Greece’s Hidden Gems: 5+ Must-Visit Sites!

In the search for some of Greece’s hidden gems? If there’s one thing that first-time travelers or ταξιδιώτες (pronounced as taxidiótes in Greek) should know about this wonderful European country, then that would be the fact that it is the home to some of the stunning sights that will make you wonder if they came right out of a storybook. From divine islands to historical sites, there’s much more to discover in Greece. Ready to learn more? Keep reading below!

Whenever we think about Greece, thoughts related to the Olympic games, theatre, art, and mythology often come to mind. It is one of the most highly emphasized countries since scientists and historians consider it the cradle of civilization. Given its unique history and identity, there’s no surprise why there are over 18 world heritage sites in this country alone!

Contrary to common belief, Greece is a peninsular and mountainous country, not an archipelagic country like the Philippines or Japan. Surprisingly, Greece is also home to over 2000 islands! While not all are inhabited, tourists are free to visit any of these using the ferry, private boats, and yachts.

It is important to note that some of the islands are really far off that you might take a few hours just to get there. However, we believe that it is worth the wait! On some islands, you can find small towns or private hotels with mesmerizing views and provisions for thrilling water sports.

Whether you are a nature lover or a history buff, Greece has something to offer you. Ready to find out some of the best travel destinations within the country? If yes, keep reading below!

Greece’s Hidden Gems

Monastery on a mountain in Greece
Monastery on a mountain top, Greece

Parga Island

Parga is known for its magnificence due to its sandy beach. It is also very well known for being a fishing village! Many enjoy Parga island because of its breathtaking landscapes, traditional architecture, and exotic beaches. 

The best way to get around Parga island would be to use their provided taxis or have a rental car all to yourself. You can also choose to take an all-day boat cruise that will take you around to explore the stunning town of Parga island.

One top site to check out is the Venetial Castle of Parga. This castle was built in the 11th century and was used by Venetians and the Turks due to its strategic location. From the inside, you can see both the sea and the city, giving you many advantages back in the day.

Another breathtaking location you can visit is the 19th-century castle called the Castle of Anthousa. Ali Pasha, a Turkish ruler, was the one who built the castle while overlooking the town of Parga. 

Of course, there are plenty of excellent museums to visit too! Such as the Olive Oil Factory, which is a private museum that was recently opened in 2012. The museum is built inside of a restored olive oil press. And that’s where you can see the process of oil making using the traditional tools and machinery. 

Are you looking for a different kind of museum? Then the stunning Ecclesiastical Museum is perfect for you!

Here you can see many rare books, holy gospels, and many other church-related items, as well as a 300-year-old banner from the town. The Ecclesiastical Museum is also located next to the church of Agioi Apostoli, both located in the city center of Parga. 

Beautiful white and blue buildings on the coast of Greece
Housing on the coast of Greece

Assos, Kefalonia

Assos is located in Kefalonia, where you can visit all the colorful houses and businesses! Where you are allowed to get on the beaten path and explore all the sandy beaches and more of the Greek islands.

The first place on your list should be the Melissani Cave. In this breathtaking cave, you enter through an underground path and then get into small boats to go around and explore more inside the beautiful cave. 

De Bosset Bridge is another fantastic place to visit. The bridge is made of stone and was completed in 1813 by a Swiss engineer named Charles Philippe de bosset. Charles Philippe de bosset was hired by the British, who had been ruling over the island during that time.

To this day, the bridge is still standing and carrying its occupants from the capital town, Argostoli, to the mainland of Kefalonia. 

The next site that should be on everyone’s list is the Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi. This stunning lighthouse stands on a peninsula. It was constructed in 1828 by the British, who were, at the time, ruling over the area. 

Also, it would help if you did not miss out on the Castle of Assos right in front of the village. It used to be one of the strongest castles in Kefalonia, but today the building is in ruins and has suffered a lot of damage over the years. 

Lastly, it would help you appreciate Greece better and its history if you visited the Historical And Folk Art Museum. This museum was founded to preserve and protect the memories of Kefalonia before the earthquake of 1953. This museum is located inside the Corgialenion Library on the bottom floor. The Corgialenion is situated in the capital of Kefalonia.

Aegean Sea

This sea lies between the coast of Greece and Asia Minor (what would be considered modern-day Turkey). There are over 2,000 islands that the ancient Greeks settled. The largest of these Greek islands is Crete, the most photographed island in Santorini.


Meteora is a beautiful location where you can see monasteries perched on tall cliffs. It is one of the highest-ranked places to visit in Greece due to its natural landscapes and religious places.

The Monastery of Grand Meteron is the largest of all the monasteries and is located on the highest spot of Meteora. This breathtaking monastery was founded in 1340 by monk Athanasios.

Another one is the Monastery of Agia Triada, which dates back to the 12th century. This beautiful place was first inhabited by a few monks who had been in search of shelter to protect themselves from the Ottomans. Also, a fun fact about this location is that some scenes from the famous ‘James Bond: For Your Eyes Only’ were shot inside this monastery and its surroundings. 

Plastira Lake is also a must-see in Meteora. This is an artificial lake that was created to collect water for all of the nearby farms. Even though the lake is artificial, the view is anything but and is a very romantic destination.

Lastly, it would be best if you visited the Antichassia Natural Park. This natural reserve covers an area of nearly 830 hectares (a metric unit of square measure, equal to 100 acres). This natural park is home to many species of flora and fauna, some of which can only be found in Greece.

Agios Nikolaos, Crete 

Agios Nikolaos, Greece coast
City of Agios Nikolaos, Greece

Agios Nikolaos is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Crete. This wonderful place has hidden churches, pedestrian sidewalks lined with full green trees, beautiful blue waters, and many more beautiful sites. 

Lake Voulismeni is a beautiful place to start with on this list because the small lake is surrounded by towering rocky cliffs and many open-air restaurants and cafes to visit. Keep an eye out for wild but tamed ducks crossing the lake or walkway as you stroll around the lake. Some of these ducks will stand still long enough to snap a photo!

Spinalonga Island is another must-see location that will be worth every minute. The Venetians fortified the land in the 17th century as a part of the strategy to protect Crete from the Turkish invasion. It was used as a leper colony from 1903 until 1957.

Kritsa is another location that every traveler should visit. If you’re looking for a taste of Cretan village life, drive out from the coastal area and make your way to the mountains to explore more of what this stunning place offers. The homes are built into a hillside and have a white-washed look to them as well as timeless olive groves surrounding the houses and businesses.

Cameo Island, Zakynthos Island

Cameo Island, Zakynthos Island
Cameo Island Greece

Cameo Island is relatively small, located just north of Zakynthos Island, and is a true paradise on earth. The entrance at the front of the island is not free of charge, but it does come with a nice drink. Here you can enjoy crystal clear waters, an endless sea, and the amazing sun.

Aside from relaxing and taking Instagrammable photos at Cameo Island, you can also take advantage of its incredible scenery for weddings, proposals, and even bachelor parties. 

Mount Athos

When traveling to Greece and being on the lookout for hidden gems, Athos is one of the best. Athos is located in northern Greece. This part of Greece is filled with 20 different monasteries. One of the most well-known monasteries is the Dionysiou Monastery, which has been on the cover of National Geographic.

In this monastery, 50 monks live within its walls, and you’re welcome to go in and look around. This stunning building resides right on a small cliff edge and is surrounded by beautiful water.

Mount Athos is a mountain and peninsula located in northern Greece. At this fantastic hidden gem, you can take a boat tour to the West region of Athos Peninsula, where the boat will also take you to the many other monasteries on Mount Athos.

You will also get the amazing chance to see the central part of Mount Athos Dafni.

Melissani Cave, Sami – Kefalonia

The beautiful Melissani Cave
Melissani Cave, Greece

This cave is one of the best-hidden gems in Greece. Melissani Cave is surrounded by forest and is deep in the ground, almost like a giant well. The cave is filled with beautiful clear blue water and is something that should be on the top of your list.

Though the tour is short, it’s insanely beautiful and completely worth it. The best time to visit this hidden gem is in the late afternoon when the sun is just starting to set, and the light is hitting the top of the well perfectly.

Paros Island, Cyclades

This island is located in the Cyclades archipelago. Not only is Paros the biggest island of all the Greek islands, but it is also the oldest. The beautiful all-white buildings with blue shutters are something out of a dream and would make for stunning and minimalist photos.

Paros Island has been featured in many magazines, apps, websites, calendars, and so much more! It is worth the visit, and you will not regret it once you step foot on the beautiful stone pavement.

Oia, Santorini Archipelago

This is another gorgeous place to add to your list of must-see sights in Greece and one that you will not regret seeing. With most of the houses on the island being white, it looks extremely clean and gives off a definite pure feeling.

Oia is another of Greece’s most visited hidden gems for tourists from all over the world just to see its simplicity and beauty. In this stunning region, you can stay in a small, beautiful little hotel, walk the streets while greeting locals, shop in the local stores, and eat amazing food from surrounding restaurants.

Chania, Crete

Chania is another stunning must-see city in Greece, one of the most attractive cities in Crete. Sadly during the Second World War, part of the city was utterly destroyed. Fortunately, the historic center is still intact and absolutely beautiful.

Here you can walk through the beautiful cobblestone streets where vendors sell clothes, vegetables, fruit, ceramics, and much more. You can also sit at a lovely romantic restaurant with a stunning view of the Venetian harbor.

Another fun activity to do is walk along the seawall and go to the lighthouse at the end. The lighthouse was built during the 19th century, and the walk is lengthy, 15 minutes long, but it is definitely worth the stroll. The walk will also give you a fantastic view of the main sights, such as the Yiali Tzami mosque and the beautiful Venetian arsenals.

No matter where you are in the harbor, you can see the lighthouse standing strong and tall along the shore.

Another amazing activity to do in Chania is the Maritime Museum. Maritime is located at the tip of the land across the channel from the lighthouse mentioned above. This beautiful museum is two floors and has collections of stunning models of ships, video presentations, nautical equipment, art, and photos from all over Crete.


The small island of Kastellorizo
Kastellorizo, Greece

Kastellorizo is a tiny island, but it is one of the most stunning hidden gems in Greece, and anyone would be lucky to witness the island’s beauty. It is just off the Turkish coast and just a few hours from Antalya, the Turkish capital.

Kastellorizo is the only town on the small island. The town is well known for its beautiful houses that can often be 2-3 stories tall with stunning wooden balconies. Most of the city is filled with narrow streets and alleyways. Going off the beaten track to explore the hidden beauties in Greece will be the best decision you will ever make!

Another great way to spend your time on the island is through museums. Make sure to hit all the museums on the island and take the opportunity to learn more about not just Kastellorizo but Greece too!

One of the other hidden gems is the beautiful landmarks that seem everywhere. From lighthouses, museums, beaches, homes, businesses, and small hidden lakes.

Greece has some of the best-hidden gems in the world, from beautiful sandy beaches to stunning traditional villages. There are plenty of beautiful beaches and islands to see, whether in plain sight or off the beaten path.

Have a view of the pristine beaches, other Greek islands, the natural beauty of the sea and surrounding islands, fishing boats off the coast, and many tourists enjoying their day trip around each charming island.

Greece has many charming villages and islands, some of which are filled with museums that talk about Greek mythology, the history of the stunning beaches, the Greek mainland, and everything in between.

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