43+ Easy Spanish Compliments To Use Today

Spanish Compliments

Boosting your Spanish language skills is not just about memorizing the most common vocabulary and phrases used by the locals. To create a more authentic relationship, it is integral that you learn about the easiest Spanish compliments that you can use to warm your heart and encourage other people.

Whether you are planning to visit Spain / Latin America or speak with a Spanish colleague, this post to learn Spanish compliments is for you!

Why Learn Spanish?

Spanish is indeed one of the most romantic languages in the world, next to French and Italian. Around 75% of the whole language is heavily based on Latin, which is known as the language of the Roman Empire. It is considered widely spoken among all the other romance languages since it is estimated that around 400 million people are constantly speaking and learning about it.

What sets it apart is the fact that it has spread across continents to the point that has even influenced some Asian languages. I guess one of the reasons why it remains so popular is that each word and phrase somehow reflects not just a “meaning” but a whole culture as well! In fact, it holds a rich number of words for expressing different shades of meaning (and it just keeps on growing!).

How Do You Praise Someone In Spanish?

Learning Spanish does not have to be complicated! Now if you are interested in bringing positive vibes and good energy, one of the sure-fire ways to do so is by passing around some compliments to express admiration, respect, and support to your Spanish friends or colleagues! To help you filter out the best phrases to use, we have included here the most native ones that will surely put a smile on your face!

Spanish Compliments Related To Looks

Spanish Compliments Related To Looks

No matter where you are in the world, one of the first few sets of words and phrases that you must know are the adjectives so that you can give honest compliments for flirting, seducing, or praising someone. Check out our list below!

English TranslationSpanish
How beautiful you are / You look beautifulQué bonita / Te ves muy guapa
You are sexyEstás rica
You look beautifulEstás hermosa / Eres muy bonita
You look gorgeousTe ves preciosa
How pretty you are / You are very prettyQué guapa eres / Estás muy guapa
You are hotEstás bueno
You look handsome / How handsomeEstás guapo / Qué bonito / Te ves muy guapo hoy
You have beautiful eyesTienes unos ojos muy hermosos
You have beautiful hairTienes un cabello muy bonito
I like your smileMe gusta tu sonrisa
I like your styleMe gusta tu estilo
Looking very goodTe ves muy bien
You look phenomenalTe ves fenomenal
You look radiant.Te ves radiante
You are smart (female) / You are smart (male)¡Eres lista! / ¡Eres listo!

Spanish Compliments Related To Personality

When we think about the word “beauty,” it is not just about the physical aspect but also the personality! To give the most native Spanish praises, review our comprehensive list below!

English TranslationSpanish
You are adventurousEres un aventurero
You are sweetEres dulce
You are a good personEres buena gente
You are a treasureEres un tesoro
You look confidentPareces muy seguro
You are very funnyEres muy gracioso / ¡Tú eres chistoso! / Eres divertido / ¡Eres chistoso!
Mark is very affectionateMark is muy cariñoso
Kevin is a hard workerKevin es muy trabajador
Tan is very friendlyTan es muy simpático
Mr. Ibasco is very intelligentMr. Ibasco es muy inteligente
Lorraine is very niceLorraine es muy amable
Dianne is very sexyDianne es muy sexy
Shynie is very sweetShynie es muy dulce
John Paul is very laid backJohn Paul es muy tranquilo
You have a great sense of humorTienes un gran sentido del humor
Spanish Compliments Related To Work

Spanish Compliments Related To Work

Are you a boss or the head of a community with Spanish-speaking people? Create a better relationship by expressing compliments in their language today! Check out and practice our list below!

English TranslationSpanish
Good jobBuen trabajo
You did very wellLo has hecho muy bien
You have a way with wordsTienes habilidad para las palabras
I appreciate your workAprecio tu trabajo
You have good taste.Tienes buen gusto.
I believe in youCreo en ti
I am proud of youEstoy orgullosa(o) de ti
You have a way with wordsTienes una habilidad con las palabras
Your performance exceeded my expectationsSu rendimiento superó mis expectativas
I loved your presentationMe ha encantado la presentación
What a great ideaQué idea tan genial
You did an excellent jobHiciste un excelente trabajo
Your CV is impressiveTu curriculum es impresionante

Learn Spanish In Just 10 Minutes!

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Unlike other languages, Spanish remains one of the classiest and most flexible languages globally. It is the second most spoken native language, and it has even influenced other languages! Feel free to download the app now on the Play Store or App Store and take advantage of the latest lessons, native list of expressions, and pronunciation and grammar guide directly from your pocket!

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