4 Ways On How To Wish Someone A Happy Birthday In Irish

Have you got friends from Ireland and finding trouble in communicating with them? Then, you must have struggled with questions like how to wish someone a happy birthday in Irish. Well, you are not alone. We all make friends from overseas and get scared to interact sometimes due to the language mismatch. But, not talking to them even on their birthday can put your friendship in peril. So, we come up with the solution. Please read this article thoroughly and wish them on their special day like a native Irish. This article will give you a holistic guideline on how to wish someone a happy birthday in Irish, keeping in with their culture in mind. Thus, you can quickly learn the proper way of wishing them and do not repeat your past mistakes.


Three Standard Solutions On How To Wish Someone Happy Birthday In Irish

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, no one can beat the zeal and zest of Irish people. You can show your love for your Irish friends and relatives in many ways. The most important one is to wish them the most beautiful of the words. Also, you can sing them melodious Irish birthday songs. In both these ways, you can make their big day so unique that they cannot forget it the rest of their lives. Moreover, if you are unique in selecting words, you will hold a special place in their heart.

Who does not know of the importance of giving them gifts on their birthday? You can also show them your love by showering them with gifts. The gifts will remind them about you whenever they have a look at them or use them.

Let’s walk through all these three ways to understand better how to wish someone a happy birthday in Irish.

Wish Them The Words They Would Never Forget

Are you also among the many who think that saying only “Happy Birthday” (In Irish: lá breithe shona duit) does justice to this occasion? What if we let you know that you can wish them more beautifully? Well, like any other language, Irish is also rich in expression. Following are some beautiful ways of wishing them on their birthday to make them feel special.

Ar mian leat na breithlaethanta is sona duit Wishing you the happiest of birthdays
Comhghairdeas le bliain eile ar domhan Congratulations on another year on Earth
Tá súil le do bhreithlá chomh neamhaí agus atá tú Hoping your birthday is as heavenly as you are
Bíodh lá iontach speisialta agat Have a wonderfully special day

Important Note

If you want to wish them with just a “Happy birthday to you,” do not repeat a common mistake. While wishing someone a birthday in Irish, you need to be conscious of the singular and plural recipients. As it is a prevalent mistake, we thought to timely inform you so that you do not commit it.

Follow the following guide:

Happy birthday to you (Singular)

lá breithe shona duit

Happy birthday to you (Plural)

lá breithe shona daoibh

Sing The Famous Birthday Song In Irish

If you want to wish them uniquely, then make a difference with a beautiful Irish birthday song. Well, it does not look as funny as you might be thinking right now. Singing them songs shows them how special they are for you and how happy you are for them. We have come up with this amazingly famous song choice to help you answer the question, ‘’How to wish someone happy birthday in Irish.”

Irish birthday Song English Translation
Lá breithe shona duit, Lá breithe shona duit, lá breithe shona, lá breithe shona, lá breithe shona duit! Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday, Happy birthday, Happy birthday to you!


Make Their Day With Beautiful Gifts

Irish culture is all about making the special days more special. Gifts can convey what words fail to. So, what makes you wait to win their heart by giving those gifts? If you are not aware of the likings of your loved ones, who else would be? Just recall what they love and buy it for them. Also, wrap the gift in an appealing envelope, and boom, you are good to go. Keeping in view the cheerful and joyous nature of Irish people, you do not buy them corporate gifts. So, no formalities at all. Just a bottle of wine, or a flower bouquet, or some chocolates would do well. Just one tip; keep their liking and disliking in mind.

Start Learning The Irish Language To Speak Like A Native

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