20 Awesome Gym Vocabulary In Japanese To Pump Up!

gym vocabulary in Japanese

Enter the fitness scene by training and pumping out your muscles with gym vocabulary in Japanese! From zen-like yoga studios to high-energy dance classes, the Japanese fitness scene is a vibrant fusion of tradition and modernity. So grab your workout gear and get ready to dive into a world where sweat meets serenity, all while mastering the art of gym vocabulary in Japanese!

So, like, in the 80s, private gyms in Japan, also called “health clubs” or “fitness centers,” totally blew up with all these cool Western-style workouts. And then you’ve got public gyms run by the local government and luxurious private ones. They hook up affordable fitness vibes for everyone, like swimming pools and group classes, making it a whole community thing. It’s all about Japan’s commitment to keeping everyone healthy and living their best life, you know?

Japan’s Fitness Scene: Public vs. Private Gyms – Let’s Get Sweatin’!

The gyms in Japan are split into two different levels of experience. The first one is the most economical: offering fitness services without being dumbfounded by the price! The locality created these gyms, so they may not have the same services that can be found in private ones. The second one is where Gold’s Gym, Anytime Fitness, etc., fall down; they have access to premium services that match the price point, and that includes having a personal trainer to guide you along the way!

But wait: before you buy a gym membership, have a quick linguistic workout to improve your Japanese vocabulary in a few minutes. I will be your personal language-fitness trainer today!

Gym Vocabulary In Japanese ling app

Must-Know Gym Vocabulary In Japanese!

Let us start by doing a warm-up! Here below are the essential Japanese gym words:

EnglishGym WordsPronunciationSound
Strength Training筋トレKi-n to-re
Leg PressレッグプレスRe-ggu pu-re-su
Pull-upプルアップPu-ru ap-pu
Push-upプッシュアップPu-shu ap-pu
Jump RopeジャンプロープJa-n-pu ro-pu
TreadmillランニングマシンRa-n-nin-gu ma-shi-n
Weight MachineウエイトマシンU-ei-to ma-shi-n

These are common words that are used in a Japanese gym. In fact, you can use them by themselves just by saying the word and adjusting your tone. For example, if you are in a Japanese gym and you are looking for the treadmill, simply say “ランニングマシン (Ra-n-nin-gu ma-shi-n)” to the staff, and they will understand it.

Japanese Gym Sentences

After the warm-up, we will now proceed to the workout! Now we will see how the previously mentioned words are used in a sentence. Try to observe the sentences below. Treat this as weight training for our linguistic brain!

EnglishGym SentencesPronunciationSound
When did you start training?トレーニングはいつから始めましたか?To-re-nin-gu wa i-tsu ka-ra ha-ji-me-ma-shi-ta ka?
I do exercises every day.エクササイズは毎日行っています。E-ku-sa-sa-i-zu wa mai-ni-chi o-ku-te i-masu.
I’m doing strength training to build muscle.筋トレをして、筋肉を強化しています。Ki-n to-re o shi-te, ki-n-niku o kyoo-ka shi-te i-masu.
I’m doing cardio to strengthen my heart.カーディオをして、心臓を強くしています。Ka-di-o o shi-te, shi-n-zoo o tsu-ya-ku shi-te i-masu.
I’m doing arm training with dumbbells.ダンベルで腕のトレーニングをしています。Dan-be-ru de u-de no to-re-nin-gu o shi-te i-masu.
I’m doing squats with a barbell.バーベルでスクワットをしています。Ba-be-ru de su-ku-wa-to o shi-te i-masu.
I’m working on my lower body with the leg press.レッグプレスで下半身を鍛えています。Re-ggu pu-re-su de ka-han-shin o ki-ta-e-te i-masu.
I want to practice pull-ups more.プルアップをもっと練習したいんです。Pu-ru ap-pu o mot-to re-n-shu shi-ta-i-n desu.
I’m doing push-ups to work on my chest muscles.プッシュアップをして胸の筋肉を鍛えています。Pu-shu ap-pu o shi-te, mune no ki-n-niku o ki-ta-e-te i-masu.
I do squats to strengthen my leg muscles.スクワットをして、脚の筋肉を鍛えています。Su-ku-wa-to o shi-te, a-shi no ki-n-niku o ki-ta-e-te i-masu.
I’m burning calories by running.ランニングでカロリーを消費しています。Ra-n-nin-gu de ka-ro-rii o sho-hi shi-te i-masu.
Remember to stretch before training.トレーニング前にストレッチを忘れずに行います。To-re-nin-gu no mae ni su-to-re-tchi o wa-su-re-zu ni o-ku-i-ma-su.
I’m enjoying aerobic exercise with a jump rope.ジャンプロープで有酸素運動を楽しんでいます。Ja-n-pu ro-pu de yuu-san-so un-doo o ta-no-shi-n de i-masu.
I’m doing cardio on the treadmill.トレッドミルでカーディオをしています。To-re-ddo-mi-ru de ka-di-o o shi-te i-masu.

As you can see, the bolded words are the Japanese vocabulary that we showed a while ago. You can use these sentences in a situation that suits their meaning. Of course, do not forget to greet first and accompany them with your polite tone!

Gym Vocabulary In Japanese ling app

Superset: Fill In The Blanks!

Try this bit of an exercise to superset your language learning workout and make huge gains for your vocabulary muscles! Just input the Japanese words that we have used above. Look at this as strength training or “筋トレ” (Kintore). Let’s begin this vocabulary workout!

EnglishGym SentencesPronunciationSound
I’m starting my training._________を始めます。_________ o ha-ji-me-masu.
I’m doing exercises to move my body._________をして体を動かします。_________ o shi-te ka-ra-da o u-go-ka-shi-masu.
I’m building strength with strength training._________で体力をつけています。_________ de ta-i-ryoku o tsu-ke-te i-masu.
Doing cardio exercises helps strengthen the heart._________をすることで心臓を鍛えます。_________ o su-ru ko-to de shi-n-zoo o ki-ta-e-masu.
I’m stretching to loosen my muscles._________をして筋肉をほぐします。_________ o shi-te ki-n-niku o ho-gu-shi-masu.

In a world of reps, sets, and gains, mastering gym vocabulary in Japanese is like adding a whole new dimension to your fitness journey. So whether you’re crushing squats or rocking those pull-ups, throwing around words like “トレーニング” (to-re-nin-gu) and “カーディオ” (ka-di-o) adds an extra layer of motivation and flair. It’s not just about lifting weights; it’s about lifting spirits and breaking language barriers while you break a sweat. So go ahead, embrace the “エクササイズ” (e-ku-sa-sa-i-zu) of learning, and let your gym adventures become a multilingual fitness fiesta!

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