25+ Basic Portuguese Phrases You Must Know

Basic Portuguese Phrases

Are you planning to head to the coastal country of Portugal in the summer? Then if you want to have a great time and increase your chances of mingling with the locals, there are a few basic Portuguese phrases that you must learn. With these on the tip of your tongue, it is guaranteed you’ll steal a few smiles from the locals as they see your attempt to speak their language. Keep reading and discover these valuable phrases.

Must-Know Facts About The Portuguese Language

The Portuguese language is one of the oldest and one that has influenced many languages around the world. It is the sixth most spoken, meaning it’s almost impossible not to find a native speaker, no matter where you are from. How cool is that?

During a season in Portuguese history called “Descobrimentos” (or Findings in literal translation), the Portuguese culture and language were widely broadcasted all around the world, from Brazil (where it is still spoken today) to the coast of Africa in Angola (where it is also the official language), and even in Indonesia (where the Portuguese language influenced the current Indonesian language).

This language had a heavy influence on Arabic during the 8th century. Islam moors from North Africa and the Middle East conquered Portugal and Spain and brought their language to the Iberian Peninsula. Despite this Arabic influence, the Portuguese language is considered to come from Galicia in Spain, sharing many similarities with their language Galician. Interestingly, Portuguese people and Galician have no trouble understanding each other!

Finally, to end this section about the Portuguese language, I’ll leave you with a fun fact: the longest word in Portuguese has 29 letters and is anticonstitucionalíssimamente which means in a very unconstitutional way. Interesting, right?

Ask for the check in portuguese

Basic Portuguese Phrases You Must Learn

Don’t start panicking! I’m not going to teach complex and hard phrases with words of 29 letters, yet I’m going to show you a few straightforward to learn. In this section, I’ll only cover those you can use in your daily life in Portugal. Whether you’re going to the bakery to get some delicious Portuguese bread, withdrawing some money at the bank, or simply talking to your taxi driver, these phrases will fall very neatly among the locals.

During your trip, make sure you save this blog post and come back to review these common Portuguese phrases, and don’t be afraid to use them on your journey. Youjourneyfind that in a blink of an eye, you’ll be using them naturally and without even realizing it!

Let’s dive in!

Good morningBom dia
Good afternoonBoa tarde
Good eveningBoa noite
Excuse meCom licença
I’m sorryPeço desculpa
Thank youObrigado
You’re welcomeDe nada
How are you?Como está?
I’m fineEstou bem
Where is…?Onde fica…?
What’s your name?Qual é o seu nome?
My name is…O meu nome é…
I am from…Eu sou de…
Where are you from?De onde você é?
No problemSem problema
Don’t worryNão se preocupe
I love youAmo-te
Where can I pay?Onde posso pagar?
Check, pleaseA conta, por favor
Nice to meet youPrazer conhecê-lo
How much?Quanto é?
What time is it?Que horas são?
Can I see the menu?Posso ver o menu?
I’m allergic to…Eu sou alérgico a…
I want to go to…Eu quero ir a…
Where is the bathroom?Como é a casa-de-banho?
I’m lostEstou perdido
It is delicious!É delicioso!
This place is beautiful!Este lugar é lindo!
I’m veganEu sou vegan

Wrapping Up!

I’m a true believer that there is no downside to learning a new language. What I love about learning a second language is that you’re also getting a chance to exercise your brain, improve your learning skills, stimulate your multi-tasking abilities when you’re constantly changing between languages, and, to top it all off…you’re also allowing yourself to be able to talk and communicate with many more people in the world!

Only with Portuguese you’re putting yourself in a position where you can now speak with 200 million more people worldwide! Can you even grasp the immensity of people now within your reach?

Learning age can be intimidating and overwhelming; sometimes, you don’t know where to start. However, in today’s time, many unique tools make this process so much easier, fun, and engaging! Be it through just a few words and sentences per day, or more in-depth lessons with grammar, the possibilities are endless, especially if you embark on this journey with Ling App!

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