40+ Essential Phrases To Improve Your Shopping Vocabulary In Croatian

Shopping Vocabulary in Croatian

Any holiday in Croatia would be far from complete without browsing the myriad shops, boutiques, and stalls from Zagreb to Split. This stunning central European nation is the perfect place to pull out the credit card and treat yourself to some bargains. But, before you hit the shops, it is a good idea to prepare yourself with a bit of language learning by tucking a few Croatian phrases under your belt and arming yourself with some essential shopping vocabulary in Croatian.

Learning languages will give you an advantage when hunting out bargains and ensuring you pay the right price for your goodies. In this blog, we will look at words and phrases in the Croatian language that guarantee your shopping trips will be fun and fruitful.

Hitting The Shops With Some Shopping Vocabulary In Croatian

Although there are wonderful shopping opportunities to be found in all corners of Croatia, it is in the main cities where the serious spenders will want to spend their shopping time. Here are a few of the markets and malls worth checking out.


Dubrovnik Shopping Minčeta

Head to Dubrovnik Shopping Minčeta if you are looking for a serious shopping experience. Everything is available to buy here, including popular big-name labels, hardware stores, shoe shops, sports outlets, perfumeries, and souvenir stalls. A short walk from the Old Town, it may be worth hailing a taxi back to your hotel in which to pack all your bargains.

Stradun, Old Town

Located within the charming Old City walls, Stradun is a street jam-packed with fabulous shops and the perfect place to practice your shopping vocabulary in Croatian. Side by side with plenty of souvenir shops are boutiques, big-name brands, jewelry shops, and art galleries. Be sure to venture off the main drag to explore the side streets and their hidden gems.

Gruž Market

Situated near the port, Gruž Market is the ideal place to suck up some local Croatian culture. This open-air food market is a mecca for food lovers as it sells fresh local produce, including fresh fish, vegetables, and succulent fruit. This is where the locals come to shop.

Shopping Vocabulary in Croatian


Joker Mall

This modern mall is situated a short walk from the Old Town. Be sure to visit if you are looking for the top names in fashion, like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Sportswear, beauty products, and children’s clothes are also available in more than 100 outlets. The mall also has several cinemas for those who wish to take in a movie.

Old Market

Head east from Diocletian’s Palace to experience the outlets and stalls in this open-air market and try out your shopping vocabulary in Croatian. Hand-made souvenirs can be found here alongside clothing and beachwear stalls.

Marmontova Ulica

This bustling shopping district is a mish-mash of local stores and major international brands. Take a break from shopping in one of the many cafes or enjoy some of the many street performers, artists, and musicians who perform here and show off their creations.


Avenue Mall

This huge shopping complex is packed with the biggest names in fashion. As well as ample opportunities to get your credit cards out, there are numerous play areas for the kids, cafes, restaurants to order food from, and cinemas.

Dolac Market

The oldest open-air market in the city of Zagreb, Dolac Market is the place to head for fresh food, fruit, and vegetables. There is a farmers’ market every weekend, and the market is split into three levels where fresh meat, dairy products, and fish can be found as well as textiles and cheese.

Shopping in Croatian

Some Essential Clothing Words

UnderwearDonje rublje

Common Clothing Expressions

These pants are too longove su hlače dugačke
These shoes are smallove su cipele tijesne
Do you like my dress?sviđa li ti je moja haljina
I lost my socksIzgubio sam čarape
She has a beautiful ringona ima lijep prsten
It looks good on youdobro ti stoji

Some Other Useful Phrases

How much is this?Koliko košta ovo?
I need some help, pleaseTreba mi pomoć, molim Vas.
Could I try this on?Mogu li ovo probati, molim Vas?
Could you help me find the right size?Možete li mi pomoći pronaći pravu veličinu?
Where are the dressing rooms?presvlačenje?Gdje su kabine za presvlačenje?
Do you accept credit cards?Primate li kreditne kartice?
I need a bag, pleaseMolim jednu vrećicu
Do you have this item in any other colours?Imate li ovaj proizvod u nekoj drugoj boji?
Where do I pay?Gdje mogu platiti?
Could I have a receipt, please?Mogu li dobiti račun, molim Vas?
Where can I find…Gdje mogu pronaći…
Is this on sale?Je li ovo na rasprodaji?
I’m just browsing, thanksSamo gledam, hvala
I can’t…Ne mogu si…
May I speak to the store manager?Mogu li razgovarati s menadžerom trgovine?
Could I have this delivered?Može li mi se ovo dostaviti?
Do any other stores stock this item?Ima li ovog artikla u nekoj drugoj trgovini?
Does this come with batteries?Dolazi li ovo s baterijama?
Do you have this in a larger size?Imate li ovo u većoj veličini?
Is this on sale?Je li ovo na rasprodaji?
What a bargain!Kako dobra ponuda!

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