No Khmer On Babbel: Try The 2 Best Resources

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It’s disappointing that there’s no Khmer on Babbel! Hey, have you given the Ling app a try? It has got awesome Khmer lessons that are both engaging and fun. You can start learning right away!

Are you among the many Khmer language learners and feeling a bit disappointed because you couldn’t find any Khmer courses on a language-learning app like Babbel? As I said, I’ve got some good news for you! Now you can find the Khmer language course on the Ling app and Simply Learn. So, no need to worry anymore!

The Khmer Language Overview

Before we jump into the awesome features of language apps like Ling and Simply Learn, let’s take a moment to explore some aspects of the Khmer language, shall we?

Where Is Khmer Spoken?

Did you know that around 14 million people in Cambodia speak Khmer as a native language?

Khmer, commonly referred to as Cambodian, is the official language of Cambodia. The majority of Cambodians speak Khmer because it is their native language. There are also sizeable Khmer-speaking populations in neighboring countries like Thailand and Vietnam, especially in border regions with Cambodia.

Generally speaking, it’s spoken by several people in the Mekong River Delta area, with over a million speakers in southern Vietnam and southeastern Thailand.

Is It Difficult To Learn Khmer?

Learning Khmer can be quite challenging for English-native speakers! Many said it’s even trickier to speak and read than Mandarin. Yeah, there are definitely some challenges.

Well, many of the vowel sounds in the Khmer language are quite different from what you might be used to in English or European languages. They’re similar, but you must listen carefully to notice the subtle differences. Another important thing to consider is the distinction between aspirated and unaspirated consonants. Finally, the Khmer alphabet or its writing system is complex. If you try to learn it immediately, it’ll take a while to start having simple conversations.

And on top of that, some said there’s no straightforward way to transcribe Khmer into the Latin alphabet. Some books and dictionaries don’t really match how the words are pronounced. Yeah, learning a new language like Khmer can be quite challenging and time-consuming.

Babbel App Review

Babbel’s lessons are great for building a solid foundation in your target language! However, if you want to become fluent in a language, consider opting for a more fully immersive and seamless learning course. You can use Babbel as an additional tool to help expand your vocabulary.

The quality of the courses can also vary depending on the language you’re aiming to learn. Also, basically, every language course is made individually. That means that the depth and quality of the courses can differ from one another. That being said, Babbel offers really well-developed courses in popular European languages like Spanish. And by the way, some less popular languages only offer courses for newcomers and beginners. Therefore, Babbel might not be the best choice for languages that are not as widely spoken.

Importantly, it only offers 14 languages for now. And nope, Khmer isn’t included.

Why Is There No Khmer On Babbel?

As mentioned, Babbel has got you covered with 14 different languages to choose from. Most are European languages, so you’ll have many options to explore! However, it looks like they only offer one Asian language, which is Indonesian.

So, it seems like Babbel is more focused on developing European languages rather than Asian languages. It looks like Khmer, one of the languages spoken in Southeast Asia, won’t be added anytime soon.

Why not just go for Ling and Simply Learn now? They are two fantastic alternatives that can help you learn Khmer!

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Use These 2 Alternatives To Learn Khmer!

Let’s check out the features of the Ling app and Simply Learn and figure out which language app would be the best fit for you right now.

The Ling App

The Ling app is a well-known language-learning application that offers lessons in 60+ languages, including the Khmer language. It’s a fun way to improve your language skills with its game-like structure and engaging features that motivate language learners.

This app focuses on practical conversational skills, with features like vocabulary exercises, grammatical explanations, and audio recordings for listening and speaking skills. The Ling App is great for on-the-go study because of its intuitive design and bite-sized lessons.

For those with little to no prior language experience but an interest in learning the basics to advance, Ling is an excellent resource!

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Simply Learn

Can you believe that learning a few phrases can help you talk to locals in everyday situations like shopping, asking for directions, using public transportation, and more?

Sure, Simply Learn is a great resource for learning everyday phrases and vocabulary commonly used daily. That’s cool, right? Especially when you’re planning to travel to Cambodia soon. It’s always helpful to be well-prepared with the language before you go.

If you’re looking to gather some quick knowledge for your awesome trip to Cambodia (and other countries, too), consider having Simply Learn in your pocket. It’s a great resource! But if you want to take your Khmer skills to the next level, then Ling is the perfect choice!

Learn Khmer With Ling Now!

Ling is an awesome app that can help you improve your Khmer skills and learn many new languages you’re interested in. It’s like opening a new door to a world of language-learning possibilities!

Most Khmer learners chose the Ling app for their language journey, so why not join them? Download Ling from App Store or Google Play Store today, and choose subscription options to access the entire course!

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