8 Amazing Filipino New Year Traditions And Superstitions

Amazing Filipino New Year Traditions

You’ve rung in the new year, but have you done it Filipino style? Sure, there are some fun NY traditions that everyone knows and loves – who doesn’t enjoy a glass of bubbly or singing Auld Lang Syne just a liiiiittle out of tune? But if you thought Times Square was wild on December 31st, you clearly haven’t experienced Filipino New Year traditions and superstitions!

That’s right when the clock strikes midnight in the Philippines, locals aren’t just casually sipping champagne and half-heartedly doing a countdown! They’re legit BANISHING evil spirits while chowing down on 12 round fruits – one for each month! And that’s just a taste of the SERIOUSLY cool customs you never knew existed for the Filipino’s Bagong Taon (New Year in Tagalog).

From wearing polka dots for prosperity to opening every door and window to let that sweet, sweet good luck in at midnight – Filipino traditions take ringing in the new year to epic levels of food, family, and fun! So check out all the insane and wonderful ways Pinoys celebrate A New Year and start planning now to upgrade your holiday parties to be more like an AH-MAZING Manila fiesta!

Filipinos Take Holiday Spirit To A Whole New Level

As a Filipino, I’ve got to admit that when it comes to celebrations, especially once the “ber” months hit – nobody brings the festive fire quite like the Philippines! And the data backs it up – searches around “New Year” literally explode in the Philippines once the ‘-ber’ months hit! Just take a look at this chart below for “New Year” in the Philippines. While there’s a small uptick in interest worldwide during the holiday season, searches for the new year absolutely rise in the Philippines between August and November!

No matter how many times December 31st comes around, Filipinos everywhere find that irresistible spark of excitement for the chance to press reset, spend precious time with loved ones, and ring in the promise of a bright future. In fact, our country was even known as the place where holidays are celebrated for more than 4 months!

Seriously, I’ve witnessed firsthand how, with September comes this explosion of Christmas songs from Jose Mari Chan, parols (those cool star lantern things) popping up everywhere, and a hype for the holidays you can genuinely feel in the air! Then New Year celebrations take it even a notch further with epic Media Buena (feasting spreads) that would leave Santa and his team jealous.

Filipino New Year Traditions

Alright, time for a crash course in some seriously cool Pinoy traditions that promise good luck in the new year! Most have to do with three things – circles, fruits, and making LOTS of noise as that clock strikes 12. But each tradition has a symbolic meaning that makes Santa’s cookies and milk seem kinda boring by comparison! Here’s your guide to the biggest Filipino NYE customs and why Pinoys go cray for ’em every December 31st!

Round fruits for Filipino New Year Traditions

Stuffing That Table With Round Fruits

In the Philippines, fruits and circular shapes carry deep symbolic meaning during the holiday season. As the new year approaches, Pinoys actively decorate their homes and centerpiece their feasting tables with an abundance of round fruits. But why the emphasis on circular foods specifically?

The circle has long represented harmony, unity, continuity, and the endless cycle of life to Filipinos. It embodies close family ties and relationships that continue from year to year. Circles also signify coins, wealth, and prosperity.

By overflowing tables with spherical and coin-shaped produce like oranges, pomelos, grapes, rambutan, and melons, Filipino families set the stage for a fruitful, endless future where prosperity flows as constantly as the circle itself. The circular form promises financial fortunes will roll in steadily throughout the coming year.

The number 12 also holds importance, representing the 12 months of the year ahead. Consuming 12 different round fruits at the stroke of midnight brings hopes of abundant blessings during each month of the new year. Families hand-pick fruits tied to wishes for happiness, romance, success, and health – assigning special prosperity power to the corresponding month they desire it.

Not sure what fruits to add to your table? Here are our favorites!

Circles for Filipino New Year Traditions

Decorate With Circles For Harmony & Cash Money

When entering a Filipino home during the holiday season, one visual element undoubtedly pops out – circles everywhere! From wreaths to lantern stars to polka dot linens, circular decor dominates in preparation for New Year’s celebrations. But the prominence of circles holds deeper meaning than just visual appeal.

In Filipino culture, circular shapes carry powerful symbolism of eternal unity, continuity, and harmony. They represent unbroken bonds of family connection that survive the passage of time. Circles also signal prosperity, evoking the image of coins pouring forth into the home as never-ending good fortune.

By ornately decorating tables, walls, and entryways with wreaths, rattles, parol lanterns, and polka-dotted textiles, Filipino families set the stage for harmony and abundance in the coming year. Circles welcome a sense of wholeness, unity, and endlessly rotating luck into their lives. Their round form marks the end of one annual cycle and the seamless start of the next.

Wear Polka Dots For Some Prosperity Pop

Scan any Filipino NYE affair, and one pattern undoubtedly dots the fashion scene – polka dots, polka dots, and more polka dots! Far from random, the ever-popular print holds deep cultural meaning tied to luck, wealth, and blessings in the new year.

In Filipino culture, circular shapes signal good fortune, evoking endless coins flowing in. As the festive polka dot gained mainstream popularity, its coin-like dots and round form were linked to prosperity. Much like decorating households with circled wreaths and lanterns, adorning oneself in polka dots invites financial abundance straight toward you.

Banging pots for Filipino New Year Traditions

Make Some Noise To Scare Evil Spirits

Few NYE traditions encapsulate Pinoy culture quite like the explosive cacophony of sounds rocking neighborhoods at midnight! Beyond rowdy celebration, the ear-ringing noise carries ritual meaning – threatening evil influences away to start the year fresh.

As Spanish colonizers introduced firecrackers to native Pinoys, they became the fear-inducing noisemakers of choice. However, banging pot lids, blaring horns, and poppers offer families spiritual safeguard as well.

Eat Up That Sweet Rice Cake For Maximum Life Points

No Pinoy feast is complete without heaping plates of sticky rice cakes called biko or kalamay. Far from random desert choices, these gluey confections carry deep cultural meaning – ensuring a fortunate, “sticky” new year. Eating round sticky cakes is believed to manifest a new year where luck, prosperity, and joy cling endlessly to Filipino families without detaching.

Additionally, rice symbolizes grain and abundance to Pinoys who heavily rely on the crop. Choosing sweet rice deserts further piles on propitious wishes for an ultra-sweet, ultra-fortunate year ahead. Where rice goes, fruitful returns will grow!

opening for Filipino New Year Traditions

Open Doors And Windows To Let That Good Luck Blow In

Don’t be surprised to catch Filipinos frantically swinging doors and windows open as fireworks launch nearby. What gives with the urgent airing out? This pivotal moment holds ritual meaning – physically ushering luck and promise in for the new year ahead!

Keep Those Water And Rice Containers Filled Up

Want to guarantee you’ll have PLENTY of luck and moolah in 2024? Then Pinoys say, keep your rice and water containers TOPPED UP leading into NYE! Having both completely filled as the clock strikes 12 means your new year will overflow nonstop with abundance and blessings! Some families even place coins, gems, and crystals in the rice jar or pitcher for EXTRA prosperity power!

chicken for Filipino New Year Traditions

Leave Chicken Off The Table

Now, this tradition might ruffle some feathers, but stick with us here. In the Philippines, there’s an expression “isang kahig, isang tuka” meaning living paycheck to barely getting by. And since chicken scratches the ground for food, it symbolizes that struggle of life! So Pinoys ban chicken from NYE feasts to dodge any scratching-to-survive type beat financial vibes in their new year! Most replace it with more prosperity-aligned pork or beef dishes instead!

Ring In 2024 With These Lucky Tagalog New Year Greetings

Want to upgrade your New Year’s well-wishes with a touch of Pinoy blessing? Try out these propitious Tagalog greetings! Even saying them out loud seems to carry good fortune within every syllable.

Manigong Bagong Taon!

The most universal Filipino New Year greeting translates simply to “Happy New Year!” Pronounced “mah-nee-gong bah-GOHNG TAH-ohn.” Start off 2024 right by manifesting joy!

Masaganang Bagong Taon!

Elevate your blessings by wishing a “prosperous ” or “abundant New Year” to your loved ones! Let wealth and good tidings come pouring in.

Maligayang Bagong Taon!

Ring in 2024 feeling “glad” and “blessed” with this spirited greeting wishing merriment & good times ahead! Set the stage for festive times.

Magandang Bagong Taon!

Radiate positivity by wishing friends and family a beautiful, wondrous year full of promise! Let the magic & beauty of 2024 unfold!

Embrace The Festive Symbolisms Of Pinoy NYE

As we’ve explored, behind the explosive noises, polka dot fashion shows, and mountains of round fruits lie deeper meaning to beloved Pinoy NYE traditions. Beyond colorful celebrations, waits for powerful intention to manifest better realities in the coming year.

So whether you’re Filipino or not, embrace the optimism and ritual symbolisms come Dec 31st! Stuff your own table with auspicious circular foods calling in prosperity. Deck your walls in wreaths and lanterns, welcoming harmonious continuity. Playfully dot your NYE outfits in polka dots to attract fertile blessings.

And when the year-end moments come, swing open your doors and windows to what promising prospects may arrive next! Make some merry noise as you shed what no longer serves you. Toast your loved ones and the dreams yet to manifest as you reflect on the cycle ending and beginning anew.

However you choose to welcome 2024, may your celebrations be infused with the Filipino spirit – eyes set joyfully on the horizon of possibility, eager for the good fortunes soon to unfold! Happy New Year!

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