10 Best Estonian Proverbs To Master Now!

What better way to know more about Estonia and its way of life than through its Estonian proverbs, right? Not only do these sayings promote the country’s culture, but it also encourages you to really dive deeper into your principles and the things that you also believe in! If you want to know more, read below!

A Quick Guide To Estonian Proverbs

If you are planning a trip to Estonia and want to have a brief idea of how the people are and what things they believe in the most, reading the proverbs and the sayings of the nation can be of great help. This provides an overview of how they are as people, their principles, and their values.

Estonian Proverbs

1. Kes ei tööta, see ei söö

Literal translation: Who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat

Meaning: If a person does not work, he will not survive

Although it is okay to take a break from time to time, it doesn’t mean that you should not exert effort for the things you want to achieve and the places you want to go to – not just to survive. Do note that work is encouraged, but not to the point where you reach burnout and a breakdown!

2. Ära hõiska enne õhtut

Literal translation: Don’t rejoice before the evening

Meaning: Don’t get too ahead of yourself

This is the perfect proverb to have patience in whatever you do and always stay grounded: to trust the process. More often than not, as humans, we tend to get ahead of ourselves and celebrate without weighing the whole situation. Though it is valid, it doesn’t mean that you also lose sight of what matters and what is more important.

3. Igal oinal oma mihklipäev

Literal translation: Every tup has his St. Michael’s day

Meaning: Everything must come to an end

It will eventually end and pass, whether it may be a good thing or a bad thing. This is one of the most realistic proverbs that constantly remind you that whatever stage of your life you may be in, all will be alright.

4. Aja raiskamine on enda eest varastamine

Literal translation: Wasting time is stealing from oneself

Meaning: You are putting yourself in a bad position if you also waste your time.

Stop wasting time! When you do, you will lose opportunities, but you will also deprive yourself of reaching your full potential. Admittedly, resting is okay. But being also smart with your time is something that you should prioritize and constantly think about. Such investment will also allow you to reap something good out of it.

5. Oma silm on kuningas

Literal translation: Own eye is king

Meaning: Your vision is powerful

May this proverb remind you that what you have envisioned yourself to have and what you want to be will find its way to your life so long as you focus and be committed to having it. The beauty of this proverb is how it encourages people to own up to their visions and what they see themselves to be. With it, one can have a fun life and a very fulfilled one at that.

6. Rääkimine hõbe, vaikimine kuld

Literal translation: Speaking silver, silence gold

Meaning: Sometimes, it is way better and admirable when you choose silence.

This is one proverb that also reminds us to choose our battles wisely. Often we are very adamant in defending ourselves without thinking that maybe choosing peace and quiet is the best option. Such proverb from Estonia also depicts the way of life that they have too.

7. Kes otsib, see leiab

Literal translation: He who seeks shall find

Meaning: If a person continually seeks ways and pursues what he wants, he will find and have something good out of it.

If there is a will, there is a way. This proverb reminds us that when someone is keen on achieving something, that person will eventually find something out of it. If such a person is seeking solutions for the problems he is having, as long as the commitment is there to solve it, one will be able to find a resolution.

8. Anna head ja saa head

Literal translation: Give good and get good.

Meaning: The type of treatment you give will also be the treatment you will receive.

If you are mistreating someone, you will also receive the same treatment. On the other hand, when you treat someone well, they will also treat you well! This is one of the sayings that teach people to be wiser with how they treat other people and not fear any act of kindness because such an act will always be acknowledged.

9. Valel on lühikesed jalad

Literal translation: A lie has short legs

Meaning: Lies will always go noticed

This proverb means that when someone lies, it will always be outrun by the truth, and such a lie will not go unnoticed. And so, if you are talking falsely, you should know that it ought to be discovered one way or another.

10. Kõik ei ole kuld, mis hiilgab

Literal translation: All that glitters is not gold

Meaning: What you see is not what it is

This is the perfect proverb to remind you that not everything you see is what it is. May it is from people or certain things, one cannot be so sure about everything, for it can just be a lie. Be careful!

These are just a couple of sayings from Estonia. These sayings make us wiser, forgive our past selves, and attain genuine happiness. May these proverbs help you reap the best outcomes and be smart with your choices as an individual.

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