4 Unique Ways To Say Thank You In Croatian

Croatian Family celebrating and grandma wants to say Thank You in Croatian to her grandchild

If you find yourself wanting to say thank you in Croatian, this is the best and the easiest guide for you! If you think about it, one way to show appreciation to your friends who are foreigners or to the locals of the country you are visiting is to say thank you in their language. That said, with this list, you will surely be a master of saying thank you in Croatian.

Aside from that, while these basic words will surely help you be more fluent in the language, these can also be useful Croatian phrases that will surely be of help whenever certain situations might need it. Hitting two birds with one stone? Most certainly. Get ready because we will now walk you through the easiest ways to say thank you in Croatian!

Thick pen writing thank you on paper thank you in croatian is hvala

This Is The Only Guide You Need To Say Thank You In Croatian!

Without any further ado, these are the ways in which you can say thank you in the Croatian language! While the people of Croatia are already welcoming, there is definitely no harm done in being able to express your gratitude in their language too- Croats love that!

#1: Hvala vam! – Thank you!

[Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Hvala vam![/Speechword]

If you are talking to someone that you just met, a local, or someone in a professional setting, this is the best way to say thank you to them. It is important that you know that when it comes to saying thanks, having a level of respect should still apply. This is to avoid miscommunication and also misunderstandings along the way!

#2: Puno ti hvala – Thank you so much!

[Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Puno ti hvala[/Speechword]

Like Hvala vam, saying this is also a great way to express your appreciation towards the other person. Applicable to both formal and informal settings, this phrase will definitely be useful in many occasions you will be in and the people you will also be meeting!

#3: Hvala! – Thanks!

[Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Hvala![/Speechword]

One of the very useful Croatian words, you can use this when you are talking to somebody with whom you have a close relationship. You might want to avoid using these in formal settings because you might be misunderstood and seen as someone that is rude. While Hvala is a way of sayings thank you, there are certain situations in which it is better to use a different expression!

#4: Ne hvala! – No, thank you!

[Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Ne hvala![/Speechword]

If you want to politely while still maintaining respect and gratitude, you can say Ne hvala. Situations like these are inevitable, especially if you are a tourist or someone new to Croatia. That said, remember this phrase in mind because you might use it more than usual!

More Ways To Say Thank You In Croatian

Become more fluent and master the Croatian language faster by knowing more ways how you can say thank you! With these basic Croatian phrases, you will surely be able to pronounce and speak the language pretty easily in no time!

I appreciate it!Cijenim to![Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Cijenim to![/Speechword]
I am very gratefulVrlo sam zahvalan[Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Vrlo sam zahvalan[/Speechword]
I am wholeheartedly thankful for thisOd srca sam zahvalan na tome[Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Od srca sam zahvalan na tome[/Speechword]
My heart is filled with so much gratitudeMoje srce je ispunjeno tolikom zahvalnošću[Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Moje srce je ispunjeno tolikom zahvalnošću[/Speechword]
Thank you very much!Hvala vam puno![Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Hvala vam puno![/Speechword]
Thankful Woman opening her arms standing at the Adriatic Sea In Croatia

What To Reply When They Say Thank You? We Got You!

Interested to know the various ways in which you can reply to a thank you in Croatian? Do not worry because we got you! Though English Croatian sounds may sometimes be challenging, especially when you are a beginner, these phrases will surely help you practice and build your Croatian vocabulary too!

If you find yourself in Croatia anytime soon, aside from knowing how to say good morning (dobro jutro) and goodbye (doviđenja), these can surely make you one step closer to holding Croatian conversations better!

I am very happy to helpVrlo rado mogu pomoći[Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Vrlo rado mogu pomoći[/Speechword]
It’s no problem!Nije problem![Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Nije problem![/Speechword]
No worries!Bez brige![Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Bez brige![/Speechword]
The pleasure is all mineZadovoljstvo je samo moje[Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Zadovoljstvo je samo moje[/Speechword]
You are very welcomeBaš ste dobrodošli[Speechword voice=”Croatian Male” isinline]Baš ste dobrodošli[/Speechword]

And that’s a wrap! These are the ways in which you can say thank you, and you’re welcome in Croatian. Easy, right? While it surely takes a good amount of time to fully adjust and absorb what you have just read, consistency is key! Regardless of what the reason may be as to why you want to learn how to express your heartfelt gratitude in this amazing language, it does deny the fact that being able to speak Croatian will surely open you to a lot of opportunities and great relationships too!

If you still have not made up your mind, you might want to consider this as your sign to start speaking Croatian! Like all other languages, learning Croatian will definitely improve your language skills as well as your ability to speak it more fluently in the future. If Croatian is not your cup of tea, there are various languages that you can still learn, especially with the Ling App!

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