#1 Popular Turkish Music To Practice The Language

It is quite amazing how many songs you know. Since before you could talk you were probably exposed to your parent’s music and, although you were not aware of the fact, that music was being absorbed into your consciousness. You might not be able to remember the more important things like people’s names or what you went upstairs to do, but when a favorite song comes on all the words contained in the music suddenly pop into your head.

How To Learn Turkish While Listening To Popular Turkish Music

There are dozens of unique words in the average pop song, so learning a song could essentially increase your vocabulary and Turkish phrases by dozens of words! In this blog, we will look at popular Turkish music and how learning a few Turkish songs can dramatically improve your grasp of the language and help you learn Turkish.

1. Rhythm, Repetition, And Rhyme

Because most pop music has rhythm, is often repetitive, and has rhyme, it is the perfect way to learn words, ideas, and expressions. By listening to Turkish songs you don’t even have to understand the meaning of the words to start increasing your Turkish vocabulary.

This is called Passive Listening. Start by choosing a bunch of Turkish songs you enjoy listening to and put them on in the background while you are doing something that doesn’t require much brain power like washing up or cooking dinner. You will soon start to pick out certain words and phrases, intonation, and language patterns. You might even find that as you learn Turkish in a more conventional style you already know the vocabulary because you have heard it on your playlist.

2. Memorize The Lyrics

Next, you should try to memorize some of the lyrics. You can do this by reading the words while listening to the song. Try and get hold of a decent translation so that you can compare the Turkish lyrics with your own language. This method will also help with your Turkish reading skills.

Popular Turkish Music

3. Sing Along To Turkish Pop Music!

Now it’s time to sing and dance along with your favorite classic Turkish rock and pop band. Try finding the videos to watch on Youtube, they will often have the lyrics included. The more you listen, the more you will learn. Repeat listening over a few days should get you used to pronunciation, spelling, and grammar. When you are feeling confident why not try to find a karaoke version of the song on Youtube and sing along to the tune?

4. Write Down The Lyrics To Improve Your Turkish Language Skills

Finally, to find out how well you know the Turkish songs on your playlist you have been singing along to, try listening to them and writing down the lyrics. Don’t worry if you can’t get all of the words on the page, jot down the ones you recognize and go back and try filling in the words you have missed. As well as improving your Turkish language listening skills, you will also find your spelling skills improving.

Below are links to some of the most popular Turkish songs on Youtube with the Turkish lyrics included:

Tarkan – Şımarık (Kiss Kiss) Turkish:

Takmış koluna elin adamını
Beni orta yerimden çatlatıyor
Ağzında sakızı şişirip şişirip
Arsız arsız patlatıyor

Belki de bu yüzden vuruldum
Sahibin olamadım ya
Sığar mı erkekliğe seni şımarık
Değişti mi bu dünya

Çekmiş kaşına gözüne sürme
Dudaklar kıpkırmızı kırıtıyor
Bi de karşıma geçmiş utanması yok
İnadıma inadıma sırıtıyor

Biz böyle mi gördük babamızdan
Ele güne rezil olduk
Yeni adet gelmiş eski köye vah
Dostlar mahvolduk

Seni gidi fındıkkıran
Yılanı deliğinden çıkaran
Kaderim püsküllü belam

Ocağına düştüm yavru
Kucağına düştüm yavru
Sıcağına düştüm yavru
El aman…

Tarkan – Şımarık (Kiss Kiss) English:

Arm in arm with another man
She’s driving me crazy
Blowing bubbles with her gum
Bursting them boldly

Maybe that’s why I’m hooked on you
Because I couldn’t master you
Can a man take more, you spoilt thing
Is the world changing

She’s lined her eyes with mascara
Lips bright red, she shakes her ass
And shamelessly she faces me
Grinning sassily just to spite me

We weren’t raised this way
Made fools in front of everyone
New customs come to old ways oh
Boy we’re done

You minx you vamp
You sweet-talking tramp
My fate my big nuisance
If I catch you I’ll (kiss kiss)

I’m at your mercy sexy lady
I’m in a bad way sweetie
I’m under your spell honey
Oh my…

Popular Turkish Music words for 'Turkish music'

Maher Zain – Ummetim – Turkish

Sen bize nur olup gelen aşk
Gönlümüze iman eken aşk
Sen ki her candan öte cansın
Sen bize hep en yakın olansın

O gün herkes canım derken
Sen ey Sevgili
Ümmetim, ümmetim
Deyip sarılmaman olur kıyametim
Ümmetim, ümmetim

Deyip de ört şefaatin ile bizi
Ey Sevgili
Sen geldin dünya feraha
Erdi senle can felaha
Sen tüm insanlığın ışığıydın
Üşüyen her kalbe sarıldın

O gün hеrkes canım derken
Sеn ey Sevgili

Ümmetim, ümmetim
Deyip sarılmaman olur kıyametim
Ümmetim, ümmetim
Deyip de ört şefaatin ile bizi
Ey Sevgili

Feda sana kalbim ve ruhum özüm
Keşke görseydi seni gözüm
Hidayetin ile geldin gönlümüze
Şefaat eyle sen bize

Ümmetim, ümmetim
Deyip sarılmaman olur kıyametim
Ümmetim, ümmetim
Deyip de ört şefaatin ile bizi
Ey Sevgili

Maher Zain – Ummetim – English

Shining bright you came to us
With a heart so full of love
And you showed that you’re
The one who cares the most

And to us you’ve always been so close
Everyone will say
Please save me
Except Al-Habib (the beloved)

My nation, my nation
He will say to us on the Day of Judgement
My nation, my nation
He will say as an intercession
I will do it, I will do it

You have always sacrificed
Smiled with patience through the hard times
All you did inspired everyone you knew

Always selfless, striving for the truth
Everyone will say
Please save me
Except Al-Habib (the beloved)

I’d give my heart and soul for you
Wish my eyes can see your face and be close to you
Coz in your guidance, I find peace of mind indeed
No one else on that day can intercede

Learn Some Popular Turkish Music Terms

If you want to have a conversation with a friend about music in Turkish, then have a look at the table below and practice your pronunciation.

acoustic musicakustik müzik
ambient musicambians müzik
groovezevkli şey
lyricsşarkı sözü

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