Irish Food: A Useful Guide To 19+ Irish Dishes

Irish Food

Would you like to get insights into some amazing Irish food? Irish cuisine is rich in flavors and healthy ingredients. In this blog, we will present you with a list of the most common Irish food you can try on your visit to Ireland. We will also provide some recipes you can try to make today and impress your colleagues with your skills. A pool of knowledge to dive into, so let’s get started!

Irish Breakfast

Most of the meet-ups take place in the evening or at dinner. However, in Ireland, you can change the trend and invite someone over to have breakfast with a delicious meal.

Starting with the Irish breakfast, one of the most common and traditional Irish foods that any Irish person would love to flaunt. It’s a perfect blend of delicious and healthy ingredients.

The traditional Irish breakfast contains sausages, a half-fried egg, crispy fried bacon, and some local staples, which can be the best combination if you do not prefer a vegan diet. You can also get other items like toast, veggies, tomatoes, mushrooms, pudding, fried beans, fried rashers, etc.

The name of this breakfast could be different depending on where you are. For instance, if you happen to be on the west coast of Ireland, then you would hear people refer to this dish as “fry.” But if you get to visit some other part of Ireland like Northern Ireland, you would hear people call it “Ulster fry.” These are minor differences, and the people would get you no matter what you say.

It is also known as the full breakfast because of is fulfilling for any eater. You cannot feel hungry after having this breakfast, yet you crave more. Now you know what to make or order if you invite someone over to have breakfast.

Irish Breakfast Bap

Taking your not-so-ordinary Irish breakfast is the next step. Many people prefer to have their Irish breakfast served on butter bread in Ireland. This is their version of enjoying their meal. You take all the ingredients you put in the breakfast, take the bread, cut it in two halves with some space to accommodate the ingredients in between, and put it all together.

No matter how nicely or neatly you do that, it will always get messy quickly. If you are not into messy or overloaded food, you might need to eat it in small chunks. But if you love the idea of having your sandwich wrapped with the best of all the worlds, then this Irish Breakfast Bap is the perfect Irish food for you to try.

Irish Stew

Moving on to the second most loved dish in Ireland, Irish stew. The Irish stew has no fancy cooking, yet it serves as one of the most delicious and loved meals in Ireland. The people have a great heart connection with this dish, also called the national dish of Ireland.

Many years ago, farmers worked on farms, and they needed something quick yet tasty to eat. So they would get the most accessible item, lamb meat, and thus throw it along with some vegetables and flavors in a cauldron or pot of water to come up with this humble dish: Irish stew, a scrumptious meal.

The Irish stew has evolved, but the essence remains the same, and Irish people still prefer to keep the simplicity and uniqueness of this dish intact. Unlike many other dishes, which involve meticulous cutting, using several dishes to keep the ingredients, and cooking the meal in various steps, the Irish stew is a one-pot and one-step meal.

Irish Food Shepherd's pie

Shepherd’s Pie

You have just learned how important the sheep has been for Irish people. Let’s now look at another dish which is made with lamb. Shepherd’s pie is prevalent all across Britain, but an element differentiates between this dish in both the region and the choice of meat used.

In other parts of Britain, people prefer to use beef or the meat of some other animal, etc. However, in Ireland, they usually use lamb instead of other meat.

White And Black Pudding

The white and black pudding is an Irish dish that is nothing like ordinary pudding. It is not sweet as you might be wondering, and it is made up of meat (Irish bacon) which might sound peculiar to you at first, but once you try that, you would never be able to hold yourself back again.

Irish people tend to mix pork sausage with red blood and thus make black and white pudding. If you do not add the blood sausage and instead use some other sausage, it will only be white pudding. Every Irish chef and Irish family would be an expert at making both.

Irish Soda Bread

There are two things without which Irish food would be incomplete, bread and butter. Irish people are fond of using these two ingredients in almost everything they make. However, most Irish families prefer to make the bread on their own, and therefore the Irish bread is of its kind and is seen in many places.

One main difference between traditional Irish soda bread and other bread is that you do not put yeast in soda bread. Instead, the main element which gives a beautiful curve to the Irish soda bread is baking soda and buttermilk. As a result, soda bread is a unique blend of different flavors, leaving the taste in your mouth for a long.

Fried Rashers

In most of the Ireland dishes, a fried rasher is included. While many people either confuse it with normal bacon or start referring to it as a different type of meal. An Irish rasher is a different kind of bacon, both in size and texture. It is generally broad, thicker, and juicy.

Irish bacon has various similarities with Canadian bacon and is an important place at every table in every Ireland family.


Let’s look at Irish scones, a famous dish all across Ireland. These are beautiful fluffy-looking sponge cakes generally enjoyed with whipped cream or a jam. Its main ingredients include; all-purpose flour, salt, baking powder, sugar, salted butter cold, double cream, and whole milk.

If you want to get the best of this dish, then maybe try to eat it as soon as it comes out of the oven. Nevertheless, you can also eat the leftover from the previous day. Heat it in an oven for a few minutes, and it’ll be good to go.

Mashed Potatoes Colcannon

Let’s now look at a traditional Irish dish not found in many homes these days. The modern families in Ireland tend to avoid making Mashed Potatoes, Colcannon, but it is also a dish that the older generation enjoys the most.

Colcannon comprises mashed potatoes, some boiled ham, and cabbage. These three ingredients are only used to make a dish that can be found in almost all restaurants and Irish pubs.

Cod And Prawn Bake

In Ireland, people are often fond of trying seafood in their dishes, and one of such dishes is a creamy casserole made by a unique blend of Cod And Prawn baked with special love and care. It is often served with creamy mashed potatoes sprinkled with chopped scallions.

Bacon And Cabbage

Let’s talk about a more traditional Irish dish: Bacon and Cabbage. There is a long history behind the formation and prevalence of this dish in Ireland, but the most important reason is its cost-friendliness. In Ireland, bacon was easily available in the past times, and thus every family found it easier to make bacon with cabbage.

However, now it is a traditional dish in Ireland and has taken over by a modern version of this food which takes us to our next dish.

Corned Beef And Cabbage

Many Irish people immigrated to America and other countries, and one of the cultures of shock for them was the price of bacon. In Ireland, bacon was extremely expensive, and thus the Irish immigrants found it hard to buy bacon. Thus they started replacing bacon with cheaper meat, and thus the name corned beef and cabbage was introduced.

Nowadays, corned beef and cabbage have various items incorporated in them. For example, many chefs have started adding stew that they think can enhance their taste. Furthermore, adding vegetables was never common in bacon and cabbage, but corned beef and cabbage have also made it a norm.

It is a modern Irish food and can be found in many places inside and outside Ireland.

Potato Farls

What would you do if you had some leftover mashed potatoes from the dinner last night? Wouldn’t the most intelligent thing to do would be to use them to make breakfast the following day? Well, Irish people teach us the same.

Potato farls are another common dish in Ireland that uses mashed potatoes. It can be exceptionally similar to pancakes, with the only difference being that it is made using mashed potatoes. It is customary to have potato pancake for breakfast in Ireland.

Fish And Chips

Another common dish in Ireland is fish and chips. This can be found all across Europe. The fish is generally hammered and thus marinated for several hours, after which you can coat the fish with cornflour or a covering of your own choice. Finally, it is fried and served with some chips.

Chips are nothing like how you see in America. Chips in fish and chips are different from the American version. In America, chips are used for the snacks made in the factory and packed to be sold as a snack. However, the chips in Ireland are made out of potatoes which are cut and then fried properly.

You can get an idea of what chips in Ireland are by remembering “french fries” since most people use chips. Giving people fish and chips is also customary on birthdays.

Irish Seafood Chowder

Irish Seafood chowder is a beautiful combination of both seafood and chowder with some amazing flavors added to enhance the taste of the chowder. It closely resembles the Irish stew in many ways, and the most important one is how easy both dishes are to make.

Usually, this dish is made up of salmon, trout, shellfish, and some veggies, potato, celery, etc. You can enjoy this Irish food with a loaf of potato bread.

Irish Food desserts trifle

Irish Desserts

While we are on food, a meal s always incomplete without adding a hint of sweetness. So let’s now look at some of the most common desserts in Ireland, which you can serve on different occasions and with almost all meals.


If you are fond of layering, you need to try this dessert out. In Ireland, the most common dessert dish is a Trifle. Its look is important and requires time, skill, and attention.

It is made by layering different sweet items to look beautiful and tasty. It generally contains custard, some fruits, e.g., bananas and strawberries, heavy cream, jelly, juice-soaked sponge cake or biscuits, and certain flavors, including jam.

It is generally served in a transparent/see-through bowl so that you can see each ingredient placed beautifully in a separate layer. While you have the option of serving it in a bowl, serving trifles in separate glasses can leave a better impression since the layering for each person is different and does not get messed up easily.

Berry Fool

Berry Fool is a dish which can e found all across Europe. In Ireland, it is especially common, and many people use easy ways to make it. Moreover, it mainly involves only two ingredients, making it even easier to make the dish. Talk about simplicity, and Irish people seem to have mastered that.

If you are out of time, you can take some berries, mash them, and add them to chilled heavy cream. It’s a trend in many families that they tend to keep their berries frozen just in case they need to make berry fool because berry fool always tastes better in the most chilled form.


One of the most common traditional Irish dishes is Barmbrack, a speckled loaf. It is called a speckled loaf. Many people also refer to this bread as sweet bread, which makes sense, right?

The element that makes it unique from other bread-like brown bread is that it has raisins and sultanas. It is generally lighter and more fluffy as compared to the other bread. There is a reason why the Irish people love this bread.

Irish Coffee

You cannot talk about the desserts in Ireland without mentioning Irish coffee. Irish people are obsessed with drinking, and thus they have not spared even coffee. Irish people tend to add Irish whiskey to their coffee which is technically supposed to wake and keep them up.

The main ingredients of Irish coffee are coffee, Irish whiskey, and brown sugar, topped with whipped cream. Come to think of it; you can say cheers with Irish coffee as well, right?

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