5 Best Date Spots For Valentine’s Day In Manila

5 Best Date Spots For Valentine's Day In Manila

If you’re lucky enough to be spending Valentine’s Day in Manila, get ready for romance and passion like nowhere else! This vibrant city goes all out when it comes to stunning views, live entertainment, innovative cuisine, and intimate hideaways perfect for celebrating relationships.

In this post, I’m spilling the beans on my 5 tried-and-true favorite date ideas for making Valentine’s Day in Manila, Philippines, truly unforgettable (WITHOUT burning a hole in your wallet!). I’ll also share some romantic phrases in the Tagalog language to help you sweep your partner’s feet like crazy! Ready? Let’s begin!

Valentine's Day In Manila

Best Spots To Spend Valentine’s Day In Manila

The National Museum Complex

Want to impress your date with your extensive knowledge of art… or just gain some together? Treat your sweetheart to a visit to the National Museum Complex in Manila – it’s one of the most affordable and unique date ideas for Valentine’s Day in the city!

This place is basically like four awesome museums wrapped up into one. You’ve got the National Museum of Art with its stunning collection of visual arts and sculptures; the Museum of Anthropology, where you can check out cultural artifacts from indigenous tribes; the Museum of Natural History, full of fossils and taxidermy; and even a Planetarium to gaze at the stars.

What’s great is that since it’s all housed within one campus, you and your date can easily museum-hop and take in a ton of culture all in just one day. No need to commit a whole week to being museum nerds! And with special National Museum tours available, you’ll hit all the highlights.

Venice Grand Canal Mall

In a super romantic mood? One of the most photographed locations in Manila with MEGA romantic ambiance is the Venice Grand Canal Mall, a lifestyle and shopping center that has elevated every shopper’s experience through its uniquely Italian sights and sounds. The Venice Grand Canal Mall is beautifully built as its theme in its main attraction, the gondola ride.

You and your minamahal (loved one) also don’t need to book a ticket to this spot so it’s also perfect for spontaneous dates. This place also has a wide selection of food spots, from authentic Italian pasta to Japanese ramen. Other ways to tap into la dolce vita with your sweetheart include:

  • Taking a gondola ride together under the mall’s regal architecture
  • Stopping for artisanal Italian gelato, pastries or coffee
  • Wandering through wing after wing of chic boutiques

With its grand colonnades, carved balustrades, neoclassical statues, and vibrant red, green, and yellow colors, The Venice Grand Canal Mall encapsulates Italian romance through and through. From the bubbling fountains and canal-side musicians to singing gondoliers and opera classics playing overhead, it perfectly sets the mood for more!


For history-buff couples, trade crowded malls and restaurants for the historic charm of Intramuros – Manila’s famous walled city. Founded in 1571, this district brims with colonial architecture, guard towers, cobbled streets, and leafy plazas that transport you back in time.

And what better way to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site than on a romantic bike tour built for two? Local company Bambike (bamboo bike) offers guided sunset bamboo bike rides through Intramuros’ impossibly scenic streets. Pedaling past ancient bulwarks and churches on these handmade, sustainable cycles is eco-friendly fun.

For a slower-paced tour, join a horse-drawn carriage tour – an iconic, old-world Manila experience! Snuggle up under a blanket as your kutsero clip-clops through the cobblestone streets. Glimpse stunning Spanish colonial architecture and hear interesting anecdotes about Rizal Park, Casa Manila, and more.


Foodie couples, listen up – one of the most scrumptious and unique date ideas this Valentine’s Day is to get lost on a Binondo food adventure! This vibrant Chinatown district is the oldest in the world, and arguably the food capital of Manila. Its maze of streets is crammed with hole-in-the-wall eateries, bustling markets, and legendary restaurants serving up Chinese-Filipino fusion fare.

And the best way to dive mouth-first into this food mecca is via a Binondo food tour. Local guides will lead you and your date on an epic gastronomic journey, making sure you hit up only the most authentic spots. We’re talking off-menu specialties, hidden kitchens, century-old institutions, and hole-in-the-walls that only the locals know!

Together you’ll sample delicacies like plump dumplings, thick Shanghai noodles, melt-in-your-mouth pork buns, aromatic milk tea, and even daring dishes like oyster omelets. Not to mention Binondo’s legendary Soup #5, bursting with beef, organs, and spices – the perfect warming snack as you walk hand-in-hand between eateries.

Manila Hotels

For an indulgent, splurge-worthy Valentine’s date, you can’t go past a romantic staycation at one of Manila’s 5-star hotels! While overnight rooms can be pricey, you and your special someone can still enjoy these opulent properties for a day of pampering and fine dining.

One great option is Okada Manila – this sprawling integrated casino resort is like a slice of Vegas plunked on Manila Bay! Even if you’re not gambling, you can still soak up the luxurious amenities. We’re talking dozens of diverse restaurants, soothing spas, venues hosting spectacular musical fountains and free shows, and beautifully manicured outdoor spaces – all open to the public.

Dinner Valentine's Day In Manila

Romantic Tagalog Phrases For Your Partner

Ready to impress your partner during a lovely dinner around old Manila’s skyline? If yes, then be sure to say these phrases!

Mahal Kita – I Love You

The most romantic phrase in any language! Express your true feelings by telling your special someone “Mahal Kita” (pronounced: ma-HAL kee-TAH). It translates to the English equivalent of “I love you.”

Magkasama Tayo Habambuhay – Together Forever

Want to let your partner know you’re in it for the long run? Use this phrase which means “Together forever”. The word “habambuhay” implies lasting for life, or eternity.

Ikaw Lang Ang Mahal Ko – You’re My Only Love

If you want to emphasize your dedication, tell your Valentine, “Ikaw lang ang mahal ko.” It translates to “You’re my only love” – very direct but in a sweet way!

Panghabambuhay Na Pag-Ibig – Lifelong Love

Another way to speak of eternal devotion is by saying, “Panghabambuhay na pag-big.” This phrase means “Lifelong love” – so your romance will stand the test of time.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Metro Manila This Year!

As you can see, Manila bursts with diverse, creative, and wallet-friendly ways for couples to celebrate passion and intimacy this February 14th.

From watching the sunset paint the skies over Manila Bay, to museum-hopping hand-in-hand at the National Museum Complex, to embarking on tasty Binondo food tours, this city comes alive with romance for Valentine’s Day.

And now that you’ve picked up a few handy romantic Tagalog phrases, you’re ready to sweep that special someone off their feet Filipino-style! Just a little “Mahal Kita” or “Ikaw lang ang mahal ko” will melt your Valentine’s heart while adding thoughtful local flair to the occasion.

Wanna keep exploring this magnificent language beyond the basics? You’ve got to try out the Ling app. Its interactive audio lessons and real Filipino teachers help you speak Tagalog confidently – perfect for celebrating all your Valentine’s Days in Manila ahead! Give Ling a try today!

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