Disasters In Irish: 30+ Easy Words

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Wondering how to get yourself unstuck in a sticky situation? Do you know the right words for disasters in Irish that can help you in describing what happened and how? If not, then worry no more because we got you covered. In this blog, we will walk you through all the essential vocabulary for disasters that you can use in Irish. Along with the vocabulary, this blog also presents countless phrases which can be used in different situations and can be used to describe the details of the disasters.

The Irish word for disaster is “Tubaiste”. There are three different types of disasters: natural, man-made, and hybrid. We will be teaching you the vocabulary for all three types one by one.

Disasters In Ireland

Disasters In Irish ireland

Ireland is relatively safe as compared to many other countries which are often getting disturbed by natural disasters. In 2020, Indonesia, USA and China were the top three countries that have been affected the most by natural disasters. Ireland successfully escapes that dreadful category.

Natural disasters cause great misfortune in a certain country and tend to affect the economy disastrously. Many students get deprived of their studies due to such disasters. Such catastrophe causes countless fatalities and many people lose their lives. The location of countries on the planet matter a lot in this regard. Ireland’s largest earthquake was of magnitude 5.4 which occurred in the Irish Sea in 1984.

In the history of Ireland, there have been various natural disasters. The most interesting thing is that all the natural disasters are mostly caused by or are a response to other phenomena in other parts of the world. One example of a major disaster that shocked the world is the earthquakes that took place in 1755 and 1761 in Lisbon which also paved the way for tsunamis into Ireland.

Natural Disasters Vocabulary

Disasters In Irish

Natural disasters are called tubaistí nádúrtha in Irish. Here is a table having all the names of natural disasters and some of the words related to natural disasters in Irish. You can use these words to further form the sentences:

Disasters Vocabulary In EnglishDisasters Vocabulary In Irish
SnowstormStoirm Sneachta
SandstormStoirm Ghainimh
ThunderstormStoirm Thunderstorm
Low-PressureBrú Íseal
Violent StormStoirm Fhoréigneach
RainstormStoirm Báistí
EarthquakeCrith Talún
Dust StormStoirm Deannaigh
Beaufort ScaleScála Beaufort
Forest FireTine Foraoise
UndergroundFaoi ​​thalamh
Natural DisastersTubaistí Nádúrtha
WindstormStoirm Ghaoithe
Wind ScaleScála Gaoithe
Richter ScaleScála Níos Saibhre
LandslidesSciorrthaí Talún
Coastal ErosionCreimeadh Cósta
Destructive WavesTonnta Scriosacha
Constructive WavesTonnta Tógálacha
Hydraulic ActionGníomh Hiodrálacha
Sea CliffsAillte Farraige
Sea StackStack Farraige
Sea CavesUaimheanna Farraige
Magma ChamberSeomra Magma
Tsunami WaveTonn Tsunami
Sea StumpStump Farraige
Sea ArchÁirse Farraige
Cone Shaped MountainSliabh Cruth Cón

Sentences Related To The Natural Disasters

Now that you are aware of all the words related to natural disasters, let’s learn how to use these words effectively. Remember, these sentences are just to help you get an idea about how you can use these words and not learn these sentences only and solely rely upon them. The best way to ace learning a language is to practice, practice, and practice and that is what I encourage the new language learners to do the most.

Here is a table of the sentences using the aforementioned vocabulary:

English SentencesIrish Translations
I don’t like snowstorms.Ní maith liom stoirmeacha sneachta.
It’s hailing heavily outside.Tá sé ag bualadh go mór taobh amuigh.
The volcano might erupt.D’fhéadfadh an bolcán brúchtadh.
I see a sandstorm coming.Feicim stoirm ghainimh ag teacht.
Do you know about lava?An bhfuil eolas agat faoi lava?
There are not many bushfires in Ireland.Níl mórán tinte bus in Éirinn.
This natural disaster caused great damage to the city.Rinne an tubaiste nádúrtha seo damáiste mór don chathair.
The storm destroyed all the trees.Scrios an stoirm na crainn go léir.
There is a fire in the woods.Tá tine sa choill.
Lightening makes the sky look beautiful.Déanann tintreach cuma álainn ar an spéir.
Scientists can help to mitigate the effects of natural disasters.Is féidir le heolaithe cuidiú le héifeachtaí tubaistí nádúrtha a mhaolú.
The Tornado caused a lot of casualties.Taismigh a lán taismigh.
There is a hailstorm in Ireland.Tá sceach gheal in Éirinn.
Have you ever seen a whirlpool?An bhfaca tú guairneán riamh?
Study seismology to know about seismic waves.Déan staidéar ar an seismeolaíocht chun eolas a fháil faoi thonnta seismeacha.
Government should make a shelter for evacuation.Ba cheart don Rialtas foscadh a dhéanamh le haghaidh aslonnaithe.
Magma is under the group.Tá Magma faoin ngrúpa.
What is a Richter Scale?Cad is Scála Richter ann?
This is a Richter Scale.Is Scála Richter é seo.
Do clouds cause blackouts?An bhfuil scamaill ina gcúis le smideadh?
Can we report about the dust storm?An féidir linn tuairisc a thabhairt faoin stoirm deannaigh?
Forest fire in Australia is horrific.Tá tine foraoise san Astráil uafásach.
That event leads to many deaths and loss of money.Is iomaí bás agus cailliúint airgid mar thoradh ar an imeacht sin.
His parents died in an earthquake.Fuair ​​a thuismitheoirí bás i gcreat talún.
How can we make the world safer?Conas is féidir linn an domhan a dhéanamh níos sábháilte?
Million people die in such events.Faigheann milliún duine bás in imeachtaí den sórt sin.
The rescue team saved a million people.Shábháil an fhoireann tarrthála milliún duine.
We can study science to have a safer community.Is féidir linn staidéar a dhéanamh ar eolaíocht chun pobal níos sábháilte a bheith againn.
The flood affects Earth badly.Bíonn tionchar dona ag an tuile ar an Domhan.
A tsunami is an example of a natural disaster.Is sampla de thubaiste nádúrtha é tsunami.
How to say natural disasters in Irish?Conas natural disasters a rá i nGaeilge?

Man-Made Disasters

Anthropogenic hazards or man-made disasters are the disasters that are caused because of poor actions or lack of actions of human beings. Here is a table of all the words related to man-made disasters:

English Irish
Man-made DisasterTubaiste de dhéantús an duine
Anthropogenic HazardsGuaiseacha Antrapaigineacha
Technological HazardsGuaiseacha Teicneolaíochta
Human HazardsGuaiseacha Daonna
Nuclear Explosions/ RadiationPléascanna Núicléacha / Radaíochta
Chemical SpillDoirteadh Ceimiceach
Transport AccidentsTimpistí Iompair
Industrial AccidentsTimpistí Tionsclaíocha
Oil SpillsDoirteadh Ola

Over To You

For all many lovelies learning Irish, the cookie for the day is to start writing a journal. There is nothing new about writing a journal and this blog is a reminder for you all to start monitoring your achievements. You can make three columns. Each column should have enough space to accommodate new words.

The first column should have the details about the date and day, the second column should include the number of words that you have learned that day and the third column should have an emoji that expresses your mood about your learning. After a month or two you will be reopening the journal and realize how far you have come which will be enough to motivate you to learn new words in Irish.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for the day. In this blog, you have learned all the essential vocabulary about disasters in Irish. By now you must be able to read and understand the basic words and phrases about disasters in Irish. You should also try to make sentences using those words which can improve your written expression in Irish. Irish learning should be fun and easy.

If you liked this blog then make sure to check other blogs on the Ling App by Simya Solutions. We also have a blog about the 10+ Easy Irish Health Vocabulary and 4 Easy Words For Irish Music so grab the opportunity and don’t miss out on much. Checking out the blogs can help you learn Irish faster and in an easy way.

Happy Learning!

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