Greek Food? 5+ Best Dishes That You Must Try!

What’s a trip to Greece without a Greek food trip, right? Aside from how this amazing country is home to amazing architecture and rich heritage, their dishes are also something you should look out for! Whether you plan to try out the traditional dishes or perhaps try out a bunch of their desserts, we have made the best guide for you.

In this list, we will not just showcase the authentic Greek food that you must try, but we will also dig deeper into their cuisine and what makes their food stand out from others! Along with that, we have also made a guide on certain Greek phrases that you might use whenever you order their food and get to know the Greek language too. Are you excited? Because we are! Get ready and buckle up because we have a lot in store for you!

What Does A Typical Greek Meal Look Like?

Eating is certainly something that is a part of Greece’s culture. So, with that said, what does traditional Greek cuisine typically looks like?

Greek Food

Well, aside from the always-present olive oil, certain ingredients like yogurt and cheese are also present! Because they love anything that is healthy, like fruits and vegetables, you will surely notice these as their main ingredients for most dishes. Typically, though not all, most of their dishes are light, even if they’re very flavorful!

And so if you plan on flying to Greece, the list of meals that we have for you should definitely be something that you should really try out – we promise you, it’s the best of both worlds so that your taste buds can taste what their awesome cuisine has to offer!

The Only List You Need For The Greek Food That You Must Not Miss!

The long wait’s over! Here, we have a list of the Greek dishes that you must try. Savory, sweet – you name it, this list is all that you will ever need as your guide! Even if you don’t find yourself visiting Greece soon, you can look up Greek recipes on the internet to get a taste of Greece, which might make you fall in love with the place even more. If this is something that you are interested in, be sure that you read down below!


The first on our list is Baklava!

Greek Food

If you are a fan of sweet and flaky pastries, this is should be on top of your list! This traditional Greek dish is made up of nuts, spices, and sweet syrup, and this traditional Greek dish will surely satisfy your cravings and give you the sugar rush you need! Not to mention that this Greek dish also has health benefits since one of its main ingredients are nuts. And so, if you are looking for a healthy traditional dish while still giving your sweet tooth a favor, Baklava is a must-try!


If you are a veggie lover or you love any vegetarian version of anything that you eat, try this!

Greek Food

Commonly known as stuffed grape leaves, this Greek cuisine staple is filled with rice and all other spices that will surely make your taste buds dance. This is one of the Greek meals you must try when you can, made to be savory and hearty!


Part of the Phyllo pastry, also known as custard in Filo, this is definitely one of the Greek recipes that would be a waste to not taste!

Greek Food

We promise you that as soon as you take a bite of this baked custard that is cooked to perfection, you will surely keep on coming back for more. With a soft inside and a crispy outside and known to be one of the most popular dishes in Greece, you will surely have no regrets about tasting this awesome and scrumptious dessert that everyone loves!


Are you a health buff? This is one of the Greek foods that is for you!

Greek Food

Known to a lot of people as baked beans, this filling, and hearty Greek staple will surely satisfy your stomach while keeping you on track with your diet! Because these beans are made to be very healthy and low on fat, you can enjoy this Greek delicacy without worrying about anything. Besides, Greek food is automatically delicious food!


A Greek salad lover? Say less because we have a dish that might just make you fall in love with Greek cuisine even more!

Greek Food

Commonly known as the Greek lettuce salad, this is the perfect meal to try out if you are looking for something that is light and healthy! Made of fresh herbs and vinaigrette dressing to spice up the taste, this delicious Greek dish is not just for the health-conscious people out there but also for those who want to explore this cuisine’s diversity.


Want to try out Greek lasagna? This is the one!

Greek Food

Cooked with minced meat, feta cheese, and creamy béchamel sauce or tomato sauce, you will surely be missing out if you don’t try this traditional Greek dish! With this Greek version of lasagna, you will surely be able to explore a whole new world of flavor that you still haven’t yet. Whether you try this out with family and friends, this is one of the best meals shared with the people you love!


If you are the type to enjoy meals that are served on a skewer as you walk around the busy streets of Greece, Souvlaki should be on your list.

Greek Food

Sometimes served and eaten along with pita bread and green peppers, this marinated meat that is grilled to perfection is everyone’s favorite – and it might be yours too! This traditional dish is a crowd favorite and a staple in a Greek restaurant because of how this can be paired and served with anything that you have in mind. Whether you want to eat it with fresh vegetables or drink it with lemon juice, the options are endless. It would be a waste not to try it!


Lover of spice? Try these Greek meatballs!

Greek Food

Cooked with red wine and cinnamon to taste, these pieces of heaven will surely keep you coming back for more. With its rich tomato sauce, this will definitely make a good starter if you are still getting to know Greece’s cuisine a bit more! Not to mention this is also one of the Greek recipes that are very easy to make and prepare. What are you waiting for? If you don’t have a Greek restaurant near you, you might as well make these with your friends and make it a date!


Known as Greek spinach pie, this is definitely one of the Greek dishes that you should try if you want to try out their take on savory pastry.

Greek Food

Cooked in feta cheese, fried cheese, or any cheese of your choice, this delicious food is the Greek people’s favorite! If you are a cheese lover, this is one of the traditional dishes of Greece that you must take note of because you will surely regret it if you don’t get to taste it!


Want to try out Greek cheese pie? Try Tiropita!

Greek Food

Made up of various layers of cheese and Phyllo, this mouthwatering meal is present at every party. If you love pie and cheese, this traditional Greek food might satisfy your cravings! Besides how this can be a great way to eat as a snack, this can also be the meal you can share with the people around you because it’s that good!

Wait! We Have More In Store For You!

This guide on Greek food will certainly be won’t complete if we will not share the various phrases that can help you order your food in Greek restaurants when you find yourself visiting Greece. Because such a wonderful place is also home to good food that will surely leave an impression on you, knowing a few Greek words might be useful too! Ready to learn a bit of Greek? Well, you are definitely in it for a treat. Be sure that you read more down below!

Can you please add more salt?Μπορείτε να προσθέσετε περισσότερο αλάτι (Boreíte na prosthésete perissótero aláti?)
Can you please add more sugar?Μπορείτε να προσθέσετε περισσότερη ζάχαρη (Boreíte na prosthésete perissóteri záchari?)
How much is this?Πόσο κοστίζει αυτό? (Póso kostízei aftó?)
I have a reservation in this restaurantΈχω κάνει κράτηση σε αυτό το εστιατόριο (Écho kánei krátisi se aftó to estiatório)
I’d like to payΘα ήθελα να πληρώσω (Tha íthela na pliróso)
It is too sweetΕίναι πολύ γλυκό (Eínai polý glykó)
It is too saltyΕίναι πολύ αλμυρό (Eínai polý almyró)
May I have this?Μπορώ να το έχω αυτό (Boró na to écho aftó?)
May I now have the bill?Μπορώ να έχω τώρα τον λογαριασμό (Boró na écho tóra ton logariasmó?)
Where’s the menu?Πού είναι το μενού (Poú eínai to menoú?)

Well, that’s a wrap! May this guide help you not just what phrases to say when you visit Greece, but we hope that you also get to try the dishes on the list we made for you. With those dishes, may you not just experience Greece but also dive into its mouth-watering cuisine that is definitely worth your time and money.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this will make you fall in love with the country and their language because we feel you! And if some of you want to learn more about the Greek language after learning about its cuisine, you may do it with the Ling App!

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Greek Food

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