10+ Shocking Facts About Dating A Korean Guy

korean men dating a korean guy

You must be fantasizing about dating a Korean guy for a variety of reasons. You’ve most likely fallen in love with Korean entertainment. Probably, South Korean boys are handsome idols in K-pop, k drama actors, or some handsome Korean rookie actor. In this article, we plan to discuss all the essential details of dating Korean men and related Korean words

We’ll provide you with some pointers that will help you deal with the majority of the males you’ll meet in South Korea to mitigate the occurrence of cultural clashes; nevertheless, you should also trust your instincts. You are more aware of your scenario than we are!

Dating A Korean Guy

Fans of K dramas will recognize Lee Minho, Ji Chang Wook, Park Seo Joon, and Cha Eun-woo. These angels frequently portray the attractive yet enigmatic male protagonists Asian guys, whom we can’t help but think about as our partners in real life.

When their characters contain all of the attributes that create a “perfect” boyfriend: attractive, tall, fashionable, compassionate, and charming, it’s difficult not to be enamored by these oppas, who are the reason many female dreams about dating a Korean and visiting South Korea.

A brief disclosure

All men are different, and South Korean men are no exception. All Korean men have different preferences and ways of showing love, but one thing where their actions collide is how to care for their partners in a more gentlemanly way.

Korean men are unfamiliar with other cultures and have a rigorous dating culture. Since South Korean dating culture and social standards (e.g., Korean Beauty standards) differ from those of other cultures. Even if you are a relationship expert, there are a few things you should be aware of if you are dating a Korean or want to have a good dating relationship with a Korean man.

If you are a foreign female and plan to date a Korean guy, then we are on the same page. Take your notes on the following juicy information on the culture of dating Koreans

Dating a Korean guy shy

Korean Guys Are Shy To Ask You Out

You will obviously encounter Korean males if you visit South Korea soon. If you want to date while you’re there, keep in mind that just because South Korean men don’t ask you out doesn’t imply they don’t like you or it is due to cultural differences.

Compared to Western countries’ culture, when a male has a romantic interest in a potential date, he will approach them and strike up a conversation, even if the individual is a stranger, showing off masculinity and boldness. That is not the case in South Korea. 

If you are not from South Korea and appear to be a tourist or a new among locals, since most Korean guys are shy, you’re unlikely to be contacted by young South Korean males you’ve met! Do not take them as weak men. Their timid character is the only downside to their charms and charisma.

If you happen to have a crush on a Korean guy, be a confident girl, approach him, and hit a conversation to take a chance of dating.

Dating a Korean guy fashionable

Korean Men Are Fashionistas

One of the nicest aspects of Korean men is how nicely they dress. When Korean men have a crush on someone, they prefer taking care of themselves to appear well for their female partner, from excellent attire to flawless hair. If you are going to date one, you should also put effort into looking well in front of them to reduce the chances of personality clashes.

Korean Guys Love Twinning With Their Partners

In a world of cultural differences, wearing matching attire with your lover is a fashionable and contemporary method of expressing love. It basically goes back to the beginning of the relationship: love!

As you may be aware, Korean fashion has become a global statement. Korean couples are increasingly sporting matching clothing due to the emergence of K-fashion.

On the streets of Korea, you’ll notice a wide range of designs and trends that couples match in color or even accessories.

Your Korean guy partner will most certainly gift you with a matching item, ranging from matching shirts to matching phone covers, and will expect you to utilize them. Korean men aren’t hesitant to admit that they have someone special in their lives. 

They actually like flaunting it!

A Korean couple’s ring is one of the accessories. This ring is a symbol or declaration that you and your significant other are romantically involved. When a Korean couple has been together for 100 days, they are given a couple’s ring. Whoooooopp, girl, you are going to enter a committed relationship.

Displaying Physical Affection In Public

Korean guys may match their attire, but when it comes to public shows of devotion, they are far more restrained also, there might be some ajumma (아줌마) right in the corner, ready to scold you. South Korean guys, on the other hand, will be far more open about their relationship status in public and openly caring. They would wrap their arms around you or take your hand in theirs.

Dating a Korean guy couple days

Get Ready To Celebrate Many Couple Days

Koreans typically celebrate their one-month, 100-day, 200-day, 300-day, and one-year anniversaries. On the 14th of every month, additional unique holidays in Korea are dedicated exclusively to couples. Every month has a different theme.

The following are some of the most celebrated Korean holidays;

  • Diary Day on January 14- You and your Korean guy partner get to trade diaries and plan events together.
  • Valentine’s Day on February 14- Like in Western countries, this is a celebration dedicated to love. Women, on the other hand, are the only ones who offer gifts to Korean men.
  • White Day on March 14-On this day, Korean men offer presents to their partners.
  • Rose Day on May 14th- Couples exchange roses.
  • Kiss Day on June 14- Well, we don’t have to say anything; you know what we’re talking about (evil grin). 
  • Silver Day on July 14- You’ll get to exchange silver jewelry with your male partner.
  • Green Day on August 14- You can go on a picnic with your Korean boyfriend and may drink soju outside.
  • Photo Day on September 14- Taking photos is an important aspect of Korean dating culture, so it’s only logical that there’s a holiday dedicated to it. 

Girl! Are you taking notes or not? Moving onto the next holiday,

  • Wine Day on October 14- This Korean dating festival goes without saying.
  • Pepero Day on November 11- On this romantic festival, couples offer a box of Pepero sticks to their loved ones.
  • Movie Day on November 14- To the theatre! Good luck with finding excellent theatre seats!
  • Hug Day on December 14- Similar to Kiss Day, but this time you will shower your partner with hugs instead of kisses.

Women seeking love! These are your days to be swayed by surprises all around the year from your Korean men. 

Who Is Going To Pay The Bill?

It’s time to go out on a date now that you’ve met a Korean boyfriend you both appear to be interested in. You’ve both dressed up nicely – as is customary in Korean dating, at least for the first few dates if you really want to impress someone – and you’ve arranged some enjoyable activities for the two of you.

Should you reach for the bill after dinner? One of the most embarrassing aspects of the early stages of dating. To show mutual respect, should you offer to pay for drinks after he pays for dinner? Or wait until the next date? Why does determining who pays for dinner seem like such a difficult mathematical problem?

Don’t worry girl! Just go with the flow.

Times are changing, and much younger and school-aged Korean girls and boys in their early twenties prefer to split the bill, at least at the restaurant. It is still the unwritten expectation that the guy should pay on the first date, and maybe the subsequent ones. The male may pay for the entire date in certain cases, particularly on the first date, while in others, he may pay for the first round, the girl the next, and so on. The payment should balance out as you get to know each other better and become a formal boyfriend and girlfriend.

Korean Guys Are Big Fans Of Constant Communication Via Smartphones

Girl, are you a texting addict? That’s good since your new Korean sweetheart is likely to be as well.

The majority of males in South Korea are avid users of text messages, phone calls, instant messaging applications, and social media on their cell phones, particularly among young males in their twenties. 

Korean people keep their dating partners up to date as often as feasible. In contrast to other cultures, where texting a loved one too quickly is discouraged for fear of appearing excessively interested or clingy, in the western culture, however, there is no stigma attached to texting a lover too soon. 

Keep in mind that this does not necessarily imply that the Korean man you’re getting to know is more interested in you than men who have texted and phoned you less in the past. 

It’s so normal, everyone does it!

Send him a brief text when he drops you off at home the next time you go home from a date with a Korean man and tell him you had a nice time! Call him in your free time. You’re going to get things moving on the correct path.

Korean Boyfriends Love Being Called Oppa

If you like K-pop or K-dramas, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Oppa.” “Oppa” is a phrase that denotes respect for a man who is older, but it has a much broader meaning in South Korean society. “Oppa” isn’t only a phrase used to express respect and devotion to an older guy; it’s also one of their relationship expectations.

So, how do Korean men treat their girls? 

Dating Korean men, whether they’re older or younger than you, will desire to play a protective, responsible, and respected position in your relationship.

When you’re dating a Korean man, the desire to be called “Oppa” may be a wonderful thing for a male. They’ll look for typical displays of gallantry and service at all of the locations. 

Prepare to have your chair pulled out for you, to have his coat brought to you if you’re cold, and to go into the restaurant and discover he’s already secured the table to create a good first impression.

Will Your Oppa Be Possessive?

When dating a Korean Oppa, one of the most difficult things to adjust to is their limited tolerance for opposite-gender relationships. The majority of Korean males feel that men and women can’t merely be friends. While this does not rule out the possibility of having other male friends, you may need to “reassure” him from time to time that he is the only one for you.

Your Oppa Will Love Feeding You

The importance of food in Korean culture cannot be overstated. Food is served as the main event for every form of celebration in Korea, whether passing an exam, doing well in school, or landing a new job. 

Sharing food is seen as one of the greatest expressions of devotion, as evidenced by traditional Korean dining etiquette. Banchan, or side dishes, are served at practically every Korean restaurant and are shared by the entire table. 

Have you eaten yet? is one of the most typical queries a Korean guy would ask you. This should be interpreted as a show of affection. 

Nothing makes him happier than sharing a delicious dinner with you. So sharpen your chopsticks and learn the basics about your kimchi. It will be much appreciated!

Dating a Korean guy activities

Some Exciting Activities And Date Points To Visit With Your Partner

Here are some memory-making activities you can do with your partner to have a wholesome dating experience!

  1.  Multi-Purpose Room
  • Karaoke

In the wave of ongoing trends in Korea, one thing will always remain constant. Koreans and their love for music. 

Why not spend some time with your Korean guy or Korean dating partner in karaoke and scream love songs out of your chests, and experience a time you won’t ever forget.

  • Arcade

Many think going to the arcade is for teenagers. WELLL! Where there is fun, there is always room for an arcade. Go with your dating partner there, challenge him with his skills, and make him win you a teddy bear in shooting games.

  • Virtual Reality

If your Korean boyfriend is a tech junkie then virtual reality is the place where he would enjoy the date more than the typical ones. Virtual Reality

  1. Couple-Exclusive App

You and your Korean guy partner can use a couple-exclusive app which is on rise among Korean couples these days. You can build personal albums and record some of the priceless experiences you’ve had with your partner.

  1. Themed Cafes

Seoul is home to thrilling, spectacular millions of cafes. If you are dating a Korean man who is a coffee crawler, then what are you waiting for, girl?

  1. Namsan Tower

For a romantic sunset with a fantastic panoramic view of the city of Seoul, visit the landmark Namsan Tower in South Korea with your date. 

From this vantage point, the city is breathtaking, and it is a hotspot for couples who place a love lock with their names on it on a fence with hundreds of other locks for good luck.

  1.  Han River

Rivers in cities have a romantic quality to them. Why not pack a lunch and get your dating partner to the Han River and the riverbank and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Seoul

  1. Theme Park

Spending a day at an amusement park is always a good idea; it’s straightforward, wonderful, and especially romantic in Seoul! Lotte World and Everland are popular among dating sites.

  1. Ice Skating

If you are dating a Korean man, then grab your lover and go ice skating for a day during the winter months, just like in a typical k drama. It will keep you both entertained for 1-2 hours.

  1. Street Food

South Korea is known for its outstanding and diverse street food. They’re everywhere. If your partner is a foodie person, then why not make a point of stopping by Myeongdong Market for a diverse selection?

Besides these things, you can hang out in museums wearing traditional couple hanbok, plan a picnic in the Seoul Forest, go hiking, wander in gardens, and much more.

Korean Boyfriend Will Earn You Brownie Points

Dating Korean men makes you feel like a princess, as Korean men love spoiling their partners and making them feel special. If you are dating a Korean man, he will buy you expensive gifts and expensive spa tickets and send bouquets to you, pick you up, drop you home safely, and ask if you ate lunch and took a nap. 

You’ll probably start imagining him as your knight in shining armor a Disney prince or your future husband. Keep thinking because that is what these guys will keep doing when they are dating.

Dating a Korean guy dating app

Finding A Korean Boyfriend Through Dating Apps

Dating apps are popular worldwide, and Korea is slowly but steadily catching up. Until recently, Koreans met their mates through conventional matching or their Korean friends at work. Koreans have been sluggish to find a spouse online because you need to be open-minded, which is difficult in a generally conservative country. 

Most clubs and pubs across Korea have been closed due to the pandemic; the dating app sector has developed tremendously now. However, Koreans prefer to use dating applications developed by Korean firms. As many Koreans fear foreign applications and believe that Korean apps give more security.

In Korea, it is believed that 2/3 of males aged 21 to 39 use or have used dating apps, even the most conservative and cultural ones too. The Korean dating app market is estimated to be worth $75 million during the pandemic and has allowed many people to interact with one another despite cultural differences.

The most popular dating app in South Korea is KoreanCupid.


KoreanCupid’s mission is to bring Korean singles together with possible love from all around the world. It is quite simple to create an account on KoreanCupid.

You can locate your soulmate by using the app’s messaging tools to send them a message. And, thanks to this app’s fast notification function, you won’t miss out on any of them. 

Furthermore, the app gives a great deal of value to its users, making it one of Korea’s finest dating applications.

These dating apps are a must-recommend to your foreign friends or international friends too who are dreaming of meeting a Korean knight.

Dark Skinned Girls? Other Nationalities? Who cares!

It’s unusual to witness a Korean man dating someone of a different race. Some speculate that this is due to Korean men’s prejudice against interracial couples or the fact that they are solely attracted to fellow Korean girls of Korean Ethnic Groups. This, however, is really a misunderstanding. 

The truth is they don’t get to encounter many foreigners on a regular basis in Korea. Korean guys may feel pressured to date foreign girls.

Love comes in a wide range of forms, sizes, colors, and ethnicities. It makes no difference what color your skin is. Even though Asian women regard white skin to be the most attractive, not all Korean men have a close-minded view.

Recently, practically all Korean guys agreed that interracial relationships and marriages are just OK. When it comes to how western society is influencing Koreans, most Koreans are defying the prejudice that only dates Korean women.

When it comes to the present generation, many natives prefer to date people from other countries since it allows them to learn about different cultures and traditions. Cultural difference is a talk of the past in this era of trends.

Despite the language barrier, most Korean men choose to date foreigners since they are willing to learn new languages. So, even if you are a black woman and you have a crush on a Korean guy, don’t be afraid to express your feelings. This might be your chance for your dream to come true of dating Korean guys. Be confident!

Learn Korean For Effective Communication With Your Korean Guy

You should probably study the Korean language and read about Korean culture. Korean Women and men have studied English since they were kids. They still may not be able to perfectly speak English. That being said, learning Korean will make your Korean dating experience a lot easier and will remove the chances of language barriers in your relationship.

If you’re dating a Korean guy, you’ll find that knowing the Korean language can help you communicate more effectively. Plus, you’ll be able to read Korean regarding what you’re ordering the next time you’re at a Korean restaurant and the language on the signs you encounter when out on dates! 

After all, how can you genuinely connect with someone if you don’t know their language? So why not start learning Korean on your own?

And if you are single, then there are chances that you will find your soul mate through an online language exchange program, from a Korean friend to a Korean boyfriend.  After all, who wouldn’t want a boyfriend that is especially from Korea?

Learn Korean Language with Ling CTA

Impress Your Oppa With The Help Of the Ling App

Best of luck with your dating life with the Korean guy, or if you are single, then we hope we’ve helped you go one step closer to finding your soul mate or, at the very least, taught you something about Korean culture. If you choose to date while living in Korea, we want and expect you to have a good time and more fun.

If you are looking to bridge the gap between you and your Korean boyfriend by learning Korean then check out Ling App on the Play Store or App Store which makes learning easy for you!

Don’t forget to read our tips to learn Korean with K-pop! Happy Learning!

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