Date And Time In Irish: 99+ Easy Expressions

Want some insight into the locals’ common words to describe date and time in Irish? Then this blog is perfect for you! In this post, we will walk you through the easy ways by which you can tell the date and time like a natural native speaker through our complete list of words, phrases, and expressions below. If you are ready to impress the locals, please continue reading below.

Time Zone Of Ireland

Ireland follows the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) timezone. This is also the time zone that most people follow universally to tell the time. Culturally, being late, especially for formal events, is frowned upon by the locals. Fortunately, you can always use a time zone converter online or look for apps to gauge the time difference.

Telling Time In Irish

There are different ways: specific words and phrases to ask and tell the time in the Irish language.

Clock Numbers In Irish

Let’s start with the numbers. There are 24 hours in a day. But on the clock, we can see 12 numbers only. Here is a list of all the 12 numbers for you to learn and use while telling what hour it is:

Irish NumbersArabic NumbersEnglish Translation
A haon1One
A dó2Two
A trí3Three
A ceathair4Four
A cúig5Five
A sé6Six
A seacht7Seven
A hocht8Eight
A naoi9Nine
A deich10Ten
A haon déag11Eleven
A dó dhéag12Twelve

For learning more numbers, feel free to check out a complete guide Irish Numbers by Ling App.

Expressing Time

The word for an hour in Irish is “uair an chloig,” a minute is “nóiméad” and seconds is “soicindí.”

To tell about the time of something (a process or an action), you should say Number for hours+ uair +Number for minutes+ nóiméad agus +Number for Seconds+ soicind. For instance, one hour 20 minutes and 20 seconds will be 1 uair 20 nóiméad agus 30 soicind.

Time In Hours

To tell the time using a number with o’clock, you can say Number+A Chlog. For example, three o’clock would be “trí a chlog”. Similarly, you can use this basic formation to tell time with all the numbers.

Time In Minutes

If you want to tell the time using both minutes and hours. Use “tar éis” which means after or past in English.

The basic formation for minutes would be “Number + tar éis + Number” For instance, “Ceann+ tar éis + ocht” should be used to say eight past 1 (1:08). Easy, right?

Okay, the next comes a half and a quarter. You should use “Leath” to say half and “Ceathrú” to say a quarter. For instance, to say half-past (a number), you can use “leath tar éis + number.

Basic Expressions In IrishEnglish Translations
What time is it right now?Cén t-am é anois?
It is 3 ‘o clock right now.Tá sé 3 a chlog faoi láthair.
What day is it today?Cén lá é inniu?
It is Tuesday todayIs é Dé Máirt inniu é
What date is it today?Cén dáta atá ann inniu?
It is 4 January 2022 today.Is é 4 Eanáir 2022 inniu.
What is the local time of Dublin?Cén t-am áitiúil i mBaile Átha Cliath?
What will be the weather of Ireland on 4 January 2022?Cén aimsir a bheidh in Éirinn an 4 Eanáir 2022?
How much time will it take to reach that location?Cé mhéad ama a thógfaidh sé chun an áit sin a bhaint amach?
It will take 3 days and 5 hours.Tógfaidh sé 3 lá agus 5 uair an chloig.
When will you come to Dublin?Cathain a thiocfaidh tú go Baile Átha Cliath?
I’ll come to Dublin on 3rd March.Tiocfaidh mé go Baile Átha Cliath ar an 3ú Márta.
People used to look at the sun to tell time.Ba ghnách le daoine féachaint ar an ngrian chun am a insint.
How many locations can I visit in Ireland in 5 hours?Cé mhéad áit ar féidir liom cuairt a thabhairt orthu in Éirinn i gceann 5 uair an chloig?
Is it written as January 4, 2022, or the 4th of January 2022 in Ireland?An bhfuil sé scríofa mar 4 Eanáir 2022 nó 4 Eanáir 2022 in Éirinn?

Date In Irish

To tell the date in Irish, you can simply add Number+month in Irish. Same as English, right? For instance, to say the 3rd of January, you can say “3 Eanáir”. To tell the dates in Irish, you must know numbers till 31 at least.

Days Of The Week In Irish

The word for a day in Irish is “lá,” and its plural is “laethanta.” A quick list for you to memorize all the days without any fuss:

Irish WordsEnglish Translation
Dé LuainMonday
Dé MáirtTuesday
Dé CéadaoinWednesday
Dé hAoineFriday
Dé SathairnSaturday
Dé DomhnaighSunday

Months In Irish

The word for a month in Irish is “mhí,” and its plural is “míonna.” A quick list for all the months:

Irish WordsEnglish Translation
Meán FómhairSeptember
Deireadh FómhairOctober

Easy Words Related To Date And Time In Irish

To form the sentences and make phrases in Irish, you must know the basic vocabulary about date and time. Here is a list of all the basic Irish words about time. Try to use these and make sentences to practice your Irish language.

Irish WordsEnglish Translation
Tar ÉisAfter
Solas An LaeDaylight
Am CodlataBedtime
Clog AláraimAlarm Clock
Deich MblianaDecade
Ina Dhiaidh SinAfterward
Solas An LaeDaylight
Laethanta Na SeachtaineDays Of The Week
Am Ar BithAnytime
Bliain FéilireCalendar Year
Clog DigiteachDigital Clock
Go LuathEarly
Roimh RéBefore Hand
Meán-Am GreenwichGreenwich Mean Time
Aghaidh ClogClock Face
MeánlaeHigh Noon
Líne Dáta IdirnáisiúntaInternational Date Line
Gach LáEveryday
In AmOn-Time
Uaireadóir PócaPocket Watch
Faire LáimheWristwatch
Thar AmOvertime
Clog UisceWater Clock
Meán OícheMidnight
Nóiméad NóiméadMinute Hand
Dara LáimheSecond Hand
Lár Na MaidineMidmorning
Crios AmaTime Zone
I LáthairPresent
Meán Oíche TráthnónaMidafternoon
An Lae InnéYesteryear
A ChlogO’clock
Meán LaeNoon
Clog LuascadáinPendulum Clock
Léim Sa Dara HáitLeap Second
Bliain LeapLeap Year
Mí GealaíLunar Month

Wrapping Up

Date and time in Irish

Hopefully, by now, you can tell the time in the Irish language. If you liked this blog, then feel free to have a look at our other blogs. We also have a similar blog about calendar lists in Irish and numbers in Irish.

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