15+ Interesting Georgian Animal Names

Discover the different animals in Georgia in today’s blog. As visitors and tourists of the country, you should know more about the Georgian animals in Central Georgia, Southern Georgia, and different regions of Georgia. Let’s find out!


Georgian Animal Names

When we talk about Georgia, we think about its vast land area environment. It is located in the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range between Europe and Asia, which runs in parallel between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Georgia is also famous for being an ecologically diverse place around the world.

Through this, wild animals and critically endangered species are commonly found. Examples of these are the mammals like bats, rodents, deer, goats, and other domesticated animals. Tourists can also see common birds like ducks, eagles, hawks, and falcons in Georgia. Other carnivorous animals can also be seen, like foxes and raccoons on the mountain range.

Another thing is that the country’s agriculture and economy are rich because of the location and the various animals living in the country. An example of these is the mammals that produced their agricultural products.

Though some species were endangered, the people are still thankful for the wealthy and prosperous resources that can be seen in the country.
If you want to know some of the interesting animal names in the Georgian language that you should know, below are various examples:


How To Say Deer In Georgian

For clarification, Georgia is different from Georgia as a state (in the United States). The White-tailed deer is one of the famous animals in Georgia (State in America) that lives in the forests and marshlands. It became the mammal of the State in Georgia.

But in Georgia as a country, it is not. A famous Red deer exists in the country and has been listed among its endangered species as the beginning of the 19th century.

The Georgian word for deer is ირემი (iremi)

How To Say Dog In Georgian

Dogs are also common in the country since they are helpers of humans in herding the sheep. The most famous dog in the country is the Georgian Shepherd, also known as the Mountain Dog of Georgia.

The Georgian word for dog is ძაღლი (dzaghli)

How To Say Snake In Georgian

Another interesting fact about one of the amphibians in the country is the snake. They are very common, according to the researchers. In a 2012 study, the country has 15.67 snakes per square mile that are surpassed Arizona’s 15.2 for the largest number in the country.

For this reason, many amphibians and insects act like prey, and the snakes act as their predators. Another thing is that a wide variety of species can be found in the country, which is the reason for their breeding ground.

Snake in Georgian is გველი (gveli)

How To Say Turtle In Georgian

Sea turtles are also found in Georgia. Some of the turtles are the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Common Snapping turtle and Stevenson box turtle.

Turtle in Georgian is კუ (k’u)

How To Say Cat In Georgian

Considering Georgia is known as the breeding ground of wildlife, wild animals are widely found. Examples of these are wolves, foxes, bats, bears, and even wild cats.

Wild cats in the country cannot be considered pets. Another thing is those wild animals need protection as well as humans. Their populations became endangered because of habitat loss. On the other hand, a domesticated cat can be a pet in the country.

Cat in Georgian is კატა (k’at’a)

How To Say Fox In Georgian

Determining the location of Georgia, it is richly covered with mammalian wildlife like foxes. Famous foxes like the Red Fox and Gray Fox can be found on the country’s mountain ranges.

Fox in Georgian is მელია (melia)

How To Say Wolf In Georgian

Georgia’s name is usually derived from the old Persian term that means land of the wolves. That’s why wild wolves are common in the country, like European wolf subspecies.

Though wolves are usually identified as wild animals because of their determined behavior, they rarely attack people in Georgia because they are either threatened or uninterested in them.

Wolf in Georgian is მგელი (mgeli)

How To Say Sheep In Georgian

Like Australia, Georgian is also famous for its rich soil and good climate. For this reason, herding sheep and having cattle on the farm are usually common.

Sheep in Georgian is ცხვარი (tskhvari)


Other Animals In Georgian

  1. Rabbit – ბოცვერი (botsveri)
  2. Swan – გედი (gedi)
  3. Goat – თხა (tkha)
  4. Duck – იხვი (ikhvi)
  5. Dolphin – დელფინი (delpini)
  6. Chicken – ქათამი (katami)
  7. Boar – ტახი (t’akhi)
  8. Calf – ხბო (khbo)
  9. Lamb – ბატკანი (bat’k’ani)


Learning More About Georgian Animals

If you search the web and read facts about Georgia, you will be fascinated by the place, animals, plants, and resources that can only be seen in the country. Because of the diverse ecology that Georgia has, several animals and insects also exist.

Various persons living in the country tried to keep the animals’ security and take account of the gifts that God had given them. Therefore, the animals, as well as their natural resources, are kept safe and remain for the future generation.

Now that you know some of the common Georgian vocabularies like the Georgian animals above, I know that you also want to discover more of the Georgian language. There are more than Georgian Animal names. You can discover more about Georgia, like learning Georgian names or Georgian cuisines.


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