10+ Easy Portuguese Slang To Sound Like A Local

Are you looking for some of the best Portuguese slang expressions or gíria to fit in with the locals during your trip to Lagos or Lisbon? As foreigners, we all have the desire to connect meaningfully with the locals of the place we will visit. While learning the basic greetings can certainly help out, what will elevate your experience is when you use slang when interacting with people. Ready to find out how? Keep reading below!

Portugal remains to be one of the top travel destinations in southwestern Europe. It’s perfect for nature lovers and history buffs as this is where you can find several jaw-dropping sites. On top of that, sports enthusiasts will surely enjoy themselves here given that this is the home of the world-famous athlete Cristiano Ronaldo. To put it simply, the country has something to offer you no matter what your hobbies or likes are.

If you are genuinely interested in having a great time in Portugal, there’s nothing more we can recommend than learning the Portuguese language. While some can speak English, we must understand that it will always be better if we speak with the locals using a language close to their hearts. For this reason, we will cover the best slang expressions and words to use in this post. Let’s get started!

Common Portuguese Slang Words

slangs in portuguese

Ready to surprise the locals with your skills in their language? Please take note of the words we have below and use them at appropriate times.

BacanaSuper / Impressive / CoolUsually used to describe wealthy people or high-tech stuff
BelezaI agreeIt can be used by anyone
DesapareceGet lostFor creepy strangers or people you are uncomfortable interacting with
E aíHelloAnyone can use it
EitaGeeGenerally used as an interjection
Falou / Até maisGoodbyeIt can be used by anyone
FixeCoolIt can be used by anyone
FofoAdorableTo describe the endearing qualities of people, animals, and objects
GiroCuteTo describe the beauty of people, animals, and objects
JoiaGreatAnyone can use it
MalaAnnoyingA rude slang that should be scarcely used
Pá / MeuDudeAnyone can use it
TipoSimilar toAnyone can use it
ValeuThank youInformal and can be used with anyone
YaUh-huhAnyone can use it

Slang Portuguese Expressions

Learning the basic Portuguese slang words is great, but having more knowledge about the expressions will certainly elevate your interactions with them. So if you genuinely want to impress them, use the following with them.

Fica à vontadeBe my guest / Help yourselfUsed when you want someone to feel at home
Não Tô Nem AiI do not careA rude slang that should be scarcely used
Sei LaI do not know / whateverIt may sound rude if used with people you are not close with
Até daqui a poucoSee you in a fewUsed when you intend to meet again within the same day
Quebra tudo!Have funThe informal counterpart of divirta-se

Why Is It Good To Know Slang In Different Languages?

Portuguese slangs

It may sound crazy, but after you learn slang expressions for your language of choice, you get the chance to understand better what locals are saying. If you take every word at its literal meaning, then the conversations you hear won’t make any sense. In addition, learning slang can help you better understand people’s cultures. After all, these words are born out of the locals’ societal beliefs, perceptions, and traditions.

Does Every Language Have Slang?

Yes, they do! Slang can be confusing, especially if you don’t know the language well. But slang is just like sarcasm. It is hard to get at first, but it can be fun to use after some practice! Other countries do have slang words and phrases, but it won’t be the same way compared to how other countries may use or say theirs!

One crucial piece of advice is never to use slang right away when speaking with the locals. One reason for this is because some might come off as offensive, and we bet that none of you want to be on the wrong side of the tracks, right? With this said, we highly recommend that you only use slang when interacting with people you are close with or with someone brave enough to correct you if you are saying something wrong. Want to learn more about travel hacks? Check this one out.

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