19+ Exciting Ways To Order Food In Tagalog

Order Food In Tagalog

The Philippines is known for its famous dishes and skilfully Filipino chefs worldwide. So, if you’re ordering food from an authentic Filipino restaurant, you’ll need to know the vocabulary. You don’t want to end up being unhappy about the food you’ll eat. So, to order food in Tagalog, you’ll need an example or two. 

The locals of the Philippines enjoy their food like it’s their pride and joy. Many Filipinos even do contests in their barangays to determine which nanay holds the best recipe. These well-thought-of recipes are handed down to every generation and even overseas. That’s why you’ll find many Filipino restaurants worldwide serving scrumptious adobobagnet, and sisig. Who knows, there might even be a Filipino restaurant near you now! That makes it worthwhile to be prepared to memorize the important restaurant vocabulary.


Etiquette When Ordering Food In A Filipino Restaurant

Were you looking for the best meals to discover and sate your palate? We’ve covered the 20 most popular Filipino foods you should try. But if you’re game for snacks, try Ensaymada or Kakanin! Continue your journey to discover the best dessert or dish while talking to the locals. But before we discover the Tagalog words and phrases you need to speak to locals, let’s observe the etiquette inside a Filipino restaurant.

Don’t Be Too Hasty In Choosing Your Food

You might know the characteristic “Filipino Time,” where someone might end up being late after 10-15 minutes as decided by the host. But, when it comes to Filipino cuisine, you’ll have to choose fast. Certain slang words for food, such as hangry (hungry+angry), chibog (food), or tomjones (hungry), point to Filipinos’ love for eating and drinking. So don’t hold back when choosing what’s on the menu. But if there’s one thing we’ll be sure of, you’ll have a hard time choosing from all the delicious meals the Philippines have to offer.

Need a guide? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Breakfast in the Philippines can start any day and end any day
  • Lunch and dinner are heavy with rice and soup, but you can opt for salads, veggies, and sometimes a healthier alternative such as vegetarian or vegan.
Order Food In Tagalog Etiquette

It’s Common For Guys To Pay The Bill First

This concept may sound too ancient for you, but in the Philippines, many people still observe the patriarchal concept of being the head of the household. And with that comes the financial responsibility of men to pay for the bills. Don’t be surprised by this act! Many Filipinos would love to libre (treat/pay for) their friends, partners, and family.

You Can Use A Gesture To Catch The Attention Of The Waiters

A waiter for Filipinos is usually not the same for other countries. If you’re visiting the Philippines for the first time, you might be surprised how many free services you’ll get. Things like free in-house water, or as you can say, “Kuya, may tubig po kayo?” (Kuya, do you have a glass of water?”) or even tea when you are eating Chinese food are expected in many food places. Guests of a household, too, can ask for water. The host will gladly offer the coldest glass to quench their thirst in the hot and humid temperature of the Philippines.

Every Meal May Start With A Prayer

The Philippines is a religious country, and most families have their relihiyon (or religion) to uphold. It is very crucial for families to start any meal with a prayer, giving thanks for the meal, their blessings, and the people who are with them while eating. It’s a great way to show a sign of camaraderie, too, as a way of communing with those they love and sharing the opportunities that come to them.

You Can Chat While Eating

Eating while chatting may sound foreign or rude to many of you, but in the Philippines, it’s normal. It’s a sign that you are enjoying the company of the people surrounding you. In fact, it’s even inappropriate not to talk to your Filipino host or the family you’re dining with. So you might be up for the challenge of speaking Tagalog for the whole day. They might even order more food to keep the conversation going!

Sometimes, Filipinos also choose to eat at a carinderia or turo turo (or eatery in English), a smaller place to eat Filipino foods with cheaper options. You might not use some of these etiquettes when ordering, but instances like gestures to get the seller’s attention or chatting are a must.

I know you’re already hungry, so without further ado, let’s learn how to order food in Tagalog!


How To Order Food In Tagalog

A full-course meal for Filipinos usually consists of only drinks, the food itself with rice, and sometimes soup. If your tummy has extra room for dessert, you can also choose from the common halo-halo, ice cream, ube-flavored desserts, or turon. All these depend on which dining area you will go to, though! But what you ate for that breakfast, lunch, or dinner will already fill you up so fast.

I hope you’re hungry for knowledge; we’re here to practice ordering food in Tagalog. Do mind that if you see the ellipsis (three dots), you can fill in the name of the food you’re going to order. We’ve also included phrases and sentences to practice with your Filipino friends when dining. Ready? Memorize with me!

Do you have a menu?Meron po ba kayong menu?
Can I order … ?Pabili nga po ng … ?
How much is the … ?Magkano po yung …?
Do you sell this meal?Nagbebenta po ba kayo ng ganitong ulam?
May I have a knife, please?Pwede po humingi ng kutsilyo?
Are these two foods …. and … different?Magkaiba po ba yung … at yung …?
Is this spicy?Maanghang ba ‘to?
Do you still have vegetables and soup?Meron pa bang gulay at sabaw?
Do you eat beef?Kumakain ka ba ng karne ng baka?
Do you eat chicken?Kumakain ka ba ng manok?
Do you eat pork?Kumakain ka ba ng baboy?
Are you a vegetarian?Vegetarian ka ba?
What is your bestseller?Ano yung pinakamabenta niyong pagkaen dito?
The food that I like isn’t here.Wala dito yung gusto kong pagkain.
What drink do you want?Ano yung gusto mong inumin?
Which food is the most delicious here?Ano ang pinakamasarap na pagkain dito?
What do you offer for desserts?Ano po yung matamis niyo?
Kuya, the bill, please!Kuya, yung bill po!
Here’s my payment.Ito na yung bayad ko.


Other Tagalog Food Vocabulary

Missed some of the words or can’t translate them yet? We’re here to help! Here’s a list of Tagalog words related to ordering.

How Much?Magkano?
To EatKumain
BeefBaka/Karne ng baka
To waitMaghintay


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