wifeछोरा श्रीमतीBuhari
Husband’s Nepali Pronunciation
Elder brotherदाइJeṭhaju
Elder brother’s wifeजेठो दाजुकी श्रीमतीJeṭhani
Younger brotherकान्छो भाइDewar
Younger brother’s wifeकान्छो भाइकी श्रीमतीDeuranī
Elder sisterदिदीAmaju
Elder sister’s husband or husband’s elder sisterदिदीको श्रीमान्Buwa
Younger sisterकान्छी बहिनीNand
Younger sister’s husbandकान्छी बहिनीको श्रीमान्Nandabhai
Wife’s Nepali Pronunciation
Elder brotherदाइJeṭhan
Elder brother’s wifeजेठो दाजुकी श्रीमतीJeṭhan Didi
Younger brotherकान्छो भाइSalo
Younger brother’s wifeकान्छो भाइकी श्रीमतीBahin
Elder sisterदिदीDidi
Elder sister’s husbandदिदीको श्रीमान्Dai
Younger sisterकान्छी बहिनीSali
Younger sister’s husbandकान्छी बहिनीको श्रीमान्Saḍhu Bhai
Vocabulary For Family In Nepali Seniority Terms

4. Other Seniority Terms For Family In Nepali

Seniority words refer to the sequence in which people were born. Nepali language culture holds a very different approach to granting seniority in naming children.

Furthermore, the genders are also divided, with firstborn females and firstborn boys being tallied separately. The remainder is relative; for example, if there are two daughters (both female), they will be referred to as “firstborn” daughter and “last born” daughter rather than “second born” daughter.

 If there are three daughters, the sequence is firstborn, second-born, and third-born.

Finally, the sequence is different if mixed genders, such as two daughters and one boy. It will be like a firstborn girl, last-born daughter, or firstborn son (even if the son was born after the last-born daughter).

The forms here are in the neutral/masculine gender.

Third bornसहिमलोSahimLo
Fourth bornचौथोलोKahimLo
Last bornकान्चोKancho

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