3+ Best Ways To Say Yes In Estonian!

If you think about it, there are many ways to say yes in various circumstances, which is why we have made the only guide you will ever need to know the best ways to say yes in Estonian! By knowing these, you will certainly be exposed to the beautiful Estonian language, and the common phrases that might be useful should you ever visit the country. It is important to know that knowing how to say these words can be of help when a certain situation arises.

Whether you are asked about something or you want something done, these will come in handy. Ready to learn more about it? Then let’s get started!

Best Ways To Say Yes In Estonian? Here’s How!

There are various ways to say yes in the native language of Estonia in the same way that there are different languages around the globe. That said, your options for how you want to accept a certain offer or answer a question are endless. If you’re interested in knowing more Estonian phrases, be sure that you read on!


Using The Words In A Dialogue!

Apart from knowing the basics like greetings in Estonian, it’s best to always respond on a positive note to your Estonian friends. Knowing how these words are used in real-life and everyday conversations will give you an idea of what to expect if you find yourself talking to a native Estonian speaker.

Best Ways To Say Yes In Estonian

Through this, it will surely be easier for you to catch up on the words pronounced in their language. However, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and say sorry in Estonian. That way, you’ll gain more knowledge and experience when a local will correct you. Plus, any excuse to acquire more knowledge and immerse yourself in the Estonian language is something you should be excited about!

Dialogue #1

Good morning! How are you today?Tere hommikust! Kuidas sul täna läheb?
Hello! I am doing very well, how about you?Tere! Mul läheb väga hästi, aga sinul?
I am also doing well! If you are free later this evening, can I take you out on dinner?Mul läheb ka hästi! Kui olete täna õhtul vaba, kas ma võin teid õhtusöögile viia?
Sure! I would really love that.Muidugi! Mulle meeldiks see väga. 
Okay, I’ll pick you up and see you later!Olgu, ma tulen sulle järele ja näeme hiljem!
See you!Näeme!

Dialogue #2

Good night, I really had a fun time tonight.Head ööd, mul oli täna väga lõbus.
Me too! It was really a good time. Do you want to eat some ice cream before we head home?Mina ka! See oli tõesti hea aeg. Kas soovite enne koju minekut jäätist süüa?
Yes, that would be really awesome!Jah, see oleks tõesti suurepärane!

Dialogue #3

Hi there! Do you have a partner for this project?Tere! Kas teil on selle projekti jaoks partner?
Unfortunately, I still don’t have one. Do you have yours already?Kahjuks pole mul siiani ühtegi. Kas sul on juba oma?
I still have yet to find myself one, do you want to be my partner for this project?Ma ei pea veel endale seda leidma, kas soovite olla minu partner selles projektis?
Absolutely, it would be an honor!Absoluutselt, see oleks au!

Planning To Say No? Here’s The Easiest Ways On How You Can Do It!

If you don’t feel like saying yes or want to decline politely, then we have the best and easiest ways to do it! Continue reading to learn more! Just don’t forget to say thank you in Estonian when you are offered the opportunity to do so!

I would like to decline your offer.Soovin teie pakkumisest keelduda.
No, it’s okay.Ei, pole midagi.
No, thank you.Ei aitäh.
Thanks but no, I’m good to go.Tänan, aga ei, mul on hea minna.

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Best Ways To Say Yes In Estonian

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