15+ Best Love And Romantic Phrases In Afrikaans


We are all familiar with that tingling feeling in the pit of our stomach that gives us both warm and cold sensations. It makes our hearts beat faster when that special someone is around and makes our fingers numb in excitement! It gets to a point where you cannot withhold how you feel, and you just want to express your feelings in the right words!

And those right words are what we will look at in this blog post! We will look at the romantic phrases in Afrikaans that you can use for that South African damsel or knight in shining armor. You will learn how to say I love you in other romantic phrases in Afrikaans that will sweep them off their feet!

You can also check out the basic phrases and words in Afrikaans that will help you strike up meaningful conversations with your crush.

Ready to learn some romantic phrases in the Afrikaans language? Let’s go!


I Love You In Afrikaans

Do you want to confess your love for someone and don’t know what to say? Well, the best thing to say is I love you. And saying I love you in Afrikaans is Ek het jou life, which means I love you. Ek is lief vir jou can be used alternatively, which means the same thing.

Other Related Phrases

I love you Ek het jou lief
I’m in love with you tooAk is lief vir jou ook
I love you [so much] Ak is so baie lief vir jou
I like you Ek hou van jou
I cannot stop loving you Ek kan nie ophou om jou lief te hê nie

How To Ask If Someone Loves You?

You’ve confessed your feeling, and now you should also find out if the other party loves you! If it is a mutual feeling, then congrats! Both of you can push things further by asking this question:

  • Do you love me? – Het jy my life?

Words Of Endearment

One way to make someone feel special is by calling them sweet names reserved for them and no one else. Calling them by name may not show how much you care about them. So, check out these precious words of endearment you can use for your special someone.

My love My liefde
My King My Koning
My Queen My koningin
The Love of my life Die liefde van my lewe
My other half My ander helfte

Romantic Phrases In Afrikaans To Keep Close

Now that we’ve looked at how to tell your particular person you love them and terms of endearment, let’s take a look at some romantic Afrikaans phrases that are suitable for expressing your feelings and creating a deeper connection with them.

I’m crazy for youEk is mal oor jou
You are beautiful Jy is pragtig
You are my life Jy is my lewe
I can’t live without you Ek kan nie sonder jou lewe nie
You mean so much to me Jy beteken so baie vir my
I am in love with you Ek is verlief op jou
You make me so happy! Jy maak my so gelukkig
I have feelings for you Ek het gevoelens vir jou
Will you be my boyfriend? Sal jy my kêrel wees?
Will you be my girlfriend?Sal jy my meisie wees?
You mean the world to meJy beteken die wêreld vir my.
I want to grow old with you Ek wil saam met jou oud word
You’re more than a friend to meEk dink aan jou as meer as ‘n vriend
I miss you Ek mis jou
Will you marry me? Sal jy met my trou?

Other Romantic Phrases

Pick Up Lines

Hi there, You are so beautiful… May I buy you a drink? Hi daar, jy lyk pragtig…. Mag ek vir jou ‘n drankie koop?
You took my breath away Jy het my asem weggeslaan!
We’ve just met for a few minutes, and it seems like I have known you forever! Ons het pas vir ‘n paar minute ontmoet en dit lyk of ek jou vir altyd ken!
Can I get to know you more? Kan ek jou meer leer ken?

Asking Them Out On A Date

Are you free this weekend? Is jy vry hierdie naweek?
Can we meet tomorrow? I have a surprise for you Kan ons môre ontmoet? Ek het ‘n verrassing vir jou.
When will you be free to meet? Wanneer sal jy vry wees om te ontmoet?
Let’s go on a date Kom ons gaan op ‘n date

Wrapping Up

Whew! What a ride. You can now confess your feelings to that special someone without hassle. Letting your South African prince or princess know how you feel can be a turnaround in your friendship, and you will never know if the person has mutual feelings unless you try!

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