15 Interesting Khmer Slang Words To Swear By

Khmer Slang Words

See what we did with the title? They say one of the main indicators that you’re fluent in a language is when you can make jokes, puns, and sarcastic remarks. What do you think?

If you’re hoping to become fluent in Khmer, you’ve come to the right place! Here, you’re guaranteed to not only learn Khmer but learn intriguing phrases that you can’t find anywhere else! We’ll start by introducing you to 15 essential Khmer slang words!

Why Use Khmer Slang Words?

While learning basic Khmer vocabulary and common greeting terms is important, most people don’t use that kind of vocabulary in daily life. Instead, they use slang!

Think about it, how often do you say, “I deeply apologize for not replying to your message sooner, as I’ve been preoccupied with other tasks”? You probably don’t say this very often, right? Instead, you say something like, “Sorry, I’ve been so slammed with work!” In this sentence, “slammed” is the slang word meaning busy. So, if you normally wouldn’t talk that formal in English, why would you talk like that in Khmer?

Learning a new language is all about learning both the formal and informal ways to respond. Learning informal responses and slang words can help you sound more natural to locals and even impress some of them.

Before you keep reading, you should note that not all slang words are acceptable for every situation. For example, it’s best if you don’t direct these slang words to the elderly, people in high positions, or monks.

What Are Some Khmer Slang Words

What Are Some Slang Words In Khmer?

Before your next trip to Cambodia, be sure to take note of these slang terms. However, be careful who you use them with!

Are you crazy?ហែងឆ្កួតមែន?Haeng-Chh’kuot-Men
Cheers (used when drinking)តោះជល់មួយTaoh-Chol-Muoy
Damn itចង្រៃយ៎Chang-Rai-Yo
Don’t talk too muchកុំនិយាយច្រើនពេកKom-Ni-Yeay-Chraeun-Pek
Go awayទៅអោយឆ្ងាយពីអញTov-Aoy-Chh’ngay-Pi-Anh
Eat rice (rude way)ច្រាសបាយChras-Bay
I, me (rude way)អញAnh
It’s not your businessមិនមែនរឿងហែងទេMin-Men-Roeang-Haeng-Te
You (rude way)ហែងHaeng
You are crazyហែងឆ្កួតហើយHaeng-Chh’kuot-Haeuy
You are stupidហែងឡប់ហើយHaeng-Lab-Haeuy

Why Should I Learn Khmer?

Khmer is the official language of Cambodia, a country located in Southeast Asia. Ever heard of Phnom Penh? Well, that’s the capital city of Cambodia!

If you’re planning to visit Cambodia, you should definitely familiarize yourself with Cambodian phrases and try to speak Khmer with locals. Once you do, you’ll find that Cambodians love making conversation and new friends. In general, Cambodian people tend to be friendly, polite, and welcoming, no matter who you are.

While learning Khmer can undoubtedly help you connect with Cambodians and form more meaningful relationships, that’s not the only reason why you should learn the language. Let’s go over a couple more reasons.

First, Khmer not only sounds beautiful, but the language has a longstanding, rich history. In fact, did you know that Khmer was influenced by the oldest language in the world? That’s right, Sanskrit! By learning Khmer, you’re connecting yourself to the oldest considered language.

Second, learning a new language, especially as difficult as Khmer, is also great for your brain. Did you know that being bilingual or multilingual has been linked to a decreased risk of developing dementia? Yes, learning languages is literally good for your brain and overall mental agility.

Khmer Slang Words why should I learn Khmer

What Is The Most Popular Slang Word In Other Languages?

Want to learn slang words from other languages? Well, you’re in luck because we have some here!

  • “Salty” (US English): Adjective used to describe someone that gets upset or angry easily
  • “Dog and Bone” (British English): Phone
  • “Dejar plantado”(Spanish): To stand someone up on a date
  • “Clope, garo, shmer” (French): Cigarette
  • “Dicht” (German): Adjective used to describe someone drunk
  • “Figo, fico” (Italian): Cool
  • “520” (Mandarin): I love you

If you know different slang words from other languages that we didn’t mention, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Khmer Slang Words Slang In Other Languages

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